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All civil servants swear a one-time oath. The Chinese Employee Association shall be consistent and promote the development of a clear punishment mechanism


The Civil Service Bureau announced yesterday that incumbent civil servants need to take an oath or sign a statement. The Secretary Nie Dequan stated clearly that the promotion of those who refuse to sign will be affected. He is consulting the Department of Justice and is consulting with civil servants in the short term.

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Written by: Zhou Lixi

2020-11-27 10:53

Last update date: 2020-11-27 10:53

The Civil Service Bureau announced yesterday that incumbent civil servants need to take an oath or sign a statement. The Secretary Nie Dequan stated clearly that the promotion of those who refuse to sign will be affected. He is consulting the Department of Justice and communicating with civil service organizations in the short term.

Li Kuiyan, the president of the Chinese Association, said this morning (27th) that the association considers the one-off oath to be no problem, as long as it is carried out in an orderly manner.

She also pointed out that more than half of the members think that taking the oath in one go can reflect the consistency of civil servants and reduce administrative work. However, it is recommended that the bureau should not implement it urgently, and should first explain the background and consequences of the oath to the civil servants. This is a civil servant. The reasonable expectation is in line with procedural justice.

Li Kui Yan.

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Refers to the training of civil servants through multiple channels

Li Kuiyan mentioned in a radio program that when she was in contact with civil servants earlier, she encountered two extreme situations. Some people took an oath to catch the wind, but others "vowed to eat lettuce."

She pointed out that the Chinese Association has asked the authorities to explain more about the legal basis and punishment mechanism, and believes that the administrative aspect should also be as simple as possible.

The Chinese Association of Chinese Employees conducted an opinion survey of civil servants, including members and non-members, and saw a lot of worries and concerns.

Li Kuiyan believes that the situation is normal, because related matters were rarely mentioned in the past, and there is now the Hong Kong National Security Law, so everyone has asked for a clearer explanation.

She urged the bureau to explain the consequences of civil servants failing to abide by the oath and violating the content of the declaration. She also suggested training civil servants through multiple channels in the long run to make them aware of the situation.

Promote the development of clear and transparent punishment mechanisms

Regarding the punishment mechanism, Li Kuiyan said that he has not yet grasped it and believes that the bureau has not yet formulated it. It is expected that it will be reported to the labor union when there is a draft.

She has asked the bureau to formulate a clear and transparent punishment mechanism.

She also pointed out that the Disciplinary Secretariat, which has always handled civil servants, may not be easy to handle oaths. She thinks it would be better to set up a special mechanism, but also considering the issue of increasing manpower, she hopes that the bureau will discuss with them as soon as possible.

Li Kuiyan also mentioned that the declaration signed earlier for new civil servants is quite clear. It mainly involves three parts: upholding the Basic Law, loyal to the SAR and being responsible to the SAR government. However, regardless of whether the declaration is signed, the three principles are It was supposed to be complied with, but the National Security Law now specifies that public officials must sign a declaration.

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As for civil servants involved in violation of the declaration, Li Kuiyan emphasized that details can only be considered.

She believes that it is not surprising that some people do not sign the declaration at present, because the number of civil servants is always large, but they believe that everyone must abide by the law, and the oath has become a legal requirement for serving as a civil servant. Therefore, if there are no special circumstances as the reason for not signing the declaration, I believe it will be difficult. Accept that someone does not sign a declaration and is a civil servant.

Li mentioned that the bureau has not arranged an appointment with them, and she hopes to discuss it as soon as possible.


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