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Corona in Germany: More than 1000 deaths in one day - RKI does not want to talk about a trend reversal


The number of corona cases in Germany is simply not going down. The infections are still alarmingly high. The virus hardly seems to be slowing down. All developments in the news ticker.

The number of corona cases in Germany is simply not going down.

The infections are still alarmingly high.

The virus hardly seems to be slowing down.

All developments in the news ticker.

  • Coronavirus pandemic in Germany

    : The Federal Republic is in a

    tough lockdown

    until at least January 31


    However, the

    Corona * case


    are still at a high level.

  • The

    British corona mutation B.1.1.7

    worries experts.

    A virus variant from South Africa has also been discovered in Germany.

  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

Update from January 13, 6:16 a.m

.: The number of infections in Germany is still damn high:

the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has reported

19,600 new corona cases

in the past 24 hours.

1,060 other people

died with or from a

Sars-CoV-2 infection



7-day incidence



on Wednesday morning

(previous day: 164.5).

Is this value a positive trend?

The RKI writes in its Covid 19 management report: “The overall incidence has been stable at a high level since mid-November and rose sharply from the beginning of December.

A decline

was seen

during the



The number of cases has risen again

in the

last few days


Whether this trend will continue beyond the expected follow-up tests and late registrations will only be seen in the course of the next few days. "



(324.2), the corona virus is currently particularly rampant in the

Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district


The region


the list of corona hotspots in Germany

with an incidence of





(304.4), the district of

Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore

Mountains (534.2

) is particularly

affected, as can be seen from the RKI's Covid-19 dashboard.



, the infection rate is increasing in

the Saalekreis district


RKI reports more than 1,000 more deaths (data status: January 13, 12 a.m.)

  • According to the RKI


    1,953,426 people

    in Germany

    have been

    proven to be infected with Corona so



  • The number of

    deaths rose

    by 1,060 more to


    on Wednesday morning


  • Around 1,596,600 people infected with corona have recovered.

  • There are currently around

    314,300 active corona cases in Germany.


Corona in Germany: RKI boss Lothar Wieler at a press conference (symbol photo)


Corona in Germany: Merkel evaluates vaccine stocks as "critical" until summer

Update from January 12th, 9:50 pm: At the first meeting of

the Union faction since the winter break


Angela Merkel

defended and praised

the work of Health Minister

Jens Spahn


Merkel also commented on the vaccine stocks this year and stated that the situation in the first two quarters will be



Only from the third quarter onwards could Germany "give something rather than need", said the Chancellor.

The situation could therefore relax from the second half of the year.

Bavaria's Prime Minister

Markus Söder

pointed out the vaccine shortage on Tuesday afternoon and referred to the EU's renewed vaccine order from Biontech.

“There was

some catching up

to do, otherwise you wouldn't have re-ordered,” Söder told



When the order should be received is still unclear.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: South Africa mutation detected for the first time in Germany

Update from January 12th, 7:00 p.m.:


coronavirus mutation B.1.351

(or 501Y.V2) was found

in South Africa in August

, and the variant of the virus has now also been detected in Germany.

As the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg announced on Tuesday in Stuttgart, the person concerned is a resident of the Swabian

Zollernalb district


The district is about 60 kilometers from the state capital.

The infected person had returned from a longer stay in

South Africa

together with their family

, all family members had been tested for the corona


five days later, but the tests were



A week later, the first family members developed mild symptoms.

So far, infections have been detected in six people from three households.

At the beginning of January, Baden-Württemberg reported the first cases of the British coronavirus mutation B.1.1.7.


Charité Berlin

, which is also home to the National Consiliar Laboratory for Coronaviruses, examined the swab samples from the person who became ill first.



B.1.351 was found

on Monday.

