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Confusion about vaccine delivery complete: politicians complain about the federal government - increased New Year's controls


The vaccinations against the coronavirus have started. The number of infections is still high. A Bavarian city reacts - and tightened the measures.

The vaccinations against the coronavirus have started.

The number of infections is still high.

A Bavarian city reacts - and tightened the measures.

  • Germany is in the Corona * lockdown.

  • Fraudsters are probably trying to make money with corona vaccination appointments.

    (see update from December 29, 2:21 p.m.)

  • A Bavarian city is now pulling the rip cord due to the high number of infections (see update from December 31, 7:54 a.m.).

  • Here we offer you the current case numbers in Bavaria in a map *.

Update from December 31st, 7.54 a.m

.: Coburg pulls the



Because of the increasing

corona numbers

, the city is "forced to tighten the corona regulations even further," according to a press release.

These apply from Thursday (December 31).

"The district is sticking to the old, looser rules, since the incidence figures are significantly lower there," it continues.

According to the new rules, households in the city of Coburg will “in future only be allowed to receive visitors from one specific other household.

So you have to commit

to a different household to

meet with in the

period of validity until January 10, 2021


Other households must not be hit, "it says.

The restriction to a maximum of five people continues to apply.

Children under the age of 14 are not included.

Coburg tightens corona rules: City advises against "tourism" in other districts

The city of Coburg




“tourism” in other districts

in which the regulations are less strict. “Coburg continues to occupy one of the inglorious top positions in terms of incidence figures and the infection rate in the city is diffuse.

So we can usually not clarify exactly where the infection originates, "said the press spokesman for the city, Louay Yassin.

“Therefore we

unfortunately have to tighten




We have to get off these high numbers.

That is why it does not make sense to avoid the strict regulations by driving elsewhere. "

  • Visits to nursing homes and hospitals are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per patient per day.

    Every visitor must wear an FFP2 mask.

  • Meetings in closed rooms are prohibited.

  • Open-air gatherings are limited to a maximum of 25 people and a duration of 60 minutes.

    A minimum distance of two meters must be maintained.

  • Services in buildings are now strictly prohibited.

    For outdoor worship services, the maximum number of participants is 50.

    It is essential to wear a face mask.

"Please stick to the rules, the number of


in Coburg is

still increasing,

" asked Yassin again.

"Since the employees in our hospital and the clinic itself are already at the limit of their endurance, we urgently need to reduce the infections."

Corona in Bavaria: shot at district office with air gun?

Update from December 30th, 8:47 p.m.:

According to the local

police headquarters,

a mysterious incident occurred


Lower Bavaria


Apparently, a stranger


at a window of the old

district office

with an





police station

was informed of the bullet hole on Tuesday.

In the building that has been empty since 2016, the

vaccination center is

currently located on the ground floor


This is reported by the

Mittelbayerische Zeitung


The head of the vaccination center informed the


that a bullet hole was found in the external glazing of an upstairs window during a tour.

A corresponding projectile from an

air gun was


there in the space between the double glazing


There are currently no concrete references to the perpetrator and motive.

“It is currently not possible to establish a direct link between the act and the current use of the building.

It is investigated in all directions, ”said the press spokesman for the police headquarters, Maximilian Bohms.

The Kripo Landshut asks for information from the population.

Corona in Bavaria: is the vaccine coming after all?

The confusion is complete

Update from December 30th, 6:25 p.m.: Bavaria

should now


the originally promised

vaccine delivery


In the afternoon it was said that the ration for the beginning of January had been canceled.

Now the U-turn followed.

After criticism from several countries, including


, the Federal Ministry of Health announced that there

should be



on January 8th

- but only again on January 18th.

State Secretary


Health Klaus Holetschek

criticized the federal government nonetheless: “The federal government's information policy is in need of great improvement *, because unfortunately the information we need has so far only reached us very slowly and mostly at short notice.

The federal government must finally ensure an adequate

supply of vaccines

. ”It was not possible to convey to the citizens“ that despite a high willingness to vaccinate they should wait for protection against this insidious disease, ”said



According to the Ministry of Health, around

17,000 people in the Free State

had already been

vaccinated by


noon, especially in senior citizens' and care facilities.

According to an overview by the Robert Koch Institute,

Bavaria was

previously - in absolute figures - ahead of the national comparison.

