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Corona in Germany: RKI corrects infection numbers significantly - Munich doctor names great concern


An unknown corona mutation is discovered in Bavaria, and there is confusion about new Covid 19 infections. Is the lockdown working? All the news about the coronavirus in Germany.

An unknown corona mutation is discovered in Bavaria, and there is confusion about new Covid 19 infections.

Is the lockdown working?

All the news about the coronavirus in Germany.

  • The


    * continues to challenge



    There is hardly any chance of normality in sight.

  • The number of

    corona cases

    is still at a high level, but the number of


    * is

    falling (update from January 19, 9:39 a.m.)


    Even after the breakdown at the RKI

    (update from January 18, 7.15 p.m.).

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    You can find the continuation from January 19th here.

Update from January 19, 9:39 a.m.:

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI),

there are currently

288,400 active corona cases

in Germany


The current level is the lowest since November 19, tweeted Olaf Gersemann, Head of Economics von der



"The number of active corona cases reached its record on Christmas Eve (377,266)," said Gersemann.

In his daily "Corona screencast" at



, Gersemann classifies the number of corona cases.

His conclusion on Tuesday: "The lockdown is working."

The situation in the intensive care units in Germany remains tense.

4,925 Covid 19 patients currently need intensive medical treatment (previous day: 5003).

2,860 of them need artificial ventilation (previous day: 2,869).

This is evident from the DIVI intensive register.

Accordingly, 3,642 intensive care beds are currently free.

In Berlin, almost 72 percent of the intensive care beds are occupied with corona cases; of the 1,178 intensive care beds, 147 are still free according to the DIVI data.

On top of that, an emergency reserve of an additional 363 beds can be set up in Berlin within seven days.

Update from January 19, 8:20 a.m .:

“One lesson from the past few months is that you

shouldn't lift

lockdown too early

 ,” said

Clemens Wendtner

, chief physician for infectious diseases at Munich Clinic Schwabing.

He still considers the strict lockdown

to be necessary

despite the slightly falling

corona numbers


“You have to stick with it, otherwise all the effort will be in vain,” says Wendtner.

Corona in Germany: RKI reports 11,369 new infections - 989 new deaths

Update from January 19, 6.40 a.m.:

After the

data breach

on Monday morning, the RKI significantly corrected the infection numbers in the evening.

On Tuesday morning, the day of the Corona summit *, the RKI now reports

11,369 new corona infections

within one day.

In addition, there are

989 new deaths

within 24 hours.

While the number of new infections has decreased compared to the Tuesday of the previous week (12,802 corona cases), the number of corona deaths rose by 108.

7-day incidence is 131.5

The Germany-wide

7-day incidence



on Tuesday morning


The highest incidences have Thuringia with 256.3 and Saxony with 225.7.

Bremen has the lowest value with 83.2.

With the current figures it should be noted that the data

may contain

late registrations


On Monday, according to the


some federal states only transmitted incomplete or not at all their data.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: RKI corrects infection numbers after corona breakdown

Update from January 18, 9:35 p.m

.: How long does



after an

infection with the coronavirus *


Scientists from Switzerland and the USA are now giving hope (see link).

Update from January 18, 7.15 p.m

.: The

Robert Koch Institute (RKI)


the number of

new coronavirus infections in Germany

from the previous day

on Monday evening

after a glitch in the transmission of the data in the morning.

Means: The

health authorities of Bavaria



supplied adjusted figures.

Bavaria now reported 1,445 new infections with Corona instead of the 269 reported cases in the morning.

Rhineland-Palatinate submitted 471 new Covid-19 cases.

This increased the

total number of new infections to just under 8,800

, after having previously been 7,174.

However, it is still pointed out that there

may be fluctuations

due to the holidays around the turn of the year and more

corona tests


Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: more than 1.13 million people vaccinated against corona

Update from January 18, 7 p.m

.: The

vaccinations against the coronavirus are making


in Germany

- albeit still slowly.

