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Lockdown in Bavaria before extension - Munich infectiologist fears: "Otherwise the effort would be in vain"


The number of cases in Bavaria seems to be stabilizing, but the corona situation remains tense. Markus Söder calls for decisive resolutions. All news in the ticker.

The number of cases in Bavaria seems to be stabilizing, but the corona situation remains tense.

Markus Söder calls for decisive resolutions.

All news in the ticker.

  • Germany has been in a tough corona lockdown for weeks.

  • Since Monday (January 18), wearing an FFP2 mask has been mandatory in Bavaria.

  • The Association of the Bavarian

    Hairdressing Trade

    is concerned about the consequences of corona (

    see update from January 18, 6:35 p.m.


  • Here we offer you the current case numbers in the Free State in a map *.

Update from January 19, 11:03 a.m.:

This news ticker has now ended.

In the follow-up we address the demand of FDP politician Helmut Markwort

to reopen


hairdressing salons


It refers to the recommendation of doctors.

Update from January 19, 7:32




Munich infectious disease

specialist Clemens Wendtner considers the strict


to be necessary despite the slightly falling number of cases.

"We are not yet where we want it to be," said the

chief infectious agent

at Munich Clinic Schwabing.

It is gratifying that the

number of cases has

already decreased slightly, which can also be observed in the inpatient setting.

"But we come from a very high level," said Wendtner.

Lockdown extension in Bavaria: Munich infectiologist considers strictness to be necessary

Even with a very optimistic estimate, the

seven-day incidence

could be

halved within a maximum of seven to ten days.

The goal must be an incidence of around

25 new infections

within seven days.

Only then could health authorities

understand chains of infection



carry out

their work in full.

"One lesson from the past few months is that you

shouldn't lift


lockdown too early

," said Wendtner.

"You have to stick with it, otherwise all the effort will be in vain."

Corona numbers in Bavaria: 2781 new infections and 232 deaths - late reports included

The number of

Corona infections

in Bavaria within one day to



According to the

figures reported

to the

Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

on Tuesday,

15 districts and

urban districts were

above the incidence value of 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

In addition, 232 new deaths were reported within 24 hours.

The current figures contain

late registrations

, as incomplete data from Bavaria were received by the RKI on Monday.

The seven-day incidence for all of Bavaria was


according to the RKI


Update from January 18, 7.43 p.m.:

The vaccine manufacturer



deliver a

total of 13 percent less


than planned

for the four deliveries to

Bavaria that are due by

February 15


Health Minister

Klaus Holetschek (CSU) announced

on Monday in Munich.

There are therefore delays and postponements in the initial vaccinations.

Second vaccinations have priority and are guaranteed.

According to the company, the short deliveries would be offset again from February 22nd.

Tomorrow the federal and state governments will discuss tightening the corona measures.

Will the lockdown be extended?

Is there a nationwide curfew coming?

We have summarized all information for you.

Bavarian Association concerned about unsightly corona episode: "Massive increase in immoral offers"

Update January 18, 18:35:



leads, according to the Bavarian


to an increase in

undeclared work


"We are currently observing with great concern a massive increase in 'immoral' offers from consumers who ask hairdressers for private appointments for haircuts," said a

letter from


state guild association

to the state government on Monday.

This is a fatal development in view of the

corona pandemic

, because

hygiene concepts

do not play a role in illegal work and chains of infection are incomprehensible.

The hairdressing salons have been closed since mid-December.


home visits

are not allowed, according to the Health Ministry.

According to the Bavarian Infection Protection Act, all services that require physical proximity to the customer are prohibited.

The national guild association is now appealing to the state government that the hairdressing salons may reopen on February 1st.

The 14,000 independent


in the Free State have already proven that, thanks to good hygiene concepts, a visit to the hairdresser is safe in the pandemic, it said.

According to the trade association, there were only six reported



in the 80,000 companies in Germany last year


Before the Corona summit: Söder praises his own measures and hands out violently against colleagues

Update from January 18, 1:48 p.m

.: Markus Söder sees Bavaria as

well positioned

in terms of

corona measures


“We are the country with a nationwide curfew,” he told *, “with a strict radius for day-trippers, daycare centers have closed and all schools are operating at a distance.

