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Merz rushes ahead surprisingly: After the presidency bankruptcy, he demands ministerial office - the network responds with ridicule


Friedrich Merz is once again the loser. Nevertheless, he offered the new CDU chairman Armin Laschet to become Minister of Economics - for this he is being ridiculed online.

Friedrich Merz is once again the loser.

Nevertheless, he offered the new CDU chairman Armin Laschet to become Minister of Economics - for this he is being ridiculed online.

  •  At the

    33rd party congress of the


    , 1001 delegates elected a new chairman.

  • Friedrich Merz

    lost in the runoff election against

    Armin Laschet

    with 466 to 521 votes.

  • He offered election winner


    to become

    Minister of Economic Affairs

    , whereupon

    Chancellor Merkel


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Update from January 16, 7:34 p.m.:

Friedrich Merz is ridiculed online.

"Today I offered Armin Laschet to take over the post of Minister of Economics" - this tweet in particular causes malice.

I have just offered Armin Laschet to replace Andreas Scheuer as Minister of Transport.

# cdupt21

- Marcel 🏳️‍🌈 (@ English98) January 16, 2021

"I have just offered Armin Laschet

to replace

Andreas Scheuer


Minister of Transport

," writes one user.

Others bring themselves into play as ministers of education or for other public offices.

“Merz probably just didn't propose himself directly as chancellor because he couldn't have reconciled that with his feminist attitude,” writes another user.

Laschet said he had invited Merz to be elected to the

presidium of the CDU

, which



“Fewer women would have been elected to the presidium if I applied.

I have decided to forego the candidacy in favor of women, ”Friedrich Merz's team tweeted on his behalf.

Friedrich Merz: No CDU chairmanship, but a minister?

Armin Laschet also rejects him

Update from January 16, 5:53 p.m

.: "That is not due today," said the new

CDU chairman Armin Laschet



on the question of whether

Friedrich Merz can become the

new Minister of Economics.

After Angela Merkel, he is clearly rejecting Merz's ambitions.

At the party congress only a new chairman was elected.

Freidrich Merz after CDU chairmanship defeat Minister?

Angela Merkel reacts clearly

Update from January 16, 3:23 p.m.: Chancellor Angela Merkel

(CDU) has now commented on


's statement that she

wants to become

Minister of Economic Affairs




is not planning any government reshuffle," said a

government spokesman

on Saturday at the request of the German Press Agency.

Update from January 16, 2:39 p.m.: Friedrich Merz,

who lost the election as

CDU chairman


Armin Laschet

, wants to

take over


office of Federal Minister of Economics


"I offered the new party chairman to join the current federal government and

take over


Federal Ministry of Economics

," said


according to media reports from the





He confirmed the news on his Twitter profile.

There was no comment on

what will become of

Peter Altmaier

, the current

Minister of Economics




Meanwhile, Twitter users make fun of the failed candidate for the

CDU chairmanship

, while others share their displeasure.

Some rate




to become

Minister of Economic Affairs

as so absurd that it is reminiscent of satire.

What can satire do?


- Mathias Richel 🇪🇺 (@mathiasrichel) January 16, 2021

Others criticize him for his arguments from the

party conference speech

on gender equality.

No offense, but if the best defense to the allegations of sexism that comes to mind is: "My wife and daughters like me," then that doesn't seem very convincing to me.

#Merz # cdupt21 # because of tomorrow

- Volksverpetzer (@Volksverpetzer) January 16, 2021

His explanation of why he did not run for the

CDU presidium

is likely to heat the minds in a similar way: "The


cannot only be run by men from North Rhine-Westphalia." Fewer women would have been elected to the presidium when he applied.

“I have therefore decided not to run for women in favor of women,” he added.

Update from January 16, 1:07 p.m.:

At the

CDU party

conference itself,

Friedrich Merz

did not


what he would like to do after his defeat.

Shortly afterwards he congratulated

Armin Laschet

on Twitter

on his victory and at least left a little hint about his future in the party: "Now it is important that we all work together as a team for a modern and recognizable CDU that inspires and wins elections" wrote Merz.

This is not a clear statement about his desired position, but the words "we all together" are used.

So he included.

I congratulate the new #CDU chairman @ArminLaschet and would like to thank members and delegates for their support.

Now it is important that we all work together as a team for a modern and recognizable CDU that inspires and wins elections.


- Friedrich Merz (@_FriedrichMerz) January 16, 2021

Update from January 16, 11:32 a.m

.: Around half past twelve, the results of the second round of voting will be announced.

Armin Laschet

wins with 521 votes.

Friedrich Merz has

466 votes


Four delegates abstained.