According to the RKI, the number of those who received the first dose of vaccine increased by 31,152 by

Monday noon to 1,139,297


The vaccination rate for first vaccinations was 1.4 percent nationwide.

Update from January 18, 6:50 p.m

.: What are the effects of the

hard corona lockdown in Germany





Researchers provide health insights that are worrying.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Corona mutations are spreading in Schleswig-Holstein

Update from January 18, 3:58 p.m


Corona mutations

apparently continue to spread in



After a confirmed case in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district, new cases became known.


reported by


, in





Flensburg's Lord Mayor Simone Lange


is said to have already confirmed "a large number of cases of a corona mutation".

According to her information, it is still being checked which mutation is in Flensburg.

Samples were therefore sent to the Berlin Charité.

In the confirmed corona mutation case in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district, a woman is said to have contracted

the mutation from Great Britain

on a

business trip to Spain

, according to NDR


Corona in Germany - virologist suggests alternative to FFP2 masks

Update from January 18, 2:35 p.m

.: In Bavaria, the

FFP2 mask

has been mandatory in buses and trains when shopping since this Monday.

A nationwide

FFP2 mask requirement

is up for debate at the Corona summit on Tuesday.


virologist is now bringing up an alternative

, as

* reports, which also protects better than simple everyday masks.

Update from January 18, 1:32 p.m

.: In a basement in

North Rhine-Westphalia

, the police broke up a meeting to cut hair.

After a hint, the officers caught 20 people who did not keep a safe distance and did not wear face-to-face masks.

Cut hair on the floor and hairdressing supplies - Police break up meetings while cutting hair

"Cut hair was lying on the floor and hairdressing supplies were to be found on the tables," the police announced on Monday.

The emergency services also discovered "various drugs".

Three people were provisionally arrested but later released.

According to their own statements, the police initiated proceedings against all those present for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance.

Corona in Germany: Police blow up wedding celebration with 60 guests

In Gelsenkirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia), the police blew up a wedding party with around 60 guests.

A witness had alerted the police at around 5 p.m. on Sunday "after they had noticed a large number of people celebrating".

The officials dissolved the wedding party in an apartment in Schalke-Nord.

All those present had been sent off.

In addition, the police reportedly issued reports for violations of the Corona Regulation.

Corona in Germany: More than 170 people celebrate church service - without masks and distance

Update from January 18, 12.29 p.m.:

The police in Berlin uncovered

a massive


of the

Corona rules

: More than 170 people from a small parish celebrated




On Sunday around 7.45 p.m., the officers


170 adults

and other children

in a

hall of the community

- in the Gesundbrunn district


According to a police spokeswoman, the believers had kept neither masks nor distances.

There was also no attendance list or a

corona hygiene concept


After the Corona service in Berlin: Police issue over 100 ads




: Actually, a small church service was planned.

However, the number of visitors then increased.

More than 100 people are now expecting


of administrative offenses.

Corona in Germany: RKI reports a gigantic drop in the number of cases in Germany - and now admits breakdown

Update from January 18, 10:33 a.m

.: As reported by the


newspaper, citing an

RKI spokeswoman

, the

number of cases reported

by the institute

for Germany on Monday are incorrect


7,141 had been counted within one day, the Robert Koch Institute said on Monday morning.

This was the lowest value since October 20.

In addition, 214 new deaths were recorded within 24 hours.

In the situation report on Sunday evening, the RKI made great

hopes for an improvement in the corona in Germany

: "After a sharp increase in the number of cases at the beginning of December, a decrease during the holidays and a renewed increase in the first week of January, the number of cases seem to be stabilizing again."

This hope now threatens to be nullified, because the data are incomplete according to the report!

One is currently checking what the reason for the

few reports





are, said a spokeswoman for the institute in the morning.



reported strikingly low numbers.

Covid-19 situation in Germany

RKI case numbers Monday, January 18, 2021

RKI case numbers Monday.