As of today, the nationwide strictest FFP2 mask requirement applies. "

With a view to the Corona summit tomorrow,

Tuesday (January 19)

, the agenda of the Bavarian Prime Minister seems to be more likely

to move

all other federal states

to the same



In a radio interview on

Bayern 2

, Söder

also diligently distributes to his counterparts.

Most countries have no curfew, no decent 15-kilometer rule, and daycare centers are open.

As a radiant counterexample, Söder praises the Bavarian

ban on

excursions to

Corona hotspots

and the

FFP2 mask requirement


The further timetable is apparently also clear for Söder.

"We have to extend the lockdown until mid-February," he

tells our editorial team.

Update from January 18, 1.30 p.m.:

A maximum of 15 kilometers of freedom of movement around your own place of residence - what does that actually mean?

A fact and data check makes the new corona rule, which applies from an incidence value of over 200, understandable.

Embarrassing Corona breakdown: citizens in the Augsburg district were banned from excursions because of incorrect numbers

Update from January 18, 11:45 a.m

.: Embarrassing corona posse in

the Augsburg district



trip ban (15-kilometer rule)


250,000 people was

issued there

last week


But already on Friday it became clear: This was based on

incorrect numbers from the RKI.

The lock has now been lifted.

There is still criticism.

Member of the state parliament,

Fabian Mehring (Free Voters)


wrote on Twitter

that the withdrawal was "overdue" and speaks of a "breakdown series" during testing, vaccination and counting in the Augsburg district. *

Corona numbers in Munich give hope - but case numbers are apparently incorrect

Update from January 18, 11.11 a.m.:


new incidence

for the Bavarian capital gave hope -

according to the


, the value for the city of


apparently fell on Monday (January 18) (

see update from January 18, 10:35 a.m.


As has now become known, however, the reported

case numbers are apparently incorrect


The new RKI figures are probably incomplete.

It is currently being checked what the reason for the few reports is.

Strikingly low values ​​were reported







remains to be seen

whether the

numbers will

actually fall and the

lockdown will have an


Coronavirus in Bavaria: New incidence reported for the city of Munich

Update from January 18, 10:35 a.m.:

Starting today there will

be a further tightening of the rules



- FFP2 masks are mandatory in local public transport and in shops (

see update from January 18, 6:37 a.m.



regional restrictions

, it may take the form of the

15-kilometer rule

also all come where the

seven-day incidence

is 200 or greater.

For the

Bavarian capital of


however, this possible tightening currently seems to have moved a little further away.

The incidence has declined and currently stands now for




(as of January 18).

Previously, according to the RKI, the value was 123.6.

You can also see all other live data and figures from all German districts on our Corona map.

Corona in Bavaria: New virus variant discovered - From today FFP2 mask is mandatory

Update from January 18, 8:29 a.m.:

A new variant of the corona virus * was discovered in Bavaria.

One that has not even been known to the experts in the laboratory of the well-known virologist Professor Dr.

Christian Drosten was known in the Berlin Charité.

Update January 18, 6:37

: In order to protect against infection by the


increase is applicable from Monday (January 18) in



FFP2 mask duty


For adults, the previous everyday mask in

local public transport

- including buses, trams, underground and suburban trains as well as regional trains -

will no longer be sufficient




Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer appealed to the Bavarian citizens to adhere to the new regulations.

"The virus is mutating and becoming more aggressive, so it is wise to use all the options we have," said Schreyer.

The citizens are initially given a so-called "

goodwill week"


This means that


for not wearing an

FFP2 mask

in the prescribed locations will not be imposed until January 25th.

How high the penalty will be is not yet known.

If the masks are worn correctly, they are much more protective than simple mouth and nose covers.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder talks about the next tough measures - lockdown was "only half the dose" so far

Update from January 17, 10:24 p.m.: Corona mass outbreak

in a retirement home in


in Upper Bavaria


16 residents there were

infected with the virus,

according to

information from the



Another seven people from the staff have also been infected, as reported

by the Bad Tölz and Wolfratshausen district office


Three of the sick people had to be hospitalized.