After a speech by the new CDU chairman,

Merz also takes

the microphone, thanks the two competitors and wishes

Laschet every


In contrast to

Röttgen, he

does not

guarantee his support


He does not comment on his future in the party.

Update from January 16, 11.11 a.m

.: To announce the result, the three candidates are called on the stage.

992 delegates cast their votes.

There were only three abstentions.

380 votes fall on

Armin Laschet

, 385 on

Friedrich Merz


Norbert Röttgen is

eliminated and a runoff election follows.

Update from January 16, 10.55 a.m

.: The


analyzes the speeches of the three candidates.

The conclusion:


is ahead.

"I have never heard such a good speech from him," says the reporter.

He is actually not known as a good speaker.


CDU politician is also

receiving encouragement

on Twitter

, even “from other camps”. 


on the other hand, was very nervous and addressed many topics in the quarter of an hour, but the reporter could “remember almost nothing.”


's speech, on the other hand, had the impression of a


's speech,

but was also convincing.

Although this strategy failed in 2018.

Friedrich Merz at the CDU party conference: Commentary on the union of values

Update from January 16, 10:35 a.m.:

After the three speeches

the candidates still answer questions from the delegates.


answers a question about clan crime and his attitude towards the

union of values



Clan crime

he is confident and motivated to fight this.







also comes


North Rhine-Westphalia

, where the Interior Minister is currently

setting a

good example.

The clans had "nothing more to laugh about" there.

He is not a member of the

Union of Values,

has nothing against their support, but urged them not to belittle the other candidates.

In addition, he is of the opinion that group formation within the


should best be avoided.


Friedrich Merz applied again for the CDU chairmanship.

© Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

Update from January 16, 10:01 a.m.: Friedrich Merz

appears as the second of the three candidates for his speech in front of the camera.

It is already the second attempt for him to be elected

CDU chairman


He starts with the words: "What was that year 2020?"

It is a shame that the

party congress is

not possible as a face-to-face encounter, but at the same time the digital implementation can show: “This is how

digitalization works


That is the


in the 21st century. ”As of today, all other parties in


would have to measure themselves against these standards.

The face that is elected today at the party congress will


the face of the


for many years, says


with regard to the general election.


talks about various problems in



have become clear

due to the

corona virus

, for example in the healthcare sector or in relation to the labor market and the economic downturn.


candidate tries to spread confidence that

there will be a good labor market again and that


will survive this crisis.

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges in the history of mankind",

Merz changes

the subject.

He rejects the narrative that not enough has been done in the past and that time is already running out.

There is still enough time to do something about it.


is considered to be a representative of a more conservative


, who sometimes also makes polarizing statements.

He tries to counteract this in his speech.

Different groups, such as women and men or entrepreneurs and workers, should not be played off against each other.



his reputation

for having

conservative views on

gender equality

by arguing that he has two daughters and a wife who otherwise would have shown him the “yellow card”.

Most recently, Merz assured that there

would be

no coalition with the


in the

CDU chairmanship


CDU party convention: Part two started with speeches by Friedrich Merz and co

Update from January 16, 9 a.m.:

In half an hour, at 9.30 a.m., the second part of the

CDU party conference is to


According to the program,

Friedrich Merz

will speak after Armin Laschet.

But the speaking times at this digital party congress are not long at all: each candidate only gets 15 minutes to point out their vision for the



CDU Vice Thomas Strobl relies on

Merz to win


"All three candidates will receive votes from delegates from our Southwest CDU - but I see a majority from Baden-Württemberg in favor of Friedrich Merz," said the party deputy, according to



It will be interesting to see how close the party will be after the election for the new party leader.

Because hardly anyone expects a clear victory for a candidate at the moment.

But the current CDU leadership already called for unity as soon as a result was established.

Friedrich Merz at the CDU party congress: party size wants to vote for the ex-Union faction leader

Update from January 15, 10:34 pm

: Angela Merkel had

asked for

the choice of a "team"

in her greeting at the

CDU party congress


That should indicate that she


Friedrich Merz's



Armin Laschet



Laschet competes

in a team with

Health Minister Jens Spahn


Tomorrow's election is eagerly awaited.

Update from January 15, 4:39 p.m

.: Bundestag President

Wolfgang Schäuble also

wants to



Friedrich Merz

at the

CDU party conference


He announced this at a preliminary meeting of the delegates from Baden-Württemberg, as it was called from among the participants.

The background for Schäuble's preference is apparently the state election in Baden-Württemberg.

According to his own statements, Schäuble assumes that with Merz at the head of the federal party you could mobilize more voters in his home region than with other chairmen.

