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Financial Demolition | Zheng Zhigang's sluggish entry into the people's financial kingdom is gradually emerging


New World (0017) third-generation helmsman Zheng Zhigang's financial layout gradually surfaced! Following the purchase of FWD Insurance and a virtual bank of Furong Bank, Zheng has recently become a "white warrior" and has invested in the rescue since the repeated suspension of trading in 2019

Financial News

Author: Zhan Yongyu

2020-11-30 23:00

Last update date: 2020-12-01 07:54

New World (0017) third-generation helmsman Zheng Zhigang's financial layout gradually surfaced!

Following the purchase of FWD Insurance and the establishment of a virtual bank of Furong Bank, Zheng has recently become a "white warrior" and has invested to rescue the public finance (0279), which has been repeatedly suspended since 2019, and further expand the financial kingdom.

In 2009, Chow Tai Fook sold its Tai Fook Securities to Haitong Securities. Ten years later, the third generation once again bought the financial securities business. The latest layout has made the outside world a lot of hope.

People's Finance can be regarded as a classic Hong Kong stock market. After the capital player Zhang Yongdong entered the market in 2018, it once went from 4.5 yuan to 20.6 yuan, with a market value of 30 billion yuan.

Unfortunately, the stock price was short-lived and then plummeted, falling by more than 90% at most. It became a penny stock and faced liquidation due to its inability to repay debt. Trading has been suspended intermittently in 2019.

The stock has been quiet for a long time and has recently returned to investors' eyes.

The company announced on November 17 that Zheng Zhigang’s Radiant Alliance Limited intends to purchase 75% of the shares for 281 million yuan. The conversion price of 0.01614 yuan is 82% discount to the company’s pre-suspended stock price of 0.09 yuan. After completion, Zheng Zhigang’s shareholding will reach 75%. Will enter the public finance.

People's Finance received Zheng Zhigang's purchase of 75% of the shares for 281 million yuan.

(Picture of People's Finance Facebook)

Two Steps to Enter

This time Adrian acquisition involving two song, first-out loans 200 million yuan to finance the public debt, the Commission has made public the license held by the rest

of the

$ 80 million the company resume trading again be paid to the successful White people.

Based on the 280 million yuan purchase of 75% of the equity, the people's "shell price" is only about 370 million yuan.

Although if the public cannot resume trading, the previous loan cannot be retrieved, but the outside world believes that the chance of success is very high.

If Zheng Zhigang succeeds in gaining ownership, he will only acquire the assets and listing status of People's Finance at the price of buying shells in disguise.

As of the end of September 2019, the net asset value of People's Finance reached 1 billion yuan. Although it is unknown how much "water" is in it, even if the discount is discounted, the rotten ship still has three catties. It is expected that the assets will still be valuable after the discount, only its license and The main board shell price is worth the fare.

Zheng Zhigang will obtain the license of People's Finance.

Larger era

Moreover, compared with the previous peak period of the main board company’s "shell price" asking prices of about 700 million to 800 million yuan, but in recent years, the "shell price" has fallen back to 400 million to 500 million yuan, and listed companies with financial licenses have been even more expensive in the early years. Sell ​​at a high price.

In 2015, the Hong Kong stock market era, even the local securities firm's market price has risen. A brokerage company with 1, 4, and 9 licenses can bid for more than 10 million yuan. During the peak period, it even tried close to 20 million yuan.

In 2016, local brokerage Huafu (0952, now renamed China Tonghai Finance) sold to Shenzhen Oceanwide Holdings. At that time, it sold 51% of its equity to Oceanwide for 1.097 billion yuan.

Although in recent years affected by the economic deterioration in the Mainland and the Sino-US quality war, the license price has gradually fallen, but the No. 6 "Advice on Institutional Financing" and No. 9 "Asset Management" cards are still attracting money. For example, only about 300 companies in Hong Kong currently own No. 6 organization.

Compared with this time the People's Finance has changed hands for less than 300 million yuan, Zheng Zhigang is equal to the price.

Looking at the 2019 Interim Report of People's Finance, the group has No. 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9 licenses of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and insurance broker licenses.

In addition, he also holds a Shanghai-based securities company "Shengang Securities", which is mainly engaged in A-share securities and asset management business, and holds relevant Mainland financial licenses.

Some people in the financial industry said that Zheng Zhigang (Adrian) was confident that the company could resume trading. The Mainland's Shengang Securities has a chance to release the bank. They have all planned to make the first move as a white warrior. It is estimated that the shell is clean enough, and there are financial cards in both China and Hong Kong, which will facilitate the subsequent capital injection and financial business. ."

According to sources in the financial sector, people in China and Hong Kong have financial licenses to facilitate the subsequent capital injection of financial services.

Deng Shengxing: New World's financial technology has synergies

There are no treasures for Phoenix and Phoenix, and Zheng Zhigang wants to buy shells at a low price. This time,

he bought the public finance and its financial license

at Xun's


, further expanding its territory into the financial field.

This time, Zheng Zhigang has once again set foot in the financial business after cooperating with Tencent (0700) and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0388) to obtain a virtual banking license in 2019 and to form Fu Rong Bank.

In fact, the newly created Department of the New World (0659) early in 2018 to 21.5 billion yuan also acquired Fortis Insurance


it seems Adrian Fortis Insurance is a big hand to expand the financial services prelude to it.

Zheng Zhigang teamed up with Tencent and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to obtain a virtual banking license, and jointly formed Fu Rong Bank.

(Profile picture)

Deng Shengxing, chairman of the Hong Kong Equity Analyst Association, said that New World’s own business is very diversified. In the early years, NWS bought Fortis Insurance to mention that it can use New World’s data on property purchases and jewelry purchases to create wealth management plans for customers.

In addition, the premiums collected by the policy can also be reinvested in newly created highway projects to form a synergistic effect.

Looking through the information, the New World Department is not the first to set foot in financial business. As early as 2010, Taifook Securities, a subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook, sold 60.48% of its shares to China Haitong Securities for 1.822 billion yuan and changed its name to Haitong International.

This time he has gone back and forth to engage in finance, but he pointed out that after having a license, it may not be necessary to engage in traditional financial services. You can engage in online financial products. "There are many digital assets (virtual assets) that can be engaged in, but the first thing to do is to have relevant licenses."

In addition, the current family offices of large families will invest in new economic projects, instead of investing in listed companies, and always have a long investment period.

He believes that Zheng Zhigang has always followed an innovative route, and he is not expected to engage in traditional finance, or it will bring surprises to the market.

Deng Shengxing believes that after having a financial license, he can engage in online financial products.

People's Securities Coincidentally said last Wednesday (25th) that it will invest more resources in the development of financial technology services in the future.

At the same time, it also mentioned Zheng Zhigang's earlier establishment of Furong Bank to develop virtual banking business, and said that in the future, it will work more closely with Zheng Zhigang to develop digital and virtual financial services.

Ten years later, Zheng Zhigang, who took the innovative route, bought the financial business again and cooperated with the digitalization of technology. Will he become a financial technology giant in Hong Kong?

Zheng Zhigang New World

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