A similar incident had already occurred in


on Friday


The number of those infected there rose to a total of 21 on Sunday evening.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder calls for a tough line - and ponders border controls

Update from January 17th, 9:34 pm:

"The basic problem in our

handling of the pandemic

was often that the

countermeasures were taken

too late and then loosened again too early," mused

Markus Söder

in an interview with the



On Tuesday, the federal and state governments will


on possible

tightening of the lockdown



Bavarian Prime Minister

seems to be taking a clear position.

“It was

only half the dose of

what is needed,” says Söder, classifying the

lockdown “light”


Half-hearted decisions are now prohibited.

“The best thing would be a uniform European strategy in

combating corona

,” he also brings up very tough decisions, “if this does not succeed,

border controls

would make sense.

That already helped effectively in the spring.

It doesn't take forever either. "

Corona in Bavaria: are some numbers transmitted too low?

Almost 20 counties above critical incidence

Update from January 17, 7:54 p.m.:

The current report from the Robert Koch Institute describes a slight calming of the

corona situation in Bavaria


"After a sharp increase in the number of cases at the beginning of December, a decline during the holidays and a renewed increase in the first week of January, the

number of cases

seems to

be stabilizing again," the RKI classifies.


17 districts and cities

in Bavaria, however, the

incidence value is

still above the critical level of



This means that the 15-kilometer rule applies there.

In addition, there is an entry ban in many excursion regions with an incidence of over 200.

The highest numbers were found

in the university town of



With an incidence value of 291.5.

More than 200 it is also in the Bayreuth district as well as in Berchtesgaden, Rottal-Inn, Regen, Tirschenreuth, Wunsiedel, Lichtenfels, Kronach, Kulmbach, city of Ansbach, city of Nuremberg, city of Fürth, city and district of Coburg, such as Passau.

According to

Bayerischer Rundfunk

, however, several municipalities have



difficulties in data transmission

in the past few days


Among others, the

district of Munich and the city of Nuremberg


Do some circles generally transmit too low case numbers?

The Ministry of Health does not believe that.


The State Office for Health and Food Safety has no

evidence of a regional

systematic under-recording of case numbers

," a spokesman clarifies.

Corona in the Free State: SPD expert criticizes Söder government - "officials are burned"

Update from January 17, 11:20 a.m.:

Since the beginning of the

corona pandemic

, more than 1,400

police officers in Bavaria have been

infected with the virus.

This was announced by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior at the request of the German Press Agency in Munich.

1264 of the total of 1436

infected police officers

are considered cured.

The number of infected police officers has risen rapidly, especially since November.

The SPD interior expert Stefan Schuster accuses the government of

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) of


unnecessarily endangering

the officials

: "Our police are doing a great job in this pandemic, but they are also being


by the Söder government

", he said.

According to the state government's response to the request, 32 police officers submitted an application for

recognition as an occupational accident

after their corona infection by the end of November

- all applications were


Corona in Bavaria: 7-day incidence far from target value

A total of

374,868 people have been infected with the coronavirus

in Bavaria since the beginning of the pandemic

(as of January 17, 12:00 a.m., source: RKI).

This means that Bavaria is still in second place behind North Rhine-Westphalia.

It is the same with the number of deaths.

This is 8,690 in Bavaria.

The average

7-day incidence in the Free State is 141.7.

Update from January 16, 7.11 p.m.:

Corona measures opponents planned

to protest

at four different events in

Nuremberg *

on Sunday


The city forbade them to do so.

It was to be feared that the conditions and distance rules would not be observed, it said in the statement.

The organizers then wanted to use a trick that has now become popular and


their event - which was to take place in front of the Lorenz Church - as a



But the police and the city have now also canceled this event.

A spokesman for the Middle Franconia police said on Saturday that all events against the

corona restrictions

on Sunday were prohibited.


Nuremberg Mayor Marcus King

(CSU) pointed out via Twitter to the ban, a "spontaneous worship" is not permissible. 


