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'I'm good, but if I'm bad, I'm bad again': the audios of the businessman accused of raping an employee


Claudio Tinari is denounced for sexual abuse, also for 'labor trafficking' and for having offered another employee money in exchange for sex.

01/13/2021 11:20 AM

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Updated 01/13/2021 11:48 AM

A complaint triggered a wave of complaints.

The first to take courage and expose her boss was a young woman who said that she had offered her $ 100 to "spend the day in Cariló" with a client of the spa where they all worked under the orders of this businessman, who is now detained in Pinamar and faces a very serious double accusation.

After that testimony, another woman said that she had been abused by that person.

Then, the rest of the workers added details, data and audios that reveal "mistreatment" of all kinds by this employer, including a situation of "confinement" in the house in which he had them as "kidnapped."

The defendant, already arrested, is Claudio Alberto Tinari (44), a gastronomic businessman from Morón and owner of a beer garden in Hurlingham, who this summer had taken over the concession of the Botavara spa restaurant, located on the coastal avenue and the intersection with Poseidón Street, in the north of Pinamar.

At the time of assembling the staff, he hired a dozen young people, from the province of Buenos Aires and some from Mendoza.

For a few days in December he housed them at the Hotel Trinidad and then rented a house.

When the situation exploded, the relationship was definitively broken.

Complaints of sexual abuse and attempted sexual exploitation were the two most critical points in a whole context of violence.

"I'm not happy with the decision they made. I feel super hurt, because I gave them everything without knowing them and let them tell me now that they are going to Mendoza after having shown who they were and everything. I still have a plan B, a plan C , I have three kitchen teams armed in case you go away. I am not a b ..., I am an entrepreneur, "

Tinari is heard saying in one of the audios contributed by the employees, waiters and cooks, when the relationship was already broken and had decided to return to their homes.

"What they did is wrong, that is not done to anyone. Everything that is done wrong in this life, remember that it always pays. Anyway, the day your girlfriend played crazy I already knew that they were going to leave. all ...

So tell your girlfriend that in gastronomy the boss is in charge

, not the employees, "he

shouts in another message.

Tinari is accused of "sexual abuse with carnal access" and the victim was one of the employees - 33 years old and whose identity is preserved - who denounced that on December 22 she was sexually abused in one of the rooms of the hotel, while she was bathing and the businessman broke into the room.

He took her by the arm and threw her on the bed.

Although the abuse occurred before Christmas, the woman filed a complaint on January 6 at the Pinamar Women's Police Station, after another of her colleagues also filed a complaint against Tinari but for "sexual exploitation."

After obtaining other elements, the prosecutor Juan Pablo Calderón, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of Pinamar, requested three raids and obtained the arrest of the accused, which occurred in the house that he rented for employees, in en Enrique Shaw avenue at 3000.

At the scene, his cell phone and a turquoise and blue Puma brand bag were seized, and a red suitcase containing the victim's clothing and perfumery items.

The other two places raided were the spa where the restaurant worked and the house where the businessman was staying and that he shared with his partner.

The personnel of the Pinamar Commissioner for Women and the External Service of Ostende and Pinamar participated in the operations.

"If you don't give me back all the clothes that I gave, the XL that I gave to the fat woman that deformed one, the hats, the clothes, which they owe me and they don't pay me what they have to pay me, I'm going to look for them all Pinamar. And this is not a threat, it is a warning that they will not be able to work in any hotel, friend. Because here is another story,

this is not a threat, this is political power, pa ... "


Tinari alters in other audios.

"Who wants to go? Tell me who wants to go. The door is open, the one who wants to leave must leave. (...) There is a schedule here and there is a rule. Because this house of Shu ... And you know what? Employees come from under the ground, nobody is essential here. And if your bartender loves each other, suck me ... Bartender come from under the ground. Here I am good, I am good, but if I'm bad recontra bad.

If you want God, you have God. If you

want to the devil, you have to the Devil "


threat Tinari.

The businessman is also investigated in another case after the first complaint, which motivated the others to follow that path.

Another employee, 22, said Tinari offered her money in exchange for sex with spa clients.

This fact is investigated by the General Madariaga prosecutor Walter Mercuri, who classified the file as "attempted exploitation of the economic exercise of prostitution and labor trafficking", although if this last accusation is confirmed, the investigation will go to federal jurisdiction.

After two raids on Tinari, two personal computers, a cell phone and several sheets of a booklet with records and handwritten records of the employment situation of employees were seized.

In turn, witnesses stated that the accused also had

a violent relationship with his partner

, whom he threatened several times to throw her out of the spa, and it was common to see him drugged or drunk.

Tinari's record does not end there.

When the investigators went to look for his records, they found that he has a suspended 8-year prison sentence for the crime of "aggravated obscene exhibitions and harm" in the Morón justice: Tinari was discovered

showing his genitals at the door of a garden in infants.


In the last ten years in Argentina there is an average of one femicide every 30 hours.

According to statistics from the Office of Domestic Violence of the Supreme Court, in 2018 alone there were 278. Most murders occur in the homes of victims and are committed by partners or exes.

Where to call

Line 144

Care for women in situations of violence.

Line 137

Attention to Victims of Family Violence.

911 Emergencies

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