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New bad weather for Bavaria: DWD issues a warning for the edge of the Alps


There is a great danger of avalanches in the Bavarian Alps. The Bavaria Avalanche Warning Service points this out. All news in our weather ticker.

There is a great danger of avalanches in the Bavarian Alps.

The Bavaria Avalanche Warning Service points this out.

All news in our weather ticker.

Update from January 21, 9:36 p.m.:

After the heavy


in the past few days - especially on the edge of the Alps - there is now a threat of new bad weather.


German Weather Service

has declared the second warning level for the foothills of the Alps and parts of Upper Franconia.

Sometimes strong

gusts of wind



It stays so windy until Friday noon, then the situation calms down a little.


First the snow came, now the storm follows.

© Screenshot DWD


wind can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour,

especially in the

Föhntal valleys

and in the

northern mountains


Up to 120 kilometers an hour are possible in


high alpine


It can also

rain from time to time

north of the Danube - especially in

Lower Bavaria


The temperatures are around zero degrees.

So there is a threat of



In the


and the

Werdenfelser Alps

, people also have to be careful on the streets.

Many trees were

badly affected

by the


and the subsequent thaw.

The storm can now lead to individual branches breaking off and falling onto the street.

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen district of Griesen * was recently cut off from the outside world for a few days.

Weather in Bavaria: Avalanche service indicates “considerable danger” for the Alps

Update from January 21st, 7:26 am:

In the Bavarian


there is a "considerable risk of avalanches above 1800 meters." As the

Bavarian Avalanche

Warning Service announced, "many, freshly formed

driftwood accumulations

" are the main problem.

To quote further: "

danger spots

are found above 1800m at eingefrachteten steep slopes in all aspects, in gullies and bowls." According to the warning report avalanches "may be great when close to the ground, weak snow layers are disturbed.

This is particularly possible at the transition from little to much snow and when entering gullies and troughs. "

In addition, wet and damp

loose snow avalanches

can resolve themselves on very steep, rocky slopes, in forest aisles or on steep embankments.

“Avalanches reach medium size, especially when the snow slides off the ground.

A daily increase in avalanche activity is to be expected, ”it says.

Update from January 20, 6.40 p.m.:


snow is

followed by






are facing a major change in the weather -

including the

risk of flooding


For an overview see link.

Update, January 20, 6:03 a.m

.: The warning of slipperiness due to freezing moisture still applies.

The German Weather Service warns for all of Bavaria with an official hazard report: Due to freezing wetness, black ice must be expected locally.

The warning is valid until 9 a.m.

Dangerous weather in Bavaria: 50 accidents in Eastern Bavaria on Tuesday evening

Meanwhile, the police reported numerous accidents due to black ice on Tuesday evening.

The conditions in eastern Bavaria around Regensburg were particularly uncomfortable.

50 accidents

were reported between 2 p.m. and 7.30 p.m., said the

Regensburg police headquarters


Twelve people were injured.

The police named slippery roads and excessive speeds as the causes of the accident.

According to the information, several rear-end collisions occurred on the


, where there was

a brief closure

between the

Sulzbach-Rosenberg and Alfeld


- traffic jams up to the diversion route were the result.

A traffic accident

on the


resulted in a one-hour blockage between the






A truck with a trailer came off the road near Berg near Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate.

It had to be recovered from a truck crane.

Munich, January 19, 5:01 p.m.

- The

German Weather Service (DWD) *

warns clearly.

The streets all over Bavaria are currently as smooth as glass.

The fault is a mixture of


, snow * and

ground frost


large parts of Bavaria.

This mix of weather makes for dangerous road conditions.

Dangerous weather mix in Bavaria ensures smooth roads - freezing wet!

According to


we are currently experiencing a phase change on the way east:

Mild air masses

meet colder air near the ground.

At the beginning of the precipitation there is sometimes snowfall before it turns into rain.

In addition, the ground is still frozen.

In large parts of the Free State, the rain falls on frosty roads - and turns to ice there.

The phenomenon is referred to as

“freezing wetness”.

As is well known, the cause of an accident.

So be careful, especially now that the sun is gone and it's freezing again in many places - and it's raining too.

Weather in Bavaria: Snowfall in Northern Bavaria - From Nuremberg to

Further to the east, snow is falling, as can be clearly seen on the weather radar from


It is currently snowing from Nuremberg *, via Regensburg * to Passau *.

As is well known, this also ensures smooth roads.

That's why commuters should be careful on the streets.

The drive home could be a dangerous slide.

Dangerous weather mix in Bavaria: the danger of avalanches continues to increase

In addition, with the milder temperatures and the large amount of fresh snow in Bavaria's mountains, the already high

avalanche danger (level 4 of 5) should

continue to increase.

So everyone who wants to enjoy the sunny weather tomorrow should choose their tour very carefully.

Above the tree line it becomes dangerous almost everywhere.

The main problem is still fresh


, writes the

Bavarian avalanche warning service


This can be triggered as a slab avalanche even by the slight additional load on a single winter sports enthusiast.

In addition, there are the high temperatures below, which make the snow heavier, so that avalanches can easily resolve themselves.

List of rubric lists: © Screenshot DWD

Source: merkur

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