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Ivanka Trump: childhood friend shares explosive memories of Donald - Trump shocks with comparisons for girlfriends of his daughter


She was a close friend of Ivanka Trump, writes journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom in an essay. She reveals explosive memories of the Trump daughter. And Donald Trump.

She was a close friend of Ivanka Trump, writes journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom in an essay.

She reveals explosive memories of the Trump daughter.

And Donald Trump.

  • A former friend of

    Ivanka Trump

    judges her harshly in an essay.

  • Lysandra Ohrstrom

    describes her experiences with the Trump daughter and her father.

  • Ivanka Trump has often been referred to as the "First Daughter" as she is a huge influence on her father,

    Donald Trump


Update from November 25th, 5:23 p.m.:

In the podcast

The New Abnormal on

the US website

The Daily Beast


Ivanka Trump's

childhood friend has again spoken out with explosive insights.

In a highly acclaimed essay in the American edition of

Vanity Fair


Lysandra Ohrstrom revealed

intimate information from the Trump world.

Your fund of memories of

Donald Trump

is apparently not yet exhausted.

According to Ohrstrom,

Ivanka Trump has

spoken of the "bloody poor people" on several occasions.

Apparently the

"First Daughter" has

an aversion to people who are not wealthy.

Her reaction when Ohrstrom recommended a certain book to her fits in with this (see first report).

She received numerous reactions to her essay, including from former friends of

Ivanka Trump


Oooh been waiting for Lysandra to tell her Ivanka story for so so so long, and she does not disappoint

- Vanessa Grigoriadis (@vanessagrigor) November 17, 2020

Donald Trump

compared the young friends of his daughter Ivanka with models.

And given them appropriate names.

According to Ohrstrom, he called one of them

Cindy Crawford


“Most fathers don't talk about your weight.

Most fathers didn't name all of my young friends after different models, ”said



Childhood friend of Ivanka Trump: explosive revelation for Trump daughter - memory of Donald

First report from November 19th:

New York - Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Sherlock Holmes and Dr.

Watson - and

Donald Trump

and his daughter



The two are

said to have

the closest relationship in the

Trump clan


Trump had always involved the 39-year-old and his son-in-law

Jared Kushner in

an advisory capacity in the political affairs of his office as the 45th

US President


The influence of the favorite daughter

Ivanka Trump

is great.

The times are now drawing to a close.

On January 20, 2021,

Democrat Joe Biden *

will assume

the highest office in the

United States


With this, Ivanka Trump's time as "First Daughter", as she is often called in the US media, is over in the

White House


Even if the outgoing US president does not want to admit it and is currently

suing the count



among others



Lysandra Ohrstrom

has now


in a sensational essay in

Vanity Fair



According to her, she and

Ivanka Trump were

best friends for a long time.

But those times are over, in the essay




a devastating judgment.

And her father,

Donald Trump *

, doesn't get off well either.

A strong aversion seems to have developed from the former teenage friendship.

The reasons for this are diverse.

Shortly after the

US elections

, Ohrstrom's report is particularly explosive, because how

Ivanka Trump

would react to her father's defeat was monitored with eagle eyes.

There were even rumors that Ivanka herself had ambitions to succeed her father.

Every legally cast vote should be counted.

Every illegally cast vote should not.

This should not be controversial.

This is not a partisan statement - free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy.


- Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) November 6, 2020

Former friend about Trump's daughter: Donald Trump commented on her weight

She and

Ivanka Trump were

best friends


they were still at school

, writes

Lysandra Ohrstrom

, who at the age of 12 at the

Chapin Girls' School


Manhattan's Upper East Side

wanted to be part of it.

In retrospect, however, her memories of those days look negative.

While Ivanka's father,

Donald Trump

, always pulled out the credit card when Ivanka wanted it, he was disinterested in his daughter's girlfriend.

Only one thing seemed to interest him: whether Ivanka was the prettiest or the most popular girl in the class.

Even if he otherwise took


interest in

Lysandra Ohrstrom

, the changes in her body did not seem to escape him.

She describes an incident


Donald Trump

Jr. took

a cheese sandwich away from her and

Donald Trump

commented: “Don't worry.

She doesn't need it.

He's doing her a favor. ”As she lost weight, he congratulated her on his figure.

It is well known that Donald Trump likes to comment on the appearance of women.

It is important to him to emphasize again and again how good-looking his daughter Ivanka is.

He once said: "If she weren't my daughter, I would date her."

Ivanka Trump: Close friends until the wedding - you have the "Trump Radar"

She and Ivanka Trump have

been inseparable for more than a decade.

"Sure, she loved talking about herself and was shamelessly vain, but she was also funny, loyal, and quite frankly, quite exciting," writes Ohrstrom.

After graduation, both would have taken very different paths, but always remained closely connected.

According to her, Ohrstrom was a bridesmaid of

Ivanka Trump

at her wedding.

Shortly afterwards, in 2009, the friendship broke because of their differences.

There are two incidents that

stand out

particularly from

Ohrstrom's essay


Ivanka Trump


She describes how

Ivanka Trump

suddenly became aware of Ohrstrom's necklace

at dinner


Her name was written on it in Arabic script.

“How does your Jewish friend feel when you have sex and hit him with that chain in the face?

How can you wear that thing

It just screams, 'Terrorist', Ivanka Trump is said to have said to her.

And: When Ohrstrom Ivanka Trump recommended the book “These Goddamn Dreams” by Richard Russo, she said: “Ly, why are you telling me to read a book about damn poor people?”

"She had the

Trump radar

for status, money and power and her father's instinct to throw others under the bus to save herself," said Ohrstrom in

Vanity Fair

, summarizing

her judgment of the former girlfriend in one sentence.

(aka) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Is Donald Trump so stuck in his power because he fears numerous lawsuits?

A report promises that.

Donald Trump could even expect jail.

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