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Berg municipal council rejects higher property tax - budget for 2021 goes through


The citizens of Berg still have one of the lowest property tax rates in the district. Mayor Rupert Steigenberger failed with the attempt to raise.

The citizens of Berg still have one of the lowest property tax rates in the district.

Mayor Rupert Steigenberger failed with the attempt to raise.

Aufkirchen - A real estate tax increase from 290 to 350 percent would flush almost 300,000 euros into the Berger municipality coffers.

And this if both types of property tax, the one for agricultural land and that for built-up or buildable land, were increased.

Property tax A for agricultural land would result in an annual increase of 8,000 euros, property tax B would result in additional income of 285,000 euros.

The local council rejected this with a majority of twelve votes from among the ranks of the CSU, EUW, QUH and BG on Tuesday evening.

During the budget discussion in mid-November, it became clear that Berg will spend more than it receives in the coming year: 1.2 million euros more on administrative activities alone.

The municipality can still cope with this deficit from liquid funds in the double-digit million range (see paragraph below “On the subject: Three votes against for the 2021 budget”).

But Mayor Rupert Steigenberger already mentioned ways in November to increase the income side: for example, by increasing the property tax.

Town hall administration researched: Property tax in Berg with the lowest

According to research by the town hall administration, the Berger property tax of 290 percent is one of the lowest in the district.

Only Herrsching and Weßling (both 250 percent) are cheaper with property tax A for agricultural land, with property tax B, which applies to all house and apartment owners and can be passed on to tenants, only Seefeld has the same low rate as Berg at 290 percent .

Chamberlain Florian Bendele and Mayor Steigenberger therefore proposed to the council an increase in tax types A and B to 350 percent each.

Without success, even though the last tax increase was 17 years ago.

Criticism from the Council: Is the right signal to the citizens?

Harald Kalinke (QUH) didn't want to know anything about it at the moment.

The year 2020 ends with 5 million more cash than expected at the beginning.

“I don't know if this is the right signal to the citizens.” Yes, the mayor replied.

The property tax is a well calculable tax, and there is a high level of debt in the district, which Berg has to support.

"The city of Starnberg has been recommended to introduce a street cleaning fee that also affects the homeowner - you can save yourself that if you increase the property tax."

Jonas Goercke (QUH) suggested postponing the increase by one year.

This was followed by Stefan Monn (EUW): “I don't think we'll lose a lot in one year.” Annatina Manninger (CSU) referred to the Free State's € 2.3 million trade tax compensation.

"We get the full subsidies and raise the property tax - that doesn't go together."

Steigenberger's proposal is also well received - but not enough

It’s good, decided the Greens.

"The ongoing operation in the town hall does not match the income, in the next few years we will have to take out a loan of 18 million euros," said Green Councilor Verena Machnik.

“That is why the income side has to be improved.” But not necessarily through the farmers, demanded Katrin Stefferl-Wuppermann and suggested 320 percent for property tax A and 350 for B.

Sissi Fuchsenberger (SPD) also advocated an increase.

“We have a lot of expenses at the town hall,” she recalled.

“The citizen also gets something in return, that can be easily conveyed to him.” Her parliamentary group colleague Werner Streitberger saw it differently.

"We should first show the citizens that we want to save."

On the subject: three votes against for the 2021 budget

The municipality of Berg is in good financial shape: it will start 2021 with liquid funds of around 16 million euros.

After the compensation payment for corona-related tax losses, this sum is even one million euros higher than initially planned, as treasurer Florian Bendele reported in the council meeting on Tuesday evening in the “Post” room in Aufkirchen.

However, Bendele estimates that this cushion will have shrunk to around 7 million euros by the end of the year - because the municipality of Berg is already using more than it is earning for administrative activities in 2021.

Then there are the planned investments.

So more is consumed than is generated.

For this reason, among other things, the administration wanted to increase the property tax (see above).

For the two Green councilors Verena Machnik and Katrin Stefferl-Wuppermann as well as for CSU councilor Annatina Manninger, this underfunding was a reason to reject the entire budget.

“Not out of distrust of the administration,” Machnik preceded her speech.

But: "If you look at the planned investments, plus the town hall with 18 million euros, then we cannot agree." In addition, there will be repeated losses in the years to come and loans will have to be taken out.

Mayor Rupert Steigenberger emphasized that Berg is doing well with the 16 million euros in reserves compared to other municipalities.

Therefore, one could agree with the budget, he appealed to the local council.

Bendele emphasized that a non-approved budget would severely restrict the municipality's freedom of action.

"Then we can only meet the obligations that are stipulated in the contract." Everything else has to remain as it is.

It didn't get that far.

Against the votes of the three councilors, the committee passed the budget charter.


Andreas Ammer (QUH) referred to the experience: “Last year it was said that we are closing with 10 million euros, now it is 16 million.

I assume that it will work out in a similar way again. ”According to Kämmerer, the“ conservative ”financial plan until 2024 was approved by the local council with four votes against.


Source: merkur

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