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Zhang Qizhong was involved in the murder of his wife | 50 years of friends describe Zhang nice as a terrible prank at first


In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Qizhong, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong, became a murderer. The victim was his wife who had slept with him for 30 years.

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Written by: Zhu Dixin

2020-11-26 20:50

Last update date: 2020-11-26 20:51

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Qizhong, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong, became a murderer. The victim was his wife who had slept with him for 30 years. A friend who had known Zhang for more than 50 years bluntly heard the news. Shi's first reaction was: "A bad boy is doing a prank." It was only when I saw a TV report that I was surprised that the news of the old friend's murder of his wife was not a prank.

But when talking about this former classmate, Zhang's friends still said repeatedly: "Zhang Yu's loyal members are very nice, so it's so simple, no one will believe it." However, Zhang Jin (26th) was convicted of murder.


used his homework to copy when he was studying

Chen Liangcai, an architect who was a witness to Zhang's work, said that from elementary school to preparatory school, he and Zhang Yuzhong were classmates. He pointed out that Zhang's former classmate had an easygoing personality and was eager to help others.

He also mentioned that in addition to his excellent grades in school, Zhang was also very popular with his classmates. He was very popular. He also said that Zhang would "take homework to copy" when he was studying, and even "pass water" with his classmates in the exam.

He also mentioned that a classmate with the nickname "Ji'an" was 6 feet tall and weighed 180 pounds at the time in the first grade. He was often "shrimp domineering" and "wrapped head and neck" with Zhang.

After everyone grows up, Zhang Ai's personality remains the same. For example, when a friend visits the Queen Mary Hospital, Zhang will lend a parking space to him for parking; when his friend's children enter the University of Hong Kong, Zhang will also provide assistance.

Architect Chen Liangcai said that he had known Zhang Qizhong for more than 50 years and described Zhang nice as a terrible thing. He also said that when he first received news of Zhang's killing his wife in the group, he thought it was a prank.

(Profile picture)

It’s so nice to describe Zhang as a person

He bluntly said: "Zhang Zeng's loyalty is very nice, so it's so simple, but no one would believe it." He also showed reporters photos of meeting with Zhang and other old classmates. Sitting Zhang was standing behind the old classmates. Clutching, Chen said, "If he is a bad guy, will you be? You will be?

I saw the news that it turned out to be true

He recalled that two years ago, an old classmate sent news about Zhang's arrest in the WhatSapp group. He thought it was a prank at first, and said: "My class is smashing Tsai." However, the TV station also reported later. I was surprised that the news that this old friend was involved in the murder of his wife turned out to be true.

Old classmates are caring and assisting

Chen also said that the old classmates were very concerned about Zhang's situation after learning about the incident. Some people visited and listened to the court, and some people sent letters to Zhang.

An old classmate who is now a Justice of the Peace helped Zhang, who was still in trouble, obtain a counting machine. He also felt that Zhang was definitely worthy of his support.




Refers to Zhang does not know how to chase girls

He also revealed that Zhang had strict family discipline when he was studying. When his classmates went to play billiards and dance parties, Zhang would not attend, and Zhang did not know how to chase girls.

He pointed out that the relationship between Zhang and his wife was harmonious at first, but the relationship seems to have deteriorated in recent years.

He pointed out that Zhang never mentioned family matters, but his old classmates knew that Zhang and his wife had a bad relationship.

Zhang and his children are so good and calm

After learning that Zhang was arrested, he was also worried about Zhang and his children, especially when he heard that Zhang was suicidal, so he immediately inquired about which police station Zhang was in.

But when he went to the police station, he could not see the other party.

Chen Liangcai also contacted Zhang's pair of children. At that time, the children were "good and calm," but the daughter sometimes "eyes wet."

Zhang Ding told Chen to drink with his children

About one month after Zhang was returned, Chen Liangcai visited him for the first time.

At that time, Zhang had calmed down and laughed at him, but told Chen Xiang to make a tea with Zhang's children.

During this period, Chen Liangcai has been visiting Zhang, including on Zhang's birthday.

He also revealed that during the visit to Zhang, he did not discuss the case, only his daily life.

Chen also revealed that he had done research on the ancient vocal "five-tone twelve rhythms", and Zhang used a counting machine to help calculate the frequency.

When asked if Zhang is worthy of his support, Chen Liangcai replied affirmatively: "Absolutely." He also said that he was looking forward to his former classmate being released from prison as soon as possible and reuniting with his family.

The police revealed the course of the case.

(See the picture below for details)




Zhang Qizhong involved in the murder of his wife | Dumb, tolerant wife verbal violence for many years, Zhang convicted of murdering his wife

Zhang Qizhong was involved in killing his wife | Zhang and his wife’s personalities were totally different for 30 years

Zhang Qizhong was involved in the murder of his wife|Defense witnesses pointed out that Zhang's wife was nicknamed "Tinashui", which means it will be finished with a tart


Zhang Qizhong involved in murdering his wife in the murder court

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