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Severe weather warning with red alert in Germany: snow masses swallow parts of the republic


Extreme weather in Germany: Another snow roller covers the Alps and the Black Forest. In addition, it remains frosty and cold. The news ticker.

Extreme weather in Germany: Another snow roller covers the Alps and the Black Forest.

In addition, it remains frosty and cold.

The news ticker.

  • Weather in Germany *

    : Heavy


    and huge amounts of

    fresh snow


    entire regions in southern

    Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria




  • Now the

    German Weather Service


    again: For the


    and in the

    Black Forest

    , more

    snow masses have been


  • This

    news ticker about the weather in Germany

    is updated regularly.

    Here you will also find all information about the

    weather in Bavaria


Update January 18, 9:14:

In many parts of Germany which remains




- and wet.

The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued a

storm warning again

: Heavy

snowfall has been


for the Alps and the Black Forest


Severe weather warning for Germany: Heavy snowfall in the Alps and the Black Forest

A few flakes also fall in the east and southeast.

However, some of these can turn into sleet and freezing rain.

Therefore, the warning




on the streets.

In the north-east of the country there is also a

risk of black ice in

the morning

, triggered by freezing drizzle.

In addition, it remains frosty cold.

During the day, announcing the DWD in the mountains, at the edge of the Alps and in the far east



It gets really tapping again at night - with up to minus six degrees on the edge of the Alps.

Update from January 17, 10:03 p.m.:

At the edge of the Alps, the

warning level of the German weather service


red and orange


Especially in the

Allgäu there

is the

official severe weather warning

of heavy snowfall *.

Up to

50 centimeters of fresh snow are


on Monday night


A similar snow roller is approaching the Alps and the Black Forest.

Only in the



extreme west

does the winter weather remain completely unproblematic.

Almost the entire Federal Republic of Germany is

facing frost and slipperiness


Snow roller causes chaos: Even landslides are possible - after the death drama in the forest, there are now new warnings

Update from January 15, 12:19 p.m.:


snow roller


real traffic


on the

edge of the Alps

, in the


, in the

Black Forest

and Bavarian Oberland: In the morning there was

a traffic jam of around 500 vehicles


Autobahn 96 near Lindau

because some trucks got stuck had.


Kempten and Geisenried

, almost 40 of them couldn't


at all on the federal highway.

The police in the


asked "to urgently avoid all journeys that are not absolutely necessary".


drivers in


should therefore put on

snow chains

and wait, according to the request of the emergency services, but they hardly found any parking spaces at the rest stops.

On the

national road 317 in Stühlingen

spending had dozens of them the night on Friday in their vehicles because the snow from the streets could not be eliminated.

It was already jammed in the

Schwarzwald-Baar district

- the traffic chaos continued into the

Waldshut district



emergency services also had to struggle with chaotic conditions



: roads had to be closed, buses replaced the trams.

On Friday, the police again issued an urgent


not to underestimate

the dangers that the

masses of snow

bring - and this


does not only apply to

road traffic


Numerous trees could not withstand the snow loads sufficiently and thus also become

dangerous for



This is also proven by a tragic accident in

the Lörrach district

: near Wittlingen, a 72-year-old woman was walking her dog when she killed a tree.

Her son found her very hypothermic in the forest on Thursday evening.

Although she could still be reanimated by the police on site, she died a little later in the hospital.

Red Alert: Severe weather warnings issued for Friday

In the mountains in particular, however, there is sometimes the

second highest avalanche warning level

- with the risk of spontaneous self-releases.

In the

district of Emmendingen in the Black Forest

, a road has already had to be completely closed


there is fear of a


due to the masses of snow.

In the course of Friday morning,

up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow should fall

, especially in

southwest Germany and in the foothills of the Alps


In the

southwest of Baden-Württemberg

you can expect up to 50 centimeters, in

Oberallgäu to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

even 60 centimeters of fresh snow.

For the

districts of Lindau, Oberallgäu, Ostallgäu and Garmisch-Partenkirchen

, the

severe weather warning of

the red alert (level 3) was issued - on the other hand, alert level 2 is in the following German districts:

  • Ortenaukreis

    District Emmendingen

    District Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and City Freiburg

    District Lörrach

    District Waldshut

    Black Forest-Baar District

    District Rottweil

    District Freudenstadt


    District Tuttlingen

    District Constance

    District Sigmaringen

    Lake Constance

    District District Ravensburg

Original message from January 14, 2021:

Munich / Lake Constance / Zollernalbkreis / Erzgebirge -

On January 14th,

a real

roller of snow

rolls over

southern Germany

and the low mountain ranges in the east of the Federal Republic.

In some regions and counties, after huge amounts, sometimes nothing goes on the streets.


weather *

in Germany


Weather in Germany: Snow chaos on the Swabian Alb, in the Allgäu and in the mountains


Swabian Alb

and the foothills of the

Black Forest

in the Rottweil district

were particularly affected by the heavy snowfall on Thursday night


For example, traffic in the

Zollernalb district

(around 90 kilometers south of


) and on the ascents to the Alb in the Reutlingen district was completely paralyzed

by partly

over 50 centimeters of fresh snow and slippery ice


Check out this post on Instagram

$ {caption}

$ {footer} $ {time}

As the


reports, trucks were parked across, long traffic jams formed everywhere.

Thousands of people could not drive to their workplaces unless they

were in the home office anyway

because of the

coronavirus pandemic



Weather in Germany: Federal road between Wangen and Ravensburg closed, access to A96 tight

But also in the

Württemberg Allgäu

several traffic connections had to be closed because of the




, for example the main road from Wangen to

Ravensburg in Upper Swabia


For most of the day,

a long traffic jam

formed between neighboring

Lindau on Lake Constance



on the A96 in the Allgäu.

“There are 500 vehicles standing there and can't go any further,” said Thomas Steur, head of the Lindau Police Inspection, according to

on Thursday morning

: “And our car is behind the clearing vehicle.” No longer even said clearing vehicles came through, driveways to the



temporarily closed

in the

Lake Constance area

and in the southwestern



Weather in Germany: Heavy snowfalls expected between the Ore Mountains and the Baltic Sea

For example, in the Ore Mountains in Saxony, the situation on the streets on Thursday was


because of the large

amount of snow

and the



Trucks got stuck, drivers had to park their trucks because nothing was going on.




are also


on Friday

between the

Ore Mountains

and the

Baltic Sea


Follow all



in Germany

here in the

news ticker



* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

List of rubric lists: © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa

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