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Georgia: Republicans calls for boycott of the Senate elections - and wants to jail their own candidates


A few days before the decisive Senate election in Georgia, the situation comes to a head. Republican Lin Wood is still calling for a boycott - and is meeting resistance even from his idol.

A few days before the decisive Senate election in Georgia, the situation comes to a head.

Republican Lin Wood is still calling for a boycott - and is meeting resistance even from his idol.

  • The final decision of the 2020 US election will be made on January 5, 2021.

  • In the state of Georgia, the Senate is determined by ballot.

  • The Republican Lin Wood calls for a boycott and wants to arrest his own candidates.

Atlanta -

Joe Biden

won the

2020 US election

and will be officially sworn in on January 20, 2021.

However, it is still unclear with which majorities the

Democrat will take up

the presidency.

The decision will come with the

Senate runoff election in Georgia

- which is increasingly becoming a political ordeal for Republicans.

US Senate election in Georgia: Republican Trump fan calls for boycott - what's behind it?



, the eighth most populous US state, the outcome of the Senate election has not yet been determined: none of the candidates was able to win the absolute majority required.

As a result,



Republicans are

in the runoff election.

The outcome of the runoff election, which will take place on January 5th, is of crucial importance, as the distribution of seats in the Senate regulates the new president's scope of action.

Because before the election in


, the


with 48:50 seats are left behind and have to


to the



The election of the Senate is not only very interesting because of the two additional seats to be allocated.

The Republicans, for whom nothing other than maintaining power in the Congress Chamber is important, already seem deeply divided.

The “

Grand Old Party

” is divided into a camp that recognizes Biden's election victory and a pro-Trump faction that continues to speak of fraud.

The lawyer

Lin Wood

can also be found in their ranks



"Make America Great Again" - Lin Wood never made a secret of his sympathies for Donald Trump.

© Ben Gray / picture alliance / dpa / Atlanta Journal-Constitution

US Senate Election in Georgia: Wood calls for republican candidates to be arrested


is considered a great supporter of

Donald Trump



still does not want to accept

the outcome of the

US election

and is sticking to the current president.

In the past, he has spoken out several times in favor of boycotting the runoff election.

The residents of Georgia should only appear for election if Trump was previously declared president.

Now the 68-year-old is doing more.

Wood is certain that the two Republican candidates,

Kelly Loeffler


David Perdue

, are directly involved in the "election fraud".

They would therefore have to be taken

out of circulation

like the Republican Governor

Brian Kemp

, i.e. arrested.

Only then could "real conservative senators" be elected, as

can be read

on a

graphic published



on Twitter, which also reports on *.

I have received much criticism for demanding that GA fix the 11/3 fraud before we vote in 1/5 runoff.

In full disclosure, I am not a fan of any of the 4 candidates in Senate runoff.

Communists or China compromised in my opinion.

I just want an HONEST election.

Don't you?

- Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 26, 2020

US Senate election in Georgia: Trump contradicts his supporter - "two great senators"

With these harsh words and persistent allegations of electoral fraud,


could well


the split in the Republican Party.

And Trump?

He doesn't seem to think much of the boycott idea.

The 74-year-old called




"two great senators" and announced that he would personally come to


to support them.

It is "so important for our country that they win."

The targeted attack on the two senators could well be in the interests of Trump: The US president is reportedly planning a "kingmaker" strategy for the time after his departure from the White House - some of which, according to insiders, could also be republican Targeted to replace candidates with Trump supporters.

On behalf of two GREAT Senators, @sendavidperdue & @KLoeffler, I will be going to Georgia on Monday night, January 4th., To have a big and wonderful RALLY.

So important for our Country that they win!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 27, 2020

US Senate election in Georgia: Wood "not a fan of any of the four candidates"


on the other hand, declared that he was "not a fan of any of the four candidates", neither of the two Democratic challengers

Raphael Warnock


Jon Ossoff,

nor of his internal party duo.

There are many indications that the lawyer will stick to his beliefs of electoral fraud even after the outcome of the Senate election.

Not only the


, but also more and more


hope that the allegations will be quieter by January 20, the day Biden is sworn in.

So that the

United States of America can

be politically run properly again - by both parties.

(as) *, like, is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Ben Gray / picture alliance / dpa / Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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