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Trump gives the first TV interview since the US election - internals leak through: "Hostile takeover" and pressure on public officials


Donald Trump continues to believe in his election victory. Meanwhile, internals are coming to light. They partly explain Trump's behavior - and cast a deplorable light on the White House.

Donald Trump continues to believe in his election victory.

Meanwhile, internals are coming to light.

They partly explain Trump's behavior - and cast a deplorable light on the White House.

  • On Sunday (November 29th) Donald Trump gave his first TV interview since the US election.

  • Meanwhile, the Washington Post has learned internals from the US President's environment.

  • On the one hand, they provide information about the practical background of the Trump strategy - but they also cast an unfavorable light on the actions of the team around the president.


- (Still-)

US President Donald Trump

gave the

first TV interview

since the election in early November.

Trump claimed almost an hour of airtime on his former house channel

Fox News

- and renewed his massive and

unsubstantiated allegations

about the course of the election.

The winner was Joe Biden.

Trump's behavior may also be the result of the influence of a few confidants, a new report suggests.

Trump gives first interview after the US election: President still hopes for success in court

The polls were "a complete fraud," said Trump who was connected to the poll on Sunday.

He repeated already known accusations: Many dead people had voted, in the course of the

postal vote

there was "massive fraud".

The US President has been defiantly refusing to acknowledge the election defeat for weeks - experts suspect a deeper reason, as

can be read



Social networks and especially the media

- which he again called "enemies of the people" - suppressed the truth, Trump said.

When the moderator Maria Bartiromo asked him on Sunday whether there was still a way to victory despite the recent court defeats, Trump said, despite the first signs of giving way *: "I hope so."

As the

Washington Post

reports, there are now more and more massive disintegrations in the team of his lawyers.

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2020

Trump "like a crazy King George": Employees give an insight into election evening

Advisors and employees of

the incumbent US President gave the renowned newspaper anonymous and apparently bizarre insights into the mood in the area.

Already on

election night

Trump mumbled like a “crazy King George”, “I won, I won, I won,” an unnamed “close advisor” told the paper, referring to a Shakespeare play.

There was no contradiction among the employees.

“If he thinks he has won, then 'shhh ... we won't tell him,'” he said, describing the requirement.

As a result, Trump ignored advice from his team of lawyers, tried and tested in the "Russia affair," and relied on lawyers who gave him hope of a legal victory in the election, the report reads.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani took

the lead early on


But the team of the prominent Trump supporter broke up quickly - at the latest after a court defeat in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani: Employees pass bad judgment on top lawyers of the US President

According to the

Washington Post

, several lawyers had already left the team when Giuliani presented them with his plan for the

state of Pennsylvania


It is said that he demanded "arguments that were embarrassing to them".

Remaining representatives eventually had to admit in court that

Republican election observers were represented

in the counts in a number that "was not zero".

On November 13, the disastrous judgment followed for Trump.

As a result, there was a rift between Giuliani's assessment and that of the team's lawyers, writes the paper.

Giuliani had been perceived by many of the group's lawyers as "deranged" and poorly prepared, and some had deliberately avoided meetings with him.

Giuliani was also unable to provide

evidence of Trump's allegations


US election: "Hostile takeover" in Trump's team?

Mockery of the "clown car" plan

In mid-November there was finally a "hostile takeover" within the team.

Giuliani and his colleague

Jenna Ellis

had convinced Trump that there were still chances of victory - lawyers with different opinions would “lie” to the US president.

Giuliani and Ellis would have given a play for an "one man strong audience", judged an observer.


"senior executive" of the Trump administration

scoffed at the duo's


in an interview with the

Washington Post


They wanted to send everyone who wanted to go public.

"Get everyone who is ready to do it, put them in a clown's car and when it's time for a press conference, send them out," was the plan.

Republicans Raise Trump Campaign: "I Had No Choice"

A famous appearance by Giuliani, in which the lawyer apparently ran hair dye over the face, even irritated Trump, can be read: The scene made Giuliani look "like a joke".

Later, the US president wanted to use harder means: For example, he convinced a member of the Michigan electoral committee not to certify the election result - and invited the

Republican spokesmen for the House of Representatives and Senate of the state

to convince them not to vote for Democratic voters to confirm.



Rudy Giuliani at his ominous appearance on November 19th.

© afp / Drew Angerer

Brad Raffensperger,

himself a


and responsible for the election count in the hotly contested swing state of Georgia, also gave an insight into the state of affairs in the administration of the state.

He has repeatedly


calls from Trump confidants

to violate his ethical guidelines, he told the

Washington Post


“I think I didn't have a choice.

My job is to obey the law. "


made a clear appeal to

Trump supporters among the Republicans


It is time to show the flag.

“Will you stand up for integrity?

Or will you make common cause with the wild mob?

You wanted to condemn the wild mob when it appeared on the left.

What do you do when he's on our site? ”(


) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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