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Guo Weiqiang suspected that Zoom had a meeting during driving and the barrister pointed out that he might be involved in dangerous driving


The Legislative Council yesterday (13th) passed the proposed resolution proposed by the chairman of the House Committee, Li Huiqiong, allowing the Panel, Bills Committee or any subcommittee appointed by the House Committee to hold remote meetings in the form of video conferences.

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Written by: Peng Zhuowei, Zhou Haoyi

2021-01-14 19:00

Last update date: 2021-01-14 19:29

The Legislative Council yesterday (13th) passed the proposed resolution proposed by the chairman of the Chamber, Li Huiqiong, to allow the Panel, Bills Committee or any subcommittee appointed by the House Committee to hold remote meetings in the form of video conferences.

The Housing Panel held this morning (14th) immediately held a video conference. According to the live broadcast, many Members could see themselves in the car despite using the virtual background provided by the Legislative Council. Among them, the Federation of Trade Unions Kwok Wai Keung It is even more likely to be driving and meeting at the same time, or violating the Road Traffic Ordinance.

Practicing barrister Lu Weixiong said that if you are distracted while driving, even if there is no traffic accident, you may still drive carelessly or even dangerously.

Guo Weiqiang responded on Facebook that he had parked in a suitable location as soon as possible to continue the meeting. He also mentioned that due to the current cold weather, "the heater in the car is my shelter from the cold, and all the flicks are to serve the community." He appealed to everyone to pay attention. Safe on the road.

According to the live footage of the Zoom meeting of the Housing Affairs Committee, although Guo Weiqiang used the virtual background provided by the Legislative Council Secretariat, a reversed mirror appeared during the period. Guo's face reflected brightly and darkly. He suspected that he had driven a car during the meeting.

During the meeting, Guo Weiqiang's signal picture was always darker. Committee Chairman Zhang Yuren had repeatedly said that "I didn’t arrive." When Guo proposed a motion later in the meeting, the picture was interrupted. There was only sound and no picture. Zhang Yuren asked him as soon as possible. Returning to the meeting, he said that he will vote in a few minutes. "Guo Weiqiang doesn't even see you personally, but he only sees you with his left ear. For a while, he doesn't know you will raise your hand."

In addition, DAB Ke Chuangsheng also appeared in the car during the Zoom meeting. When he responded to the query, he said that he was in the office during the speech, but afterwards, he sat in a friend's car to vote because he was in the area after he was driving, not while driving. , Sitting only on the left side of the driver’s seat, and wearing a seat belt, emphasizing that he attaches great importance to road safety.

From the pictures of the two people, Ke Chuangsheng's seat belt is from the left shoulder to the right waist, which is the passenger position next to the driver's seat, while Guo Weiqiang is from the right shoulder to the left waist, suspecting to be sitting in the driver's seat.

Barrister: Zoom may involve accidental or dangerous driving during driving

Practicing barrister Lu Weixiong said that whether the relevant behavior violates the law depends on whether the vehicle is in motion. The Road Traffic Ordinance, Chapter 374 of the Laws of Hong Kong, allows vehicles to be installed with fluorescent screens, but except for reversing, the device cannot be turned on during driving. For example, you cannot watch movies, etc.

He also pointed out that if the person involved is distracted while driving because of a meeting in the car, he may be charged with careless driving or even dangerous driving.

He explained that as long as there is a brief distraction when driving a vehicle without proper caution and concentration, even if there is no traffic accident, it can constitute careless driving. If the person involved knows that his behavior will bring risks but still ignores it and continues to grow Driving in time is dangerous.

As for which law is violated by Zoom in meetings during driving, Lu Weixiong said that it depends on the traffic section and the attitude of the driver at the time. For example, during traffic jams, the crimes involved in Zoom will be less serious than those of Zoom on highways.

According to the "Road Traffic Ordinance", careless driving can be fined 5,000 yuan and 6 months imprisonment. Dangerous driving is fined 25,000 yuan and 3 years imprisonment upon indictment, and 10,000 yuan upon summary conviction. And imprisonment for 12 months.

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