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ARD and ZDF reap clear criticism because of the USA report: Even the ex-editor-in-chief no longer understands the world


After the dramatic scenes about the storming of the Capitol, there is criticism of the reporting on ARD and ZDF. Even an ex-editor-in-chief is outraged.

After the dramatic scenes about the storming of the Capitol, there is criticism of the reporting on ARD and ZDF.

Even an ex-editor-in-chief is outraged.

  • Supporters: Inside Donald Trump storm the Washington Capitol on January 6th.

  • The pictures go around the world, but viewers: inside express criticism: Did the public broadcasters in Germany sleep while reporting?

  • Two well-known media personalities sharply criticize their own stations.

Berlin - On January 6th, unbelievable scenes moved the whole world: After


officially confirmed the election victory of future President Joe Biden

, a mob of Trump supporters storms inside the Capitol

in Washington *.

Hundreds of supporters: inside his opponent penetrate the center of democracy.

During this time, the chambers of the Congress * meet there.

People are injured and

four people die as a result of the violence


Members' offices are stormed, windows smashed.

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ARD and ZDF: “Hans Albers” and “Balkan Style” instead of Capitol reporting

While the

American broadcaster CNN

immediately switched to crisis reporting * and reported on the events,

nothing seemed

to happen on

the German public television broadcasters for the

time being.


shows the television film “Forever Summer 90”, interrupts ten minutes to report on the situation in the USA and then shows the drama “The love of Hans Albers”.

It was only around 11 p.m.

that ARD stopped the film for current reporting.

The same applies to the

ZDF * channel


There a documentary called “Balkan Style: Through Europe's Wild Southeast” will be shown, followed by the already planned “heute-journal”.

ARD and ZDF annoy the audience - and also the former boss

That annoyed many viewers: inside who vented their anger on the

social networks


"At least in this situation you should rethink your reporting * ... other broadcasters can finally do it too ...", for example, writes a user

on Twitter


Among the critics, however, there are also quite

familiar faces

who are unhappy with the broadcasters' decision.

Among other things,

Ulrich Deppendorf


on his Twitter channel, the former head of the ARD capital studio in Berlin.

“In Washington there is an attack on US democracy and DAS ERSTE is broadcasting by Hans Albers!

I don't understand anymore.

Not even ZDF, ”said Deppendorf.

There is an attack on US democracy in Washington and THE FIRST sends Hans Albers!

I don't understand anymore.

Not even ZDF.

- Ulrich Deppendorf (@DeppendorfU) January 6, 2021

Even the ZDF presenter recommends other stations


answer from ARD

: “There was already a ten-minute“ Tagesthemen extra ”at 9.45pm.

Further information at 11 p.m. in the daily topics.

There is also all the latest information at tagesschau24, in the live blog from and in the live stream from ”.

And another media personality writes on Twitter:

Klaus Cleber *

, presenter of ZDF-Nachrichten


“Incredible scenes in the US #capitol.






Immediately ”, says Claus Kleber.

The understandable answer from one of the followers: “Is ZDF interrupting the program?

This is an attempted coup in the USA, which is not shown there. ”He probably cannot recommend his own employer.

Turn on unbelievable scenes in the US #capitol #CNN


- Claus Kleber (@ClausKleber) January 6, 2021

ARD and ZDF: The higher broadcast fee has just been rejected

The many

negative comments

come at an inconvenient time for the public broadcasters *: For the beginning of 2021, an

increase in the broadcasting

fee by 86 cents (to 18.36 euros)

was actually


However, the Federal Constitutional Court rejected the urgent motions as “insufficiently justified”.

(jh) and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital-Redkationsnetzes.

Source: merkur

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