In addition, according to

Health Minister Melanie Huml,


107,500 vaccine doses arrived in Bavaria

on Wednesday


In the future, 107,250 vaccine doses per week are to come from the federal government.

Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann announces increased controls on New Year's Eve

Update from December 30th, 5:58 p.m.:


is facing a very quiet

New Year's Eve


Igniting firecrackers and fireworks is

prohibited in public places and in many municipalities also on private properties

due to the

Corona crisis


Toasting to 2021 with your neighbors on the street is not possible in the Free State due to the nightly exit restrictions from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Three Saarland politicians brought up a questionable idea.

You advocate catching up on the fireworks in the New Year.




increasingly check on New Year's Eve

whether the celebrants adhere to these guidelines.

Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann

announced that

800 riot police forces will support the local police inspections


The focus should be on compliance with the exit restrictions and the curfew from 9 p.m., as the ministry announced.

To Berlin: delivery canceled!

Bavaria does not get a new vaccine either - "incomprehensible" for Huml

Update from December 30th, 2:50 p.m.:

After Berlin now the bad news for Bavaria.

"As we heard from the federal government today, Bavaria will


not receive any vaccine


in the

first week of January

- contrary to the previous promise,


Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU)


on Wednesday.

It is "incomprehensible" as such a delivery can simply be omitted.

Bavaria demands more clarity and reliability in corona vaccine delivery

Update from December 30, 11:27 a.m

.: Bavaria's

State Secretary for


Klaus Holetschek

(CSU) hopes for more predictability and reliability from the federal

government when it

comes to the

delivery of corona vaccines


If you want to assign appointments in the vaccination centers, you have to know when which vaccine is available and in what quantity, said Holetschek on Wednesday the

German Press Agency (dpa).

“I would like the federal government to be more reliable.” Otherwise it would be very difficult

to give information to

the people who

call and ask




According to Holetschek, there are already more than 8,000 reservations for the vaccination centers in Bavaria.

Holetschek was overall satisfied with the start of the vaccination in Bavaria - despite minor problems.

Around 10,000 people, especially in old people's and nursing homes, have already been vaccinated.

“We didn't really get off to a bad start.” But Holetschek also raised the question of how further increases in production could be achieved.

Every effort would have to be made to boost production.

Corona vaccination started in Bavaria: Fraudsters use nasty scams - Health Minister Huml reacts

Update from December 30, 10:07 a.m.:


vaccination has

only been

taking place

in Bavaria since Sunday, and

scammers have already jumped on the bandwagon.

Callers therefore claim that those called can be vaccinated immediately - against payment of a sum of money (see update from December 29, 2:21 p.m.).

The Garching city administration warned not to accept the offer.


Health Minister Melanie Huml

clarifies: "In view of such dubious phone calls I repeat: be vaccinated for all citizens

free of charge


Nobody has to pay in advance for this.

The costs are fully covered by the health insurance companies or the Free State of Bavaria. "  

Vaccination against the coronavirus started: special rights for vaccinated people?

Update from December 29th, 9.11 p.m.:

Will there be

special regulations for corona vaccinated people


Jens Spahn clearly rejects this idea, but the debate has flared up.

But is it that easy to regulate from the government side?


general ban on discrimination

already applies to the state


It is therefore forbidden from the outset to distinguish between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, for example in public transport.

In the private sector, on the other hand, there is a

regulatory gap

that we have to address, ”says Volker Ullrich, legal policy spokesman for the CSU regional group of the



Of course there is an official

ban on discrimination

in Germany.

The text does not include



“The law formulates six specific grounds for discrimination in which unequal treatment is prohibited - these include, for example, disabilities.

If the legislature wanted to take precautions so that

non-vaccinated people would not suffer any disadvantages

, it would have to regulate this specifically, ”explains the spokesman for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, Sebastian Bickerich.

Private businesses such as restaurants, hotels or pubs have their

domiciliary rights

and can expel people from their property if they want.

They only act illegally when there is actually discrimination.

A possible group of people of the


is not found in the relevant law.

New corona rapid test from Bavaria: Aiwanger orders one million tests from Martinsried company

Update from December 29th, 5:20 p.m.:


Bavarian state government will be

using a new

rapid corona test

from January


The revolutionary

PCR test procedure

was developed in Martinsried near Munich.

It is said to provide reliable results within less than an hour.

Hubert Aiwanger

raves about the method.

