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It's official: Melania Trump is America's most unpopular first lady of all time - it's your own fault? 


A CNN poll on the popularity of abdicated first ladies in the USA comes to a sad result for Melania Trump. The Slovenian ex-model even achieved an absolute negative record. 

A CNN poll on the popularity of abdicated first ladies in the USA comes to a sad result for Melania Trump.

The Slovenian ex-model even achieved an absolute negative record. 

Washington - Beautiful people have an easier life.

Whether at school, at work or when looking for a partner.

They receive more attention, enjoy advance praise and are generally more popular than less attractive contemporaries.


gene pool,


Melania Trump

, born Knaus, has emerged in 1970, it has been very generous with her long legs, narrow waist, cat eyes, Walle-wallerand Mane, Cup size 70C and lean 63 kilos distributed to erect 1.80 meters. 

When Melania

increasingly came into the public eye

through her husband

Donald Trump's


for the US presidency, the media and Republicans were ravished by the native Slovenian from a good family, who moved to New York at the age of 26 to start as a model.

Even so, Melania's four-year

role as first lady was

denied many of the scientifically proven benefits for beautiful people. 

Melania Trump: Fashion faux pas cost the First Lady sympathy points

The reason: As President's wife, she stumbled from one faux pas to the next.

Her first official speech as First Lady was classified as plagiarism of a speech given by

Michelle Obama


During a state visit to Africa, she outraged with an outfit that

evoked associations with the colonial era

, especially her white tropical hat, which she was wearing.

When visiting a flooded area in Texas, where thousands of people had lost their belongings, she stumbled

through the devastating scenery


killer high heels


She stepped out of the jet in an army green parka while visiting a reception center for immigrant children on the Mexican border.

On the back a


brushed on with white paint

: “I really don't care!

Do you? ”Intended as gossip for the media that supposedly spread“

fake news

”about them.

But completely out of place in the given context.

Leaked recordings of phone calls that publicized

their “don't feel like

decorating the Christmas tree *” attitude or their

alleged indifference

to the fact that American Vogue * had never asked for a cover shoot - although their bitchy undertone tended to suggest the opposite - let Melania Trump's sympathy levels drop further.

She declined her husband's hand, snapped her smile on when he turned to her and off again as soon as he focused on his audience again.

Like a robot that

switches to

standby mode

as soon as it


that its services are currently not needed.

CNN poll: Melania Trump with disastrous results

The mechanical acting, the slippery eel, her petrified expression, lack of emotion and silence made Melania Trump a person




A doll in designer

clothes that is unsuitable

as a

role model for millennials

and subsequent generations, also because financially she seems far too dependent on her husband.

For her staging as a cool unapproachable person, she received

the receipt

from the television station


- one day before the handover of her husband to Joe Biden


According to a recent poll by the broadcaster, Melania Trump is leaving the White House as the

most unpopular first lady

since Pat Nixon, with whom the poll first started in 1973.


47 percentage points

on the unpopular scale, Melania Trump is well above the average rejection value of American first ladies * at the time of her departure.

This is 21 percentage points.

In other words: Most first ladies were always well received by the masses.


Hillary Clinton


controversial among Americans

, was not as strongly rejected as Mrs. Trump with a ranking of 39 percent.

The result of the CNN poll may be devastating for Melania Trump and her supporters, for everyone else it is further evidence of a wisdom that fashion visionary

Coco Chanel

is said to have formulated as follows: “Beauty is enough to catch the eye.

But you need character to be remembered. ”*

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