11th January

New coronavirus infections within 24 hours

7. 141 new corona infections

12,497 new corona infections

Corona deaths

214 more deaths

343 more deaths

active corona cases in Germany

302,300 active corona cases

334,800 active corona cases

Incomplete data?

The data is checked according to the RKI

No data were available for the state of Brandenburg on January 11th.

Corona mutations: Spahn specifically orders virus variants to be searched

Update from January 18, 10:08 a.m

.: The detected

corona mutations continue to

challenge Germany.

Health Minister Jens Spahn announces that

old corona samples from December

will be sequenced.

Especially if there was contact with Great Britain during an infection.

On top of that,

Sars-CoV-2 viruses are

now to be increasingly sequenced and then transmitted to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

In the current situation, the nationwide network of laboratories is not sufficient to determine “where known and unknown virus mutations appear,” stresses Spahn.

Five percent of all corona samples are to be

gene sequenced

in the future

, a new regulation now regulates this.

According to Spahn, the laboratories receive an expense allowance.

"We want to know how strong the virus is and how it is changing," said Spahn in his statement to the press.

In order to get a better picture, there is now this regulation.

The corona mutations that were discovered in Germany come from "travel activities from Great Britain and South Africa," said Spahn.

Update January 18, 9:32

: The

Corona-case numbers

on Monday are according to experience lower than on other weekdays.

But the

Robert Koch Institute

(RKI) has reported the

lowest corona increase


three months

(see also update from January 18, 6:40 a.m.)


On October 20, 2020, the number of corona cases was at this level.

The numbers seem to be going down, that's good

Health Minister Jens Spahn

The numbers seem to be falling, that's good,

” said Health Minister Jens Spahn on Monday in the ARD “morning magazine”.

The measures against the spread of the virus worked.

"But we are still a long way from where we want to and have to go." Further efforts in the fight against the corona pandemic are required.

The health minister confirmed before the next Corona crisis summit of federal and state on Tuesday that


are being discussed.

These are "obviously part of the debate".

This is a synonym for the fact that contacts in the private sector should be reduced as much as possible.

Spahn called on the citizens to support tough measures:

"Now for another two to three weeks everyone together."

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of government of the federal states want to discuss how to proceed in the pandemic on Tuesday (January 19).

An extension of the existing lockdown until February, but also further tightening of the measures are under discussion.

Unknown virus mutation discovered in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavaria)

Update from January 18, 8:50 a.m.:


new mutation of


coronavirus * was

discovered in the




One that was not even known to the experts in the laboratory of the well-known virologist

Christian Drosten

in Berlin's Charité.

"Zero Covid" - Leipzig epidemiologist considers goal "not feasible"

Update from January 18, 8.25 a.m .:


Markus Scholz

, epidemiologist at the University of Leipzig, does not consider the goal of the “

Zero Covid


to reduce

corona infections

to zero

through a complete



be feasible


It is not feasible that there really are no more contacts, said Scholz of the dpa.

Certain basic supplies simply have to be available.

In addition, it still didn't work anywhere to





two weeks

- not even in


, where there were toughest restrictions at the beginning of 2020.

For the corona hotspot





that the target value of 50 for the

7-day incidence

could be reached with the current rules by the

end of February at the earliest


This is the best case - in which the effects of the

virus mutation

from Great Britain have not yet been factored in, the epidemiologist said.

It is not yet possible to say exactly what risk the mutation actually poses.

Corona in Germany: RKI reports surprising new numbers

Update from January 18, 6.40 a.m.:

The German health authorities


7141 new corona infections


the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

within one day - according to the


the lowest value since October 20.

In addition,

214 new corona deaths were


in the past 24 hours


This value has not been so low since December 14th.

However, it should be noted that the number of cases recorded is usually lower on Mondays because, among other things, there is

less testing

on the weekend


  • 7,141 new corona infections


    214 further deaths

    were reported to the RKI within 24 hours.

