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Corona in Fürstenfeldbruck: Incidence now at just under 167 - mask requirement essentially remains


The coronavirus has decisive consequences for the people in the Fürstenfeldbruck district. In our news ticker, part 5, you will find the latest news.

The coronavirus has decisive consequences for the people in the Fürstenfeldbruck district.

In our news ticker, part 5, you will find the latest news.

  • The corona virus has far-reaching effects on the people in the Fürstenfeldbruck district. 

  • You can find all information about the corona crisis in the FFB district until November 20th in our fourth Corona News Ticker.

  • Our brand new FFB newsletter informs you regularly about all the important stories from the region - including all news about the Corona crisis.

Update November 30th:

Another person died from or in connection with the virus.

It is a 77-year-old.

This means that 62 Covid 19 deaths are counted in the district.

In the district clinic, 16 people are being treated for the virus, two of whom have to be ventilated.

Compared to Friday, the Bruck health department counts 109 new infections.

The locally calculated seven-day incidence is now 166.82 per 100,000 population.

Two new cases are counted at the Alling primary school.

Here two students from two different groups tested positive.

Appropriate segregations are made.

The Unterpfaffenhofen Realschule and the Wittelsbach Middle School in Germering are also affected.

Affected in Fürstenfeldbruck are the primary school North (one pupil who is investigating), the Realschule (one teacher positive, investigations are in progress) and the FOS / BOS in Bruck.

There is also a case at the Moorenweis elementary school and at the Gerner Platz elementary school and the secondary school in Puchheim.

Quarantine measures usually follow.

Seven daycare centers are also newly affected.

Seven other children and three employees are infected.

New cases are also counted in asylum shelters in Mittelstetten, Eichenau (two refugees, one employee) and Bruck.

The amplifier buses used due to the corona continue to run because the Free State has secured the assumption of costs.

The measures for the district of FFB specified in the general decree, which is still valid today, are essentially being extended.

A new general decree - it is legally necessary because of the expiry date of the previous one - should be known in the afternoon.

In other words:

The mask requirement

in Bruck should essentially remain as it is now.

Update November 27th:

Again three people died as a result of Covid-19.

There are two women, aged 90 and 93, and a 91-year-old.

The district office reported 59 new infections on Friday.

The locally calculated seven-day incidence was 183.18 per 100,000 population.

There is a new case with quarantine at the Puchheim high school.

The same applies to a daycare center.

In a particularly affected home in Groebenzell, 56 residents and 33 employees have so far tested positive.

16 Covid patients are currently being treated in the clinic.

Two of them have to be ventilated in the intensive care unit.

In an asylum accommodation in Landsberied, which is already affected by corona cases, two other residents tested positive.

This extends the quarantine for all residents.

The vehicle station

Due to several corona cases, the vehicle registration office in Fürstenfeldbruck was closed this week.

From next Monday, the authority will open its doors again - until December 2, but only for dealers and vehicle registration services.

How quickly the transactions can be processed is not yet certain.

As reported by the district office, not all employees are back on duty.

The driving license authority remains closed.

In urgent cases, customers can call +49 81 41 51 98 36.

All information is available on the Landratsamt's website at

Test center: statistics published

The district authority has now published figures for the two test centers in Fürstenfeldbruck.

Up to and including November 23, 45 044 tests for an infection with SARS-CoV-2 were carried out there.

A total of 1171 tests, i.e. 2.6 percent, were positive.

The district office points out that not all tested live in the district.

However, only those who live in a circle are included in the corona calculations.

Plans for vaccination center

In the background, the district is currently working on the creation of a vaccination center for mid-December, as required by the Free State.

Various rescue organizations and private providers have been asked to submit offers, a spokeswoman reported when asked.

These are institutions that are known to be able to provide what is required.

The spokeswoman does not believe that a center will really be available in mid-December.

But if the vaccine is actually already available, mobile teams could go out for the first time and administer the vaccine doses.

In the long term, the goal is to have the vaccination carried out by general practitioners.

The current status


The status on November 27th (morning) (click on the top right to enlarge)

© lra / tb

Update November 26th:

16 people are currently being treated for the virus in the district clinic.

Two of them need ventilation.

The health department reports 57 new infections compared to the previous day.

The locally calculated seven-day incidence is thus 184.55 per 100,000 inhabitants.

New cases are reported by the Emmeringer Middle School, the Viscardi-Gymnasium in Bruck and the Realschule Unterpaffenhofen.

In all cases, quarantine measures are the result.

In addition, an employee at a day care center tested positive, just like a child in another day care center.

Another resident tested positive in a nursing home that was already affected.

A new test center will open in Germering on Monday.

And MP Söder explains the new measures against Corona.

Update November 25:

The district office reported 79 new corona infections on Wednesday.

The locally calculated incidence is 183.18 per 100,000 population.

There are new cases in Bruck an der FOS, at the Middle School West as well as at the Philipp-Weiß-School and in Puchheim at the middle school.

In two nursing homes that are already affected by corona cases, other employees tested positive.

In another nursing home, two residents are positive.

A 78-year-old died as a result of the infection.

17 Covid patients are treated in the clinic, two of which have to be ventilated. 

Update November 24th:

An 82-year-old died with Covid-19 findings.

He is the 57th dead in connection with the virus in the county.

In the district clinic, 19 people are currently being treated for the virus, one of whom is ventilated.

The health department is now reporting 63 new infected people.

According to local calculations, the seven-day incidence is 184.55 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Again new cases are reported from schools.

In Fürstenfeldbruck, the Middle School West (one case with quarantine) is affected.

In Puchheim the primary school south and the secondary school (one case each, with quarantine consequences) and the middle school (without quarantine).

Separation is also required in the Unterpfaffenhofen secondary school, where two people tested positive who do not live in the district and in the Germeringer primary school Kleinfeldstrasse.

There is also a new case in a daycare center (including quarantine).

In addition, one person tested positive in an asylum center in Bruck.

In this context, a Category 1 contact person was identified.

Accommodation in Mittelstetten is also affected.

The contact persons are determined.


The stand on the morning of November 24th.

(click on the top right to enlarge)

© lra / tb

Update November 23:

A 95-year-old died in connection with the virus.

The number of Covid 19 deaths rises to 56. In the district clinic, 22 people are currently being treated for the virus.

Two of them need ventilation.

Compared to Friday, the health department reported 145 new corona cases in the district.

The locally calculated seven-day incidence is therefore 181.36 per 100,000 inhabitants.

New infections were registered at various schools.

One case each in Bruck at the Viscardi-Gymnasium, at the Pestalozzi School and two cases at the Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium (all with quarantine).

In Germering, an existing quarantine at the Kleinfeldstraße primary school is being extended due to a new case.

A corona case is also recorded at the middle school in Mammendorf, but without quarantine consequences.

There is also another case in Maisach at the Orlando-li-Lasso-Realschule and at the grammar school in Puchheim (both with quarantine).

Further corona cases occur at six daycare centers.

Quarantine measures have been ordered for two daycare centers.

Another employee tested positive in a retirement home.

The contact persons are determined.

So far, a total of 25 people have tested positive in an asylum accommodation in Fürstenfeldbruck and more than 50 category 1 contacts have been identified.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,737 people have been infected in the district.

2974 people are considered to have recovered (without knowledge of possible consequences) (as of November 20).

In addition, the police had to intervene several times for violating the conditions.

You can find the previous development in the fourth Corona ticker.

Source: merkur

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