Next, the remaining smears of the contact persons would be analyzed, as the Ministry of Social Affairs explained.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Mallorca with crazy new rules

Update from January 12, 6.15 p.m.: Bavaria is

further tightening the rules in the

coronavirus pandemic


When Prime Minister

Markus Söder (CSU)


about the

Corona leash

, he directs a swipe at Munich *

Update of 12 January, 18 h:



, the

corona numbers



The Balearic government is therefore imposing

a spectacular Covid-19 rule

on the

popular holiday island of the Germans


Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: extended family violates corona rules

Update from January 12, 4.10 p.m.:

At a meeting in the Rhein-Neckar district, dozens of members of an

extended family

violated the

corona rules


Police officers found

41 adults

and 4 children in

two apartments in

a house in



As the authority further announced on Tuesday, the participants of the meeting traveled from southern Germany, Saarland and Switzerland.

"The meeting was dissolved immediately, the personal details of all 41 adults present were collected," the


report said



referrals were


All present members of the

extended family

were for breach of the corona Regulation



As the police also announced, some of the people reported in Eppelheim took part in comparable meetings last weekend.

Corona in Germany: Laschet with an emotional speech in the NRW state parliament

Update from January 12th, 2.30 p.m.:

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU)

gave an emotional speech on the

corona pandemic in Germany

in the state parliament in Düsseldorf


Among other things, Laschet railed against skeptics who criticize the vaccination plans.

"That is typical


North Rhine-Westphalia

," said the head of government from

North Rhine-Westphalia,

gesticulating wildly.

But millions of vaccine doses would come in the coming days, and "it will jerk", but that is normal.

And what about vaccinations in

North Rhine-Westphalia


80-year-olds and over 80-year-olds could make an appointment for February from January 25th - by letter, said Laschet.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Harsh criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel's corona policy

Update from January 12, 2:15 p.m.:

Due to the

coronavirus pandemic,

Germany will

have to prepare for

a hard lockdown that will last for months.

A health expert sharply criticizes

Angela Merkel's

federal government

for its

corona policy


in this situation


Update from January 12th, 1:32 p.m

.: Bavaria is continuing its tough path in the corona pandemic: Wearing

FFP2 masks




local public transport



from Monday (January 18)


The Prime Minister Markus Söder announced on Tuesday, as * reported.

"The measures we have taken are slowly starting to take effect," said the Franconian at a media meeting and warned of the

corona mutation

with a "70 times faster spread.

That could jeopardize all efforts of the past weeks ”.

Masks are an important tool in the fight against the corona pandemic.

Are FFP2 Masks Better?

The knowledge platform




has compared studies.

Corona in Germany - The situation in the intensive care units in many clinics is tense

Update from January 12th, 1:15 p.m

.: According to data from the DIVI intensive care register,

5,210 Covid 19 patients

currently need




2,996 of these are artificially ventilated.

Of the

intensive care beds, 20,608 are occupied

and 3,652 are free.

In view of 25,000 corona patients in German clinics, the German Hospital Society has

warned against

overloading the system


"With around

6000 patients in need of intensive treatment

, whose care bundles significantly higher personnel resources, a high degree of stress has been reached in the system as a whole, and in many clinics has already been exceeded in some cases," said Managing Director Georg Braun of the Düsseldorf Rheinische Post on Tuesday.

Update from January 12th, 12 noon: Germany is

debating compulsory vaccination against the

corona virus

and special rules for

vaccinated people


A federal state is now serious - and is causing irritation.

Update from January 12th, 11.30 a.m

.: In the

coronavirus pandemic in Germany


, despite

strict corona rules


, many people continue to pour into the winter sports areas - including serious accidents and worries (see link for an overview)

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: hard corona lockdown shows hardly any effects

Update from January 12, 10:43 a.m

.: The

hard lockdown

has hardly had any effect



so far.

The prognoses from medical professionals are bleak.

A return to normal by January 31st is unlikely.


I am very unsure whether we can come to an end to the lockdown at the end of the month,

" said the chairman of the professional association of doctors in the public health service (BVÖGD), Ute Teichert, of the Funke media group (Tuesday).

Corona variants, as they are currently rampant in Great Britain and Ireland, could therefore worsen the situation.