Corona deniers declare their forbidden demonstrations in Nuremberg to be a "service" in front of the Lorenz Church at:

1. Please do not go there & do not support !!

2. We as church (s) in Nuremberg have nothing to do with it!

3. #stayhome #StaySafe

- Evangelical Luth.

Deanery Nuremberg (@evang_nuernberg) January 15, 2021

The churches also separated themselves from the event and the declaration as a


on Twitter


"The initiators of this event probably want to create a replacement for the forbidden demonstration", so the statement of the Protestant and the Catholic Church in a joint communication.

Such an event has nothing to do with the

liturgical celebration

in the churches.

Corona in Bavaria: Outbreak in a retirement home in the Rottal-Inn district

Update from January 16, 3:43 p.m.:


corona outbreak


in a

retirement home in the Rottal-Inn district


28 of the 39 residents and 19 of the 37 employees tested positive for Sars-Cov-2, reports the

Passauer Neue Presse

(PNP) on Saturday.

There was a series test on Wednesday after rapid tests had positive results for some employees.

A few days earlier - on Saturday - 48 people had been vaccinated in the St. Josef home in Kirchdorf am Inn.

According to the PNP, the Rottal-Inn District Office explained: "Due to the period between the first vaccination - and it was only the first vaccination so far - and the outbreak of the infection, it is very likely that the affected person did not have extensive vaccination protection was not to be expected. ”

The retirement home has been quarantined for ten days since Thursday.

How the virus got into the home was initially unclear.


employees of the vaccination team would be tested regularly, said a district office spokesman for the newspaper. 

Update from January 16, 12:22 p.m.:

The corona situation in Bavaria seems to be relaxing a little.

On Saturday, 22 districts and cities were still above the

limit of 200

, a decrease compared to the previous days.

On Friday, 25 districts and cities had passed the 200 mark.

According to the

Robert Koch Institute,


current front runner in Bavaria is

the city of Bayreuth with an incidence of 315.6.

However, there is feedback and complaints from municipalities across Germany that data transmission via the new Demis electronic reporting system is not working properly and that the data are therefore not reliable.

In Bavaria, these have included the

city ​​of Nuremberg and the district of Munich

in recent days


Corona in Bavaria: Health Minister Holetschek orders syringes for vaccination against the virus

Update from January 16, 9.42 a.m.:

Bavaria's Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek has ordered a further 2.1 million syringes for

vaccinations against the

corona virus


A message from the Bavarian Ministry of Health on Saturday shows that this also


the use of additional

vaccination doses


The Free State bought enough syringes and needles before the latest order to vaccinate the entire Bavarian population twice, it is said.

According to the ministry, the additional 2.1 million syringes, each with a capacity of one milliliter, will be used to vaccinate even more people.

"An order process" is also currently in progress for another 1.5 million syringes.

Some of the citizens who were vaccinated on December 27th will


the second required


in the coming days


According to the current state of research, immunization against

Covid-19 should be


one week later


The decision of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the vaccine developed by Biontech / Pfizer was decisive for the latest order for syringes.

After reports on Friday about delivery problems with Pfizer's corona vaccine, the planned second vaccinations for people in Bavaria are not in danger from the Ministry of Health.

On Friday, however, it was unclear how the first vaccinations would continue.

Corona in Bavaria: Greens attack Söder's vaccination plan mercilessly

Update from January 16, 7:11 a.m.:

Criticism of Markus Söder: The Bavarian Greens accuse the Prime Minister of

neglecting the Corona vaccination campaign

in the Free State.

In the summer "there would have been enough time to properly prepare the vaccination start," said Green parliamentary group leader

Ludwig Hartmann of

the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Saturday).

And now the CSU boss has done a “disservice” to the willingness to vaccinate by calling for mandatory vaccination for the nursing staff.

A motivating

information campaign

would be necessary


"Söder does the exact opposite when he publicly



compulsory vaccination for nurses

," criticized Hartmann.

"We're just starting to vaccinate the people in the homes and those over 80."

Family doctors should be involved in order to relieve people of



"These are the people you trust who are important here," said the Green politician.