  • Since the beginning of the corona pandemic,

    2,040,659 people

    in Germany have been shown to have been


    with Sars-CoV-2


  • So far,

    46,633 people

    have died

    with or from a corona infection.

  • The RKI estimates that

    there are currently around

    302,300 active corona cases in Germany


    1,691,700 are classified as "Covid-19 recovered".

"After a sharp increase in the number of cases at the beginning of December, a decrease during the holidays and a renewed increase in the first week of January, the

number of cases

seems to

be stabilizing again,

" said the


in its management report on Sunday evening.


7-day incidence


Germany was


on Monday morning


The highest incidences are currently Thuringia with 274.2 and Saxony with 244.9.

Bremen has the lowest value with 86.6.

Corona in Germany: R value jumps up

Update from January 17, 8:57 p.m.:


R value in Germany

makes a jump up for the third time in a row.

On Sunday it rose again over the important limit of 1. According to the current situation report of the RKI it is


(previous day 0.99).

At least the

7-day R-value





The death toll remains depressing.

317 people

died from Saturday to Sunday after being infected with the coronavirus.



the total

death toll in Germany




The Robert Koch Institute recorded


new infections


Corona in Germany: Another two months lockdown?

Expert explains violent forecast

Update from January 17, 4:48 p.m.:


corona numbers

would have to drop significantly,


should be carried out

intensively and the


accepted and carried out successfully, warns

epidemologist Hajo Zeeb


Otherwise, the


will remain necessary for a long time, explains the

professor from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research




"Since the last part (vaccination, dR) is still going on after the last news, I expect at least

another six to eight weeks

." Only if there is a clearly discernible

trend reversal in the number of infections

can any

relaxation be


at all

, he says, "but always with careful and well-monitored loosening. "

Corona in Germany: RKI publishes current infection numbers - further measure apparently in discussion

Update from January 17, 1:45 p.m.:




13,882 new corona infections

within 24 hours and

445 Covid-19 deaths

on Sunday


So far 2,033,518 people in Germany have been infected with the virus, 46,419 have died as a result.

The average

7-day incidence

, which politicians believe should be reduced to 50 for extensive easing, is 136. Thuringia has the highest value with 274.3, ahead of Saxony (252.6) and Saxony-Anhalt (225 , 7).

Schleswig-Holstein (86.2), Bremen (86.3) and Lower Saxony (91.5) have double-digit values.

Update from January 17, 10:35



FFP2 mask requirement in retail and public transport in Bavaria

was apparently just the beginning.

As the


reports, the

Deutsche Bahn

is also checking

whether a specification for employees and passengers on the trains can be implemented.

Accordingly, the company had already ordered

ten million masks

by April


For customers, the new compulsory clothing could be

offered for sale at service points

, but not on the trains themselves. Incidentally, the train is planning a unit price of 1.59 euros - mind you when purchasing.

It is also being considered to

"shut down"


current timetable


At the top of the cross-off list are

international routes to high-risk areas


Short-time working is also not excluded.

Update from January 16, 9:42 p.m .:

"After a

sharp increase in the number of cases

at the beginning of December, a decline during the holidays and a renewed increase in the first week of January, the number of cases seems to be




" writes the

Robert Koch Institute

(RKI) in his situation report from Saturday evening.

The German health authorities


18,678 new corona infections


the RKI

within one day.

This increased the number of cases that have become known since the beginning of the pandemic to 2,019,636, as the RKI announced on Saturday.

According to the RKI report on Saturday, the


seven-day R-value



(previous day: 0.99).

This means that 100 infected people

theoretically infect 95 more people.

The value represents the infection process 8 to 16 days ago.

If it is below 1 for a long time, the

infection process



Corona virus in Germany: Police in Mannheim are breaking up two birthday parties

Update from January 16, 5:06 p.m.:



, the police broke up a

birthday party


27 guests

last Friday


Witnesses noticed a large number of visitors in the stairwell, after which they informed the officers.

