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Goldnadel: "The far left must no longer systematically win the battle of emotion"


FIGAROVOX / CHRONIQUE - If the left has lost the battle of ideas, it is still capable of winning the battle of emotion, analyzes Gilles-William Goldnadel. Police violence against Michel Zecler is lamentable, but their instrumentalisation by the extreme left to ...

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist.

Each week, he deciphers the news for FigaroVox.

His latest book

Neuroses media.

The world has become a mob

has appeared at Plon.

The left has lost the battle of ideas but, by a sort of compensation, there are two warlike areas where it still clearly dominates the debate.

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The first is that of emotion.

The left is still in a position to win this fight.

With relative merit, because it can count on the objective and reflex complicity of many media with lazy and subjective conformism.

The second land on which she is at home is that of the street that she owns without any sharing.

The way in which the episode of vests that turned from yellow to red ended proves it beyond dispute.

This second urban area is also adjacent to the first since the street crowd or the electronic one works only on emotion as I tried to show in my “

Media Neuroses

” starting from the observations of Freud and Le Good on the following crowd, childish or hysterical.

In the last news item, we can see for the umpteenth time the capacity of leftist ideology to subjugate all reason with emotion.

Government projects and a lamentably instrumentalised fact got the better of all reason

Until last week, the main rational debate focused on the need to curb uncontrolled immigration and its inseparable link with insecurity and separatism.

It was without counting the media know-how of a left which will have invented the word "


" of various facts to denigrate the concept when it is used by the adversary while being able to make planetary and hysterical any dramatic event was -it microscopic.

Government projects and a lamentable fact lamentably instrumentalised got the better of all reason and allowed the extreme left to take back for a while and hand and foot.

The plan of a Minister of the Interior more determined than his predecessor to protect the attacked police officers did not deserve this excessive excess of honor or outrageous indignity.

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Although in times of controversial confinement it is not very becoming to write it, I persist in repeating that under the empire of a state colossus with feet of clay, unsure of its national legitimacy, the Leviathan of today 'hui threatening our freedoms is not a government, was it affected by a crisis of part-time authoritarianism, but quite the contrary of extremist minorities who want to put the French under the physical yoke of their racialist or religious political ideology fundamentalist.

The police action which has enabled the extreme left today to try to recover is particularly lamentable and indefensible.

Nothing can excuse this filmed mistreatment which gives opponents of the government's face blurring project an argument, even though, as we know, certain videos used against the police are deliberately tampered with.

It is the victim, Michel Zecler himself, (...) who (...) has reduced to nothing the theses of those who would (...) to bring the systemic and systematic trial of the national police

To put it as the Director General of the National Police Frédéric Veaux expressed it to the JDD: it would seem that the police officers incriminated, and subject to the arguments of their defenders "

have behaved delinquent


This firmly established, it is the victim, Michel Zecler himself, in his televised statements, who with remarkable dignity and lucidity, and after having himself recalled his criminal past, reduced to nothing the theses of those who would like through its sad experience to bring the systemic and systematic trial of the national and republican police so tested every day by endemic or radical-Islamic insecurity.

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The person concerned has indeed declared that he did not confuse four black sheep with the troop of irreproachable police officers who protect us every day at the cost of their blood and the tears of their parents.

Nothing to do with the expulsion, under the cries of orchards of the xenophile left, from a camp for illegal migrants in the heart of Paris, where the use of public force is perfectly understood and even demanded by a French people tired of see its sovereignty and security trampled underfoot.

It is in this anti-police essentialism, consubstantial with all racism, that we have once again seen the abysmal and abominable gap between the scandal of a man beaten by cops and the normal of cops beaten by men.

Because Saturday evening, 37 police officers were on the ground, including one deliberately lynched by some anti-fascists by antiphrasis.

Without the moral and media left finding fault.

Only the cultural battle in the media is likely to deprive him at last in anticipation of his last chosen field, having lost that of the ballot box,: the battle of emotion

One also saw, emblematic symbol of the left-wing duplicity which apparently came to defend the freedom of the press, a burnt down newspaper kiosk.

In the light of the flames, we could thus distinguish the grimacing face of far-left fascism.

Only the cultural fight in the media is likely to deprive him at last in anticipation of his last chosen field, having lost that of the ballot box: the battle of emotion.

Source: lefigaro

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