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The third plant of the Environmental Protection Park a year is rumored to withdraw its tenants, hoping to keep the tailgate of the recycling.


The garbage levy has been brewing for many years and has not entered the "big straight road." The environmental protection park that supports recycling in the rear has been reported to have withdrawn from the tenants. Following the food waste factory and the paper factory, the plastic factory in the park was hit by the epidemic in the middle of this year

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Written by: Lao Minyi

2020-12-18 08:30

Last update date: 2020-12-18 08:30

The garbage levy has been brewing for many years and has not entered the "big straight road." The environmental protection park that supports recycling in the rear has been reported to have withdrawn from the tenants.

Following the food waste factory and the paper factory, the plastic factories in the park were hit by the epidemic in the middle of this year and the garbage collection was implemented indefinitely. They would rather lose 15 million yuan in the initial investment and have to say "break up."

The person in charge of the International Environmental Pioneer Recycling Company of the plastic factory involved admitted in an interview with "Hong Kong 01" that he originally hoped to "guard the tailgate" for plastic recycling, focusing on miscellaneous plastics that others do not want to deal with. "The policy is so important, there is no garbage collection. Fee, (plastic) Mi Diushai."

He reluctantly pointed out that Hong Kong politics is ahead of the people's livelihood. Even if the garbage levy is re-examined, worrying that the votes will eventually drag the draft to death, and there is no prospect in sight, he has to leave the market and wait and see.




Hong Kong International Environmental Pioneer Recycling Co., Ltd. entered the Eco Park in June last year and leased two adjacent lots of approximately 100,000 square feet with a monthly lease of about 330,000 yuan. The lease term is 20 years.

The plant was originally planned to be completed within this year and will focus on processing No. 1 to No. 7 glue.

According to the original development blueprint, the recyclers expect the authorities to implement garbage levy this year, and they should not worry about insufficient recycling. However, the draft of the garbage levy in June was "deadly". The recycling volume plummeted.

No bricks and tiles have been built on the plant site. The recyclers "surrendered" in July this year and reluctantly asked the Environmental Protection Agency to cancel the lease.

Wu Zhende, the project manager of the International Environmental Pioneer Recycling Company, explained that he initially chose the environmental protection park and hoped to find a piece of land legally for long-term lease, because the lease term of private land available for lease in the market is only 3 to 5 years. If the factory is not re-established in a new place, the recycled machinery will be disastrously turned into scrap, which is not healthy for long-term development.

At present, many recycling factories in Hong Kong only recycle No. 1 and No. 2 plastics (such as beverages, personal care products plastic bottles). Wu said that the new factory planned by the company can handle all types of plastic waste. The processed miscellaneous rubber is made into quasi-food grade rPET flakes and rubber pellets, which play the role of "guard tailgate". "If you can't handle it outside, it will all be done in the end."

The plant's goal is to process 800 metric tons of waste rubber per month, but the relevant processing volume is not as high as the local daily plastic disposal volume.

Wu said that this is just a starting goal. After the original plan runs smoothly, the plastic waste processing capacity can be increased to 3,000 metric tons per month, with a total investment of 150 million yuan.

Wu Zhende said that the current factory mainly handles No. 2 and No. 4 plastics and will not expand its business temporarily.

(Photo by Huang Shuhui)

Cannot see prospects, tenants leave the market and wait and see

Without policy coordination, waste rubber can be sent directly to the landfill "unimpeded".

Under the economic downturn, when the government proposes a garbage levy again, Wu Chen-tak is also worried that it will be met with fierce opposition from the public and legislators.

He said frankly that for the time being, Ning will stay away from the front and continue to rent workshops in Sheung Shui and Fanling to process water horses and industrial and commercial plastics. Currently, only about 30% of the local rubber is recycled.

Wu said that the abandonment of the EcoPark was a "break up" due to the current situation. He also feels regretful that even though the government has reduced rents during the epidemic, it will not help solve the fundamental problem of the recycling environment.

