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Hong Kong Science Park HK10X's innovation and technology spirit pays 10 times the determination to overcome difficulties


In addition to creative ideas, start-ups also require outside help and perseverance to continue on the path of innovation and technology. The Science Park nurtures start-ups from different sectors and provides world-class facilities

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Written by: Xie Deqin

2020-11-30 14:55

Last update date: 2020-11-30 14:55

In addition to creative ideas, start-ups also require outside help and perseverance to continue on the path of innovation and technology.

The Science Park breeds start-ups from different sectors. By providing world-class facilities and advocating the spirit of "HK10X" innovation and technology, it means that innovation and technology must pay 10 times more effort and determination than people to change the world with their own technology.

A boy who developed the world’s original ultrasound drug introduction technology; a senior doctor who has been using enzymes to fight cancer for 20 years in his business. Since the first day of his business, he has been working 10 times to seek medical breakthroughs and bring the world to fight diseases. new method.

Photography: Gong Jiasheng

The research and development of new ultrasound drug introduction technology can continue to survive without admitting defeat

Sun Weiliang founded the company in 16 to use drug introduction technology to make it easier for patients to absorb drugs.

Sun Weiliang (Langston) founded Opharmic Technology, a drug introduction company in 16 years, to study the use of ultrasound technology to introduce drugs into patients' eyes, so as to alleviate patients' psychological fear of eyeball treatment and improve treatment efficiency.

He pointed out that the development of this technology comes from the experience of people around him receiving treatment.

"My grandfather and wife's grandfathers both have eye diseases. They need to inject drugs into the eyes, but the wife's grandfather dare not take them. At that time, I thought that if there is a new way for patients to absorb the drugs without having to be injected He emphasized that more than 30% of patients are afraid of injections and avoid treatment, so the new method is not only convenient for doctors, but also beneficial to patients.

Langston's ultrasound drug delivery technology is unprecedented; because it is a brand new technology, it has been questioned by people from different sectors in the development process.

"In fact, the opinions collected at the beginning were mixed. The patients can accept it, but the doctors will question why they should use a new product to replace their current method? So our original intention was to keep accumulating more. The scientific evidence of this allows the medical industry to understand that new technology products have the potential to help patients."

There were all kinds of doubts and difficulties in scientific research, but Langston never gave up, all because he did not admit defeat.

In the face of all kinds of doubts, Langston did not give up, relying on his unyielding character and the help of the team.

"My own personality is more stubborn, but the team's personality is opposite to mine. Many times everyone will have conflicts. However, this will allow everyone to achieve a balance and move forward step by step."

20 years of self-employed doctors adhere to the anti-cancer concept

Zheng Ningmin started his own business 20 years ago.

If it is difficult to start a business today, it would be better to look at the start-up climate 20 years ago.

There was no start-up wave in Hong Kong 20 years ago, but there is no hindrance to Zheng Ningmin (Paul) embarking on an entrepreneurial path.

As a doctor, he accidentally discovered the subtle relationship between amino acids and the fight against cancer, so he worked with two other professors to study how to control amino acids to fight cancer. Later, he established Kangda Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. to study the use of enzymes to fight liver cancer. Wait for cancer.

Paul started his business in 2000. He frankly said that he faced a lot of difficulties, one of which was recruiting talents.

It's hard to find someone to help, and it's even harder to find someone to help when there was a lack of expertise in the past.

"I am a doctor, not a chemistry or psychologist, so I often rely on specialists to help me. To find a specialist, I need funding; even if you have funding, it does not mean that Hong Kong had that kind of specialists at the time." However, Paul said that with the spirit of being unkillable and with the help of the Hong Kong Science Park, he has overcome one difficulty after another and walked all the way to today.

Zheng Ningmin pointed out that as long as you stick to your own ideas and move on, you will not imagine failure.

"I think you can give up at any time if you want to give up, but sometimes it's not that easy to give up, because you have done so much, and there are many people who work together to fight with you, and you have reached this point. Plus you think about it. To make the product successful, you will not give up.” Paul pointed out that as long as you stick to your own ideas and continue to move forward, you will not imagine failure.

Hong Kong Science Park provides comprehensive supporting facilities to help start-ups practice HK10X entrepreneurial spirit

In fact, no matter the product sector/type, outside help is very important for starting a business.

Professor Gao Weiyuan, director of the Hong Kong Science Park Biopharmaceutical Group, said that the Hong Kong Science Park currently has different plans to help start-ups at different stages.

"We have a key incubation program called Incu-Bio. From the beginning of the establishment of the company, we will invest different resources to help the company grow." When the technology of start-up companies becomes mature, they will be invited to enter the science park to become tenants and provide the world Class-level scientific research facilities help them continue to develop technology.

"One of the facilities is a biobank and a bioinformation platform, allowing companies to share and access research data." Professor Gao pointed out that the Hong Kong Science Park will also launch a new plan in the future to help companies that lack funds to convert research into clinical trials.

Professor Gao said that the Hong Kong Science Park can help pave the way for angel investors, round A and B round investors, and even talents from all walks of life.

Of course, Hong Kong's innovation and technology 20 years later will not lack talents like 20 years ago.

In today's Hong Kong where talents are everywhere, innovation and technology is no longer as difficult as before.

Professor Gao said that whether it is an angel investor or a round A or B round investor, or even talents from all walks of life, the Hong Kong Science Park can help pave the way for science and technology innovation to a higher level.

More importantly, the Hong Kong Science Park can provide a research base for start-ups.

"Even entrepreneurs from overseas can choose to start a business in Hong Kong, because this is an international city that everyone can call "home"."

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