Merz's candidacy for the CDU chairmanship: JU boss Tilman Kuban wants to support him at the party conference

Update from January 15, 4:16 p.m.:

The head of the

Junge Union

, Tilman Kuban, has advertised his dream candidate again.


Friedrich Merz

would be good for democracy," he said in the "early start" of the ntv channel.

Kuban hopes that the people's parties would become more distinguishable again: "He would make sure that the margins get smaller."

But Merz will probably not win by a large margin.

The JU boss expects a "heartbeat finale" between Merz and

Armin Laschet


At the

CDU party congress

on Saturday, a runoff election between two candidates will be necessary if no one receives more than 50 percent of all votes in the first ballot.

A vote in the Junge Union in autumn 2020 showed that Merz is the favorite of the CDU youngsters.

However, only around 20 percent of those eligible to vote at the time took part.

Friedrich Merz at the CDU party convention: will he get the most votes this time?

First report from January 15, 2:14 p.m .:

Berlin - On January 15 and 16, the 33rd party congress of the CDU * will take place as a digital event.

On this not only the entire federal executive committee will be elected, but also a new

party chairman


The candidates for this post are

Norbert Röttgen


Friedrich Merz


Armin Laschet


Health Minister

Jens Spahn is



, but has been nominated as

Armin Laschet's



A survey by Infratest-Dimap for the


Germany trend on January 7, 2021 shows that

Friedrich Merz is


ahead of


CDU supporters

with 29 percent.

According to the results of the study, 25 percent would currently vote


Armin Laschet *


Norbert Röttgen


Despite the fact that Merz is ahead, he has lost 10 percentage points compared to November.


, on the other hand, was able to gain 10 percentage points.

Further surveys sometimes result in an even closer race.

CDU party congress: Friedrich Merz leads the survey, but loses support

It is currently unclear whether the future party leader of the

CDU will

also be nominated as a candidate for chancellor.

This still has to be


in consultation with the



According to a survey for the


Germany trend, 35 percent of eligible voters and 40 percent of Union voters consider

Friedrich Merz

to be a suitable candidate for Union chancellor.

This means that he is only behind

Markus Söder


in the polls


Friedrich Merz

is a lawyer and financial expert and comes from the Sauerland.

The 64-year-old already applied at the federal party conference at the end of 2018 to succeed Chancellor

Angela Merkel


However, the winner was

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

, who announced her resignation last year.


is seen by many as the leading figure of the conservatives.

In contrast to his competitor


he wanted

the conservative profile of the


more strongly


Friedrich Merz: Digitization and energy policy as priorities

Before the outbreak of the

Corona *



Merz was

very present in the media and was perceived by many as a particularly ambitious candidate.

However, since the

Corona crisis

, it has become less noticeable.

In politics talk shows, he made only a few comments on current politics.

Most recently he criticized the resolutions of the EU special summit on the EU budget framework and the

Corona reconstruction fund *



advertises itself as an innovator to whom the topics of digitization and energy policy are important.

He also strives to expand the foundations of the party.

In this way, conservatives and liberals should be better integrated.

In addition, according to his own statement, action must be taken against right-wing radicalism in Germany.

He stands for a market economy orientation - also in climate policy.

In his opinion, a climate policy should not go hand in hand

with restrictions on fundamental rights or economic life

like the




A coalition with the

Greens *

however, he does not rule it out.

On the contrary: in June, in an interview with Spiegel, he advocated a

black-green government coalition


Criticism of Merz: Legislative vote on rape in marriage


is primarily accused of inadequate innovation and, as a result, partly of backward-looking thinking and acting.

Many observers also doubt his ability to work in a team and criticize that he is too self-absorbed.

He is accused of still seeking personal revenge against

Angela Merkel *

and of smelling attacks and intrigues against himself at every opportunity.

He was particularly criticized after he questioned his attitude towards a homosexual

Federal Chancellor

when he expressed doubts

: "As long as this is within the framework of the law and as long as it does not affect children - at this point, however, an absolute limit has been reached - this is not a topic for public discussion ”.

He was also repeatedly noticed with derogatory comments towards women, which he dismissed as humor and irony.

In this context,

Merz continues

to be accused of having voted in the Bundestag in 1997 against the law that would make marital rape a criminal offense.

 Merz as the future party chairman?

Support from the Junge Union



has lost support since November 2020, he

is still ahead of his competitors

in the fight for the

CDU chairmanship *,

according to current polls.



great popularity among

the party’s grassroots


He will need this in the fight for the post of party chairman, since, unlike his competitors, he is not represented on a top committee.


is particularly popular

with the North German and East German regional associations.


Junge Union

has also chosen him as its favorite candidate for party leadership. 

(at) is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Source: merkur

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