"The world's best rapid test", the Deputy Prime Minister is euphoric.

The Bavarian rapid tests could be available across Europe from March.

Corona vaccination started: Fraudsters use nasty scams - Bavarian city warns

Update from December 29, 2:21 p.m

.: It has only been

vaccinated against the

corona virus



since Sunday

, but scammers have already jumped on the bandwagon.

According to the Garching city administration, citizens have received calls in the past few days about an alleged

corona vaccination

, which indicate a fraud. * According to the callers claim that those called could be vaccinated immediately - against payment of a certain amount of money.

"This is a scam that should not be discussed under any circumstances," warns the city.

In principle, the corona vaccination is free of charge.

All information on this and the dates to be allocated will be sent exclusively by post from the

Munich district

office, it continues.

However, as long as the mobile vaccination teams are on the move in the old people's and nursing homes, the district office does not send any information letters.


In the vaccination center in the Bamberg Brose Arena, test runs for the corona vaccinations were carried out at the beginning of December.

© Nicolas Armer / dpa / Picture Alliance

Gastronomy sounds the alarm: "The need is brutal" - are there special rights for corona-vaccinated people?

Update from December 29, 12.53 p.m

.: The Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association can

well imagine


corona rules

for vaccinated people.

Kindergartens would also require vaccinations.

And if 50 people want to celebrate together in the inn “and all are vaccinated, why not?” Said

Association President Angela Inselkammer

on Tuesday in Munich.

"I would proceed relatively pragmatically."

The innkeepers continued to trust the federal government's promise to use the November and December aid to replace 75 percent of the lost sales - even if they had "not received any significant payments" yet.

Many landlords would have used all of their savings including retirement provisions and gone into debt.

"57 percent of the companies see their existence at risk," said Inselkammer.

"The need is brutal."

Many people had noticed that life would be poorer without the inns: "When we open up again, the demand will be very high," said Inselkammer.

Out of necessity, many innkeepers would have made money with out-of-home sales or tried other new concepts.

Some of it will stay, even if it can only be additional business.

Söder warns to be patient with the corona vaccine - hospitals sound the alarm: "Load higher than in spring"

First report from December 29th, 8:30 a.m

.: Munich - Since Sunday (December 27th), vaccinations against the corona virus * have also been carried out in Bavaria.

At the start there was a

breakdown in the cooling system


Contrary to first reports, the doses concerned are not inoculated after all.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Lichtenfels district office of the 

German press agency


Corona vaccination start in Bavaria: "That gives hope" - but patience is required

Many look hopefully to the upcoming


, including Prime Minister Markus Söder *.

But because the ordered quantities * “come only gradually, it will take longer.

So it takes patience, ”as the

CSU boss wrote

on Boxing Day on Twitter.

The vaccine is here.

At least a small amount arrived in Bavaria today.

That gives hope.

But because the quantities ordered come gradually, it will take longer.

Therefore, patience is still required.


- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) December 26, 2020

Corona in Bavaria: Nurses and doctors in hospitals are reaching their limits

Nursing staff and doctors

in hospitals are now reaching their limits.

The work pressure is high, patients die and there is a fear of being infected.

"The stress is higher than in the spring, when we were still fresh," said psychologist Eva Katharina Krauss-Köstler from the Nuremberg Clinic.

The first Corona * wave has already left its mark, now everyone has to persevere anyway.

In this situation, a psychosocial

crisis intervention team

is supposed to

support the employees at the Nuremberg Clinic *.

The 25 employees can be reached on a crisis hotline every day from morning until night.

Corona in Bavaria: Doctors and nurses worried about infecting their own family

“It is very different what moves people,” said Krauss-Köstler, who looks after the crisis intervention team.

Some suffered from the heavy


, others worried about not having enough time for the family or possibly even infecting them with Corona *.

"We noticed that we are contacted more often when a young person dies of Covid-19 *."

However, the team also regularly goes to the wards that are particularly affected in order to get an idea for themselves - and above all to build trust.

"It is a high threshold for employees to turn to a crisis intervention team," said the head psychologist Barbara Stein from the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.

It often helps to talk about worries and insecurities in the team.

In everyday life, however, that is just getting lost.

“There is currently no air to breathe,” said Stein.

(kam / dpa) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

You can find all the corona rules that apply in Bavaria on New Year's Eve in our overview. *

List of rubric lists: © Stefan Puchner / dpa

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