"When vaccinating, it is not enough for me that Markus Söder says he will get himself vaccinated." Hartmann also criticized the

15-kilometer rule in Corona hotspots


This is incomprehensible, because the aim is to avoid contact, not to restrict movement.

The unreasonable demands must be understandable and balanced, otherwise the overall acceptance of the corona measures would suffer.

Instead of sharpening the private sphere, the world of work should be looked at more closely: most contacts take place on the way to work and at work, "there is still more to be done there," said Hartmann.

Corona in Bavaria: FFP2 mask requirement is still under criticism

Update from January 15, 9:22 p.m.:


FFP2 mask requirement in Bavaria *

, which will apply


Monday (January 18),

is still under criticism.

Finally a professor from Rostock got in touch.

The medical professor Andreas Podbielski had sharply rejected the FFP2 obligation. * "That sounds like actionism to me," said the director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at the University of Rostock on Friday.


his opinion,

FFP2 masks



in the medical professions


These masks are stressful and bring “loads of risks” with them.

It is not for nothing that the Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that you should take a break after wearing it for two hours, he emphasized.

After clear criticism of the FFP2 mask requirement - Holetschek defends himself

The criticism of Bavaria's approach is factually incomprehensible, says

Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU).

According to the ministry, the discussed disadvantages of the

FFP2 masks are

not that relevant.


wearing times


comparatively short


shopping in retail stores,

when using

public transport

and when picking up goods

," it said.

The limitation of wearing time known from the world of work and the increased breathing resistance due to the mask therefore only played a

subordinate role.

Mayor Dieter Reiter attests the Free State of “chaos” in the distribution of vaccines

Update from January 15th, 4:05 pm

: Munich's Lord Mayor

Dieter Reiter

has criticized "chaotic conditions" in the delivery of vaccines.

Contrary to the state's announcement that it would

regularly supply

the local

vaccination centers

with corona vaccine every Tuesday and Friday, the city did not receive the 3500 vaccine doses promised for Friday, the town hall said.

With the vaccine still available, it could just be ensured that the necessary second vaccination of the first vaccinated residents could take place over the weekend.

"We can only vaccinate what


is made available to


," explained Reiter.

"This chaotic situation, where vaccination doses are announced but not delivered, must be stopped immediately."

Corona hammer in Bavaria: SPD wants to tip Radius rule - sharp new cuts are likely to come

Update from January 15, 12:17 p.m

.: The SPD parliamentary group is

taking action

against the

15-kilometer rule in hotspots


Three members of the state parliament, including the

parliamentary group leader Horst Arnold

, are suing the measure.

Arnold and the two MPs Inge Aures and Christian Flisek announced on Friday in Munich

that the regulation would be


with a so-called

norms control application at the Bavarian Administrative


Since Monday, excursions within a radius of no more than 15 kilometers have been allowed if the

seven-day incidence there is

over 200.

Some affected districts have also issued a ban on excursions, so that visitors are no longer allowed to come to the region for tourist purposes.

The reason given for the measures is to contain the coronavirus.

The regulation is highly controversial.

Several applications against the 15-kilometer rule are pending at the Bavarian Administrative Court.

Corona in Bavaria: Landtag SPD takes action against the 15-kilometer rule - "Rule of law concerns"


Landtag SPD has

now reported “massive concerns about the rule of law”.

“The life and health of citizens must be protected by the state.

At the same time, every measure must be measured against the rules of the rule of law, especially if it constitutes a significant

encroachment on fundamental rights

such as the restriction on freedom of movement, ”explained Arnold.

No anti-corona measure is an end in itself.

"It must be suitable for containing the pandemic, and it must be the mildest means compared to other options," emphasized Arnold.

The representative of the MPs, the Regensburg professor Thorsten Kingreen, said about the regulation: “It does not prevent any


, but only aims at how far or where you drive.

But that is irrelevant for the infection process. "

Corona hammer in Bavaria: SPD wants to tip Radius rule - sharp new cuts are likely to come

Update from January 15, 11.43 a.m

.: In hotspots with an incidence of over 200, a stricter


has recently been in place


Residents of these cities or districts are not allowed to go on excursions more than 15 kilometers from their place of residence.