"At the moment the numbers look as if it could be difficult to come to an incidence of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants by the end of January," said the doctor.

Reaching this mark once is also not enough.

"The number of infections must remain so low over the long term," emphasized the doctor.

One thing is certain: in any case, there could be “loosening only gradually”, “not all at once”.

Corona in Germany: New infections and deaths are really attracting us

First report from January 12, 2020

Berlin - What do the current

Corona case numbers

tell us


Is the data meaningful?

According to the

Robert Koch Institute

(RKI), fewer cases were transmitted

over Christmas and New Year


That is changing now.


The number of cases has risen again in the last few days,

" says the current

Covid 19 management report

(as of January 10).

And the RKI also writes: "Whether this

trend will continue

beyond the expected follow-up tests and late registrations will only be seen in the course of the next few days."


13,000 new infections

were reported

to the RKI

in the past 24 hours.

891 other people

died within one day.


7-day incidence is 164.5


Corona case numbers in Germany: RKI reports 891 more deaths (data status: January 12, 12 a.m.)

Coronavirus cases in Germany


New corona infections in the past 24 hours


Deaths related to Sars CoV-2 infection


Deaths in the past 24 hours


active corona cases in Germany


7-day incidence in Germany


Corona in Germany: 7-day incidence under 50?


7-day incidence

* is currently playing an important role in the coronavirus pandemic.

The value decides on stricter corona rules or relaxation.

The aim of the federal government is to reduce the incidence to

below 50


So far, no federal state has succeeded.

The infection process can be read off pretty well on the RKI Covid dashboard.

Yolk yellow

is a region with

50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past week


However, red to dark red predominates on the Corona map.





, the sad

Corona front runners

in Germany

are also on Tuesday



with 86.3 currently has the lowest value.

However, these weekly values ​​should also be assessed with caution because of the holidays.

In Saxony,

the situation is extremely tense



(510.4) and



The two districts have been one of the corona hotspots in Germany for weeks.

In Thuringia it is the district of




city ​​of


in Rhineland-Palatinate (49.7),


(48.3) and the

district of Plön


are currently just

below the

50 mark


  • Saxony

    - 341.9

  • Thuringia

    - 325.7

  • Brandenburg

    - 258.5

Where do people in Germany get infected with Corona?

Despite lockdown - for more than two months - the infection rate is extremely high.

Where or what exactly are the infection drivers?

"In most circles it is mostly a

diffuse occurrence

, with numerous accumulations, especially in old people's and nursing homes, the

professional environment

and in

private households,

" writes the RKI in its current management report.

However, many smaller outbreaks, such as in hospitals, continue to contribute to the high incidence, explains the RKI.

But what exactly that means remains a mystery.

Who actually infected someone and where often remains unclear.

“On the one hand we have fewer contacts, but on the other hand we apparently don't know much about where it might have been,” said Hajo Zeeb from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen to the German Press Agency.

There are few major outbreaks.

"One cannot really speak of sources of infection, rather of individual candles."

Zeeb is therefore still unclear



the probably more contagious

coronavirus variant B.1.1.7 * is

already widespread in Germany.

The proportion of samples examined is far too low to be able to draw any conclusions.

The fact that the decline in the number of new infections is only progressing very slowly could be an indication that the virus has changed in some places.

Corona mutations have names like "B.1.1.7" and "Cluster 5" - and are now known as variants of the corona virus.

An overview of the mutations in the pathogen *.

Relaxation at Christmas too dangerous?

Whether the easing of the contact restrictions over Christmas has kept the numbers at a high level is difficult to answer.

Zeeb told the dpa that there was less testing around the holidays.

Therefore, the current figures should be assessed with caution.

"I think we will never know for sure." However, it is positive that there was at least no rapid increase after the family celebrations.

Which measures really help to contain the coronavirus?

A Swiss study is now providing results that could fuel new discussions *.

(ml) * and are part of the Ippen-Digital network

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