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6 The prosecutor of men and women involved in the possession of white electricity and oil in Wanchai units accused of conspiring to riot


In the early morning of National Day last year, the police raided a unit in Wan Chai and found items such as white electric oil, cloth strips, glass bottles, gas masks, etc., and arrested 5 people in the unit and the man renting a house. 6 people were originally charged with conspiracy to arson

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Written by: Li Huina

2020-12-01 19:05

Last update date: 2020-12-01 19:05

In the early morning of National Day last year, the police raided a unit in Wan Chai and found items such as white electric oil, cloth strips, glass bottles, gas masks, etc., and arrested 5 people in the unit and the man renting a house. 6 people were originally charged with conspiracy to arson The prosecution suddenly changed the charge for conspiracy to commit a riot yesterday before the trial began. The defense today expressed no objection, and the trial began immediately.

The prosecution's opening statement stated that the items in the unit were items that would be used by violent demonstrators. The unit believed that the unit was used to store items for demonstrators and for demonstrators to rest near violent incidents or illegal assembly locations.

Was suddenly charged with conspiracy to riot before trial

The 6 defendants are: Zhang Haohui (23 years old, full-time e-sports player), Hu Kaifu (21 years old, student), Chen Zibin (21 years old, clerk), Su Meili (25 years old, clerk), Li Yingli (27 years old, student), and Shen Zhuoqin (24 years old, unemployed).

Six people were originally charged with conspiracy to commit arson, but they are now charged with conspiracy to participate in a riot. The charge is that they participated in the riot between September 28 and October 1, 2019.

They were also charged with an alternate charge of conspiracy to participate in an illegal assembly.

The police found a large number of items in Wan Chai units early on the morning of National Day last year.

(See the picture below for details)

The police raided in the early morning of National Day

The prosecution’s opening statement stated that Shen rented a flat in Ren Wo Yue Building, Wan Chai from September 28 to October 1 last year. The police knocked on the door of the flat in the early morning of October 1, but no one responded, so he broke the door. The first 5 defendants were found inside the unit. The police arrested 5 people on the spot, and then arrested Shen.

There are supplies for violent protesters in the unit

The prosecution stated that the police found items used by violent demonstrators since June last year, including cloth strips, glass bottles, and white electric oil. They also found igniters, maps, and rescuers in the backpacks of five people. Injury kits, gloves, masks, walkie-talkies, etc.

Zhang also has 2 receipts for purchasing white power oil.

The government chemist believes that glass bottles, cloth strips and white electric oil can be used to make petrol bombs.

Think the item is for use by frontline demonstrators

The building’s closed-circuit television showed that 5 of the defendants had entered and exited the building involved, and the unit was located near the violent incident or illegal assembly site, plus there were items for violent frontline demonstrators, and there were indeed demonstrators who used gasoline bombs to damage during the demonstration. The property is believed to be used by the unit to store items for demonstrations and for demonstrators to rest. The equipment in the unit is not something peaceful demonstrators would use.

The defense questioned the location for the party

Inspector Huang Yuansi of the Action Team of the Narcotics Investigation Division told about the visit to search the unit that day. The defense questioned whether he had ever thought that the people in the unit were just "partying, drinking and smoking." Huang retorted that the wine bottles were neatly arranged and there was no alcohol in the room. taste.

In addition, Chen’s social media had messages about making petrol bombs, as well as messages about participating in demonstrations and charged petrol towels. The prosecution clearly stated that it does not rely on the authenticity of the dialogue, but only on the existence of the information. The prosecution believes 6 people. The defendant participated in or prepared to participate in the demonstration, and hope that the court will convict six people through the conspiracy principle.

The prosecution took time to merge the case and was reprimanded for wasting time

The case was originally scheduled to go to trial yesterday. The prosecution suddenly stated that it would amend the charges. However, the defense has now indicated that it does not object to the amendment, and the judge approved the application.

The defense immediately asked the prosecution to clarify the allegations in the opening submissions. The prosecution asked for time to merge the opening submissions. Official Shen was questioned: "Is there a merger?", "Have you heard that there are 2 copies? opening?" Reprimanded the prosecution for wasting court time, and the judge finally gave time to the prosecution to merge its opening submissions.

Case No.: DCCC908, 918/2020

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