“We don't need new rules every day without yesterday's work,” said the mayor of the Swabian town of Nördlingen, David Wittner, on Friday in the

Augsburger Allgemeine.


SPD long-day parliamentary group

is now taking action against this very rule.

According to information from the

Passauer Neue Presse

, the parliamentary group submitted a regulatory review application against the 15-kilometer rule to the

Bavarian Administrative


More on this shortly.

Compulsory for nurses?

Lucha gives Söder-Vorschlag a rejection

Update from January 15, 11:20 a.m

.: A few days ago, Markus Söder started a debate about the

mandatory vaccination for nurses


He had requested that the ethics council deal with it.

Now the Baden-Württemberg

Minister of Health, Manfred Lucha, has

fought off the Bavarian Prime Minister's initiative.

"I would


Mr. Söder just a two-week retreat in a Bavarian


monastery," said the Green politician in an interview with the "Badische Zeitung" (Friday).

The debate about compulsory vaccination is at the moment a debate of


, said Lucha.

“We have received feedback that around 60 percent of the nursing staff in our country want to be vaccinated, in contrast to other countries where it is only 30 percent.

That is not enough, but it is a basis. "

Corona: There are also bitter new cuts in Bavaria - details leaked - Söder with demand

First report from January 15, 9.45 a.m .:

Munich - Germany has been in a tough lockdown for weeks. * But the Corona * numbers are still high.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI *), 25 cities and districts




are above the important limit of 200 per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

The highest seven-day incidence * reached the city of


on Friday

with 323.6.

This is followed by the districts of Rottal-Inn (310.3), Kulmbach (286.4) and Regen (270.0).

Corona in Bavaria: seven-day incidence over 200-15 KM rule applies

The cities of Passau, Coburg, Rosenheim, Hof, Nuremberg, Schwabach and Fürth also had

a value over 200

according to

RKI information


The districts of Wunsiedel in the Fichtelgebirge, Bayreuth, Lichtenfels, Passau, Roth, Berchtesgadener Land, Kronach, Deggendorf, Tirschenreuth, Coburg, Unterallgäu, Ebersberg, Miesbach and Donau-Ries are also located above the mark.

If the incidence is above 200, stricter measures against the coronavirus will take effect. * Excursions are then only possible within a radius of 15 kilometers *.


can find



of the currently applicable rules in the Free State here.

Video: Corona regional - The update for Bavaria

Corona in Bavaria: fear of virus mutations - is there an even harder lockdown?

The Free State and all of Germany may face an even harder lockdown.

The reason is probably the fear of the corona mutations spreading. * "We need more test sites that can detect the mutation," said Bavaria's Prime Minister 

Markus Söder 

(CSU) to the newspapers of the 

Funke media group. 

According to information from

Business Insider

, the federal and state governments should, at the request of Chancellor Angela Merkel *,



their advice on

extending the lockdown

by one week.

Originally January 25th was planned.

The summit will probably take place on Tuesday.

According to the report, a new

contact rule is

under discussion.

According to this, only meetings with a permanent person outside of one's own household should be allowed in the future for an as yet indefinite period.

So far, you can only meet one person, but you can ultimately meet friends from different households.

The 1-friend rule could thus become the 1-friend rule

, as

Business Insider


Greater protection factor in everyday life: With FFP2 masks you protect others and yourself much better.

It is about the best possible prevention against a mutated virus.


- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) January 13, 2021

Corona lockdown in Germany: Merkel wanted even stricter rules

However, it is unclear how this rule could be implemented.

"That's nonsense,"

the report says from the countries.

As research by the magazine has shown, Merkel * wanted to tighten the rule even before the last summit, although initially no meetings with other households were planned.

However, this failed due to the resistance of the federal states.

There is also an FFP2 mask requirement as it applies in Bavaria from Monday *.

The proposal is capable of consensus, provided that enough masks are available, it is said.

Read here where the FFP2 mask could become mandatory outside of Bavaria *.

Mask bottlenecks could also threaten in some regions.

(came with dpa) * and are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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