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Cold shock in winter: More and more people in Munich swear by the crazy trend - for some it is even dangerous


When it's cold outside, most people like to be inside. But there are always more who cannot have it cold enough. For them, ice bathing is the new trend.

When it's cold outside, most people like to be inside.

But there are always more who cannot have it cold enough.

For them, ice bathing is the new trend.

Munich - “

Don't forget to


don't forget to breathe!” Benni Baier (30) says this sentence to herself like a mantra when she


into the



Because in the three degrees cold water of the

Eisbach *

it is easy to get breathless.

The Haidhausen lawyer


ice bathing

two months

ago - and with her many other Munich residents.


winter sports

are becoming a



“We wanted to end our

negative mood in lockdown

and get a positive mindset,” says her friend Valerie Haydn (29), who always accompanies Benni.

And the whole thing should start with a

better body


“We have often seen ice baths and thought we'd take the challenge,” adds Benni Baier.

"I am now happy to have discovered it."

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Men play in the water at minus 20 degrees

Ice bathing as a new winter trend: daredevils exchange ideas on Facebook and Instagram

More and more

Munich residents * are

exchanging ideas

on this topic


Facebook groups

or posting their photos on

Instagram *


The Munich-based group Munich Hot Springs, for example, which had almost 300 colleagues a year ago, now has 427 members.

Ice bathing is the

cold kick in pandemic times


"The feeling afterwards is indescribable - the


is gone," is how Margo Steff (48) from the Westend explains the addiction to the

ice-cold shock


“I'm super happy after the ice bath,” says newcomer Benni Baier.

There is a

medical explanation

for this exhilaration


"Ice bathing is an

extremely stressful situation for the body,

" explains Munich sports doctor Martin Halle.

“When the blood vessels constrict because of the cold, the body

releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline


Some perceive it as threatening, others as positive - similar to

bungee jumping

. "

Check out this post on Instagram

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Ice bathing as a new winter trend: cold showers can be a preparation

However, the preventive medicine specialist at the

Technical University of Munich

warns: "For people with cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, ice bathing can be dangerous, it can lead to

cardiac arrhythmias

." But even for fit people it does no harm if they

slowly take to ice bathing Approach

and train for it, for example with

cold showers


"The body can get used to it, similar to

going to



," explains Prof. Halle.

Munich's ice baths have different rituals.

Benni Baier swears by a

breathing technique based

on the so-called

Wim Hof ​​method

(named after a Dutch extreme athlete).

“I breathe in and out deeply 30 to 40 times on the bank and then hold my breath.” By contrast, 48-year-old Margo Steff always warms up slightly for ten minutes beforehand.

Benni Baier's tips for afterwards are probably helpful for everyone: “It's better to take

two towels

with you, one to dry off, the other to warm.

I also always have a

thermos with hot tea



. "


Into the cold water: Margo Steff jumps into the Kirchsee.

© private

There are various theories

about the

long-term effects


On the one hand, ice bathing is said to



immune system


Some say that the ice-cold water


against cellulite


Benni Baier says: “It's definitely fun!”

(Nba) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

Source: merkur

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