When they arrived, the police met

the organizers and 27 guests

in the

4-room apartment

, including five children.

After the evictions were issued, the visitors left the celebration.

You now have to



violations of the Corona regulation


But the officials in Mannheim were on the move on Friday evening.

Because in the Käfertal district a

second birthday party

with a total of

23 people

had to be dissolved.

The celebrations took place in a two-room apartment in an apartment building.

In this case too, dismissals were issued and

reports filed


Corona in Germany: the number of infected people remains high, but more free intensive care beds again

Update from January 16, 2:43 p.m.:

In the fight against the


, the number of new infections and deaths is still high.

But how many


* infected people

currently need intensive medical treatment?

The hospitals in Germany are still a long way from being over the mountain.


“The direction is right!

“Confirmed the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (



Gernot Marx

in a



For the first time since

December 19,

the numbers are currently

below 5000

intensive care patients.

Opposite the

Funke media group

, Marx brought a possible target mark into play on Friday as a condition for relaxation.

These should only come when the situation has eased significantly.

"The number of

intensive care


Covid-19 sufferers

need for nationwide stable and clear

than 1000 patients


Corona in Germany: Numbers crack one million mark - Lauterbach's observations lead to triage debate

First report from January 16:

Berlin - The communities reported


18,678 new coronavirus infections to


Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

on Saturday


That is about 6,000 fewer cases than last Saturday.

The day before, the number of new infections was even higher at 22,368 cases, and the numbers are falling.

Meanwhile, the number of total

corona cases

in Germany has reached a new mark: In the meantime,

over two million people have officially been



the pandemic began


The recent


illustrate the scale of the


: Since the start in Germany

45,974 people from infection with SARS-CoV-2




A Twitter user illustrates the extent of this number.

He wrote on Friday: Now the number of dead is higher than the number of residents of Oberursel in Hesse.

I hope this example makes the number of those who have died so far a little more tangible! ”The

980 corona



reported to




on Saturday in the

last 24 hours

do not reach the maximum value in the last few days.

(Thursday: 1244)

Now the number of deaths (46,570) is higher than the number of inhabitants of #Oberursel in #Hessen (46,545 inhabitants, as of December 31, 2019).

I hope this example makes the number of those who have died so far more tangible! Https: //

- Saŝa K. (@silberbogen) January 15, 2021


numbers of deaths and infections

often seem too


to really understand the pandemic, emphasized the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

He explained to the dpa that it is often only through a personal life story or a death in one's own environment that “this is really about life and death, about personal fates, about hope and fear, longing and fear”.

Coronavirus in German nursing homes - does “triage” take place outside the intensive care unit?

On Saturday, a clip by

Karl Lauterbach started



on life and death

on Twitter


Thursday's video was shared and debated under the heading of triage.

As a guest at Maybrit Illner, the





“The people who are now

fighting for their lives

in the

intensive care unit

: Sadly, this is rarely someone who comes out of the nursing home.

Most of these people do not even come to the intensive care unit.

They die in the

nursing homes

. ”If all the people from the nursing homes were to come to the intensive care units, according to Lauterbach, the intensive care units would have long been overcrowded.

Even with the best care, people died there.

Instead of fighting for older people, you are fighting for baby boomers with high-risk diseases.




triage in the facilities


While many users support the SPD politician's statement, some also put it into perspective,


his statement with the term “



Many sufferers would already die before they manage to a hospital or to no treatment it: "I think there are also

advance directives

play an important role.

If someone over 80 does not want any life-prolonging measures, it has nothing to do with triage, ”said a Twitter user.

It is clear that the situation remains tense, falling numbers still do not provide relief.

Furthermore, new


for the

corona lockdown

* in Germany is expected.

A simulation also shows that the current measures may not be sufficient.

In order to improve the overview of the infection process,

coronavirus rapid

tests * should also be carried out by dentists and pharmacies in the future.

This emerges from a regulation of the




, which is available to the German Press Agency.

(vs) * and are part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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