He believes that small and medium enterprises in the recycling industry are the most struggling. "The initial investment is so large, the price of raw materials has fallen, and it is difficult to cover (make up) the cost."

He hoped that the authorities would "change the formation" and suggested that the government should fund the construction of factories in the environmental protection park. Tenants only need to "move furniture" and bring machines into the park; or the government can find another land to build an environmental protection industrial park suitable for small and medium recycling plants. The community recycling facilities under the Environmental Protection Department recycle and pack waste, and the government will bear the freight, and hand it over to the recycling plant for processing according to its strengths, so that recycling becomes smoother and reduces the pressure on landfill expansion.

Huang Yijian hopes to enter the Environmental Protection Park to build a plastic factory, but he was only informed that there is no tender timetable for the time being. He was impatient and disappointed.

(Photo by Ou Jiale)

The industry looks forward to entering but feels disappointed

The original tenant left the site sadly, but it was also difficult for investors who intend to enter the park.

According to the news, the Environmental Protection Department has considered building a pulp mill on the site of a plastic factory, but the industry tends to use a larger area of ​​land for a paper mill.

The Environmental Resource Recycling Center for a plastic factory co-founded by Liu Choi Kee Paper has seen that the lease of its Tai Po factory will expire next year. He hopes to find another long-term lease for operation. He once had the intention to enter the Ecological Park.

However, managing director Huang Yijian inquired with the Environmental Protection Park, hoping to bid for a new tenant for the plastic factory land, but was only informed that there is no public tender timetable for the time being.

Huang said that he hopes to cooperate with the government's environmental protection policy, but he is very disappointed that there are machines and useless land. "There are vacant and suitable land, why don't you open the tender as soon as possible?"

The food waste plant has insufficient processing capacity and the paper mill invests in the sun

South China Renewable Resources (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., a food waste plant that has been operating in the Eco Park for 7 and a half years, has been revealed to have dumped most of the recovered food waste at landfills, and the amount of food waste treated has been lower than the lease agreement for a long time.

The Environmental Protection Department has admitted that South China has stopped food waste collection services in July this year.

Southern China later responded to the inquiry of "Hong Kong 01" and explained that "due to the defects in the factory building when the factory was built, it could not meet the targets required by the EPD lease agreement, and return the land in accordance with the agreement." Production technology.

As for the waste paper recycling plant originally scheduled to be put into operation in 2023, it is expected to process 300,000 metric tons of waste paper each year. However, the tenant Rocsky International Limited won the bid for two years and has not yet started construction.

The "Policy Address" announced that it plans to set up a modern pulp production facility in the Environmental Protection Park. It is expected to invite tenders in the first half of next year and start operations in or before 2024. The preliminary estimate is that the facility will also handle no less than 300,000 metric tons of waste paper per year. Details are as follows The number, land and area of ​​the pulp mills are still under planning. The Environmental Protection Department did not respond to whether the new pulp mill will replace the waste paper recycling plant in the park.

The reporter asked the EcoPark as a visitor to find out about the tenants. The staff pointed out that Hong Kong International Environmental Pioneer Recycling Co., Ltd. and Rocsky International Limited had already withdrawn their leases.

However, the Environmental Protection Department did not respond positively, saying only that it would follow up the relevant matters according to the tenancy agreement. At this stage, there is no more information to provide.

The processing volume of the South China Food Waste Plant has not met the standard for many years, and the operation is closed early for seven and a half years. The Environmental Protection Department is following up

The Mainland's "Waste Ban" counts down the way out of waste paper in Hong Kong, welcomes domestic and foreign problems, and pulp becomes a new opportunity

The land of the waste paper recycling plant in the Environmental Protection Park has been basking in the sun for two years.

Policy Address|Environmental Protection Park builds a pulp mill to set a road map for electric vehicles, plans to stop selling petrol vehicles within 20 years

The environmental protection park paper mill is rumored to withdraw from the industry, saying that the land can be used to build two pulp mills and the construction and operating costs are lower


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