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Short era ended: Biden revised initial Trump decisions - he actually took the atomic case with him


The Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th US President - and is reversing important projects of his predecessor Donald Trump. All information in the news ticker.

The Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th US President - and is reversing important projects of his predecessor Donald Trump.

All information in the news ticker.

  • On Wednesday (January 20),

    Joe Biden

    * took office as US President

    in Washington *


  • In the evening (local time) the new government celebrated together with many stars

    (see update from January 21, 6:50 a.m.).

  • Joe Biden

    wants to

    reverse the

    controversial decisions made by

    Donald Trump as

    quickly as possible

    (see update from January 21, 6:30 a.m.)

    - and he prevented the otherwise usual atomic case procedure

    (update from January 20, 10:58 p.m.).

  • This

    news ticker

    is continuously updated.

Update from January 21st, 9:01 a.m.:

US President

Joe Biden

has already received a lot of congratulations - and the expectations are high.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in

has already expressed his hope of strengthening the alliance between the two countries in the future.

“America is back,” Moon wrote on Twitter.

“We will continue to work with the US to keep the Korean peninsula and the region peaceful and prosperous.” During

Donald Trump's


, relations between the two allies went into a tailspin several times.


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

is now hoping for a rapprochement with Washington.

"We want to improve our relationships and make a relationship of respect and mutual recognition, a relationship with a future," said Maduro on Wednesday, according to AFP in a televised address.

After years of “brutality” under Biden's predecessor Donald Trump, “a new page” had to be turned.

The designated US Secretary of State Antony Blinken described Maduro as a "brutal dictator" and promised opposition leader Juan Guaidó that he would continue to support the US at his Senate nomination hearing.

Despite his alliance with Donald Trump, the

Brazilian head of state Jair Bolsonaro


US President Joe Biden immediately after he took office.

"The relationship between Brazil and the US is long, solid and based on high values ​​such as the defense of democracy and individual freedoms," Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter.

US President Joe Biden: Call for Unity in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Update from January 21, 7:52 a.m.:

In his inaugural address as US President,

Joe Biden


the problems that American society and he are now facing directly.

But he wants to be a president for everyone, Biden emphasized again

(see update from January 20, 6:35 p.m.)


And during the festivities in the evening

(see update from January 21, 6:50 a.m.)

he had another say.

In front of the

Lincoln Memorial

, he repeated his call for unity: "As I said earlier today, we have learned again that

democracy is

precious and because of you, democracy prevailed," he said, according to CNN.


her first address, the

new Vice President

Kamala Harris

emphasized the “American aspiration”: “We are brave, fearless and ambitious.

We are unafraid in our belief that we will overcome, that we will rise up. ”And ex-President

Barack Obama also

took up the idea of ​​unity - the topic that Biden should have throughout his presidency:“ We don't just have to listen to people we agree to, but also to people we disagree with. ”Donald Trump's lies about massive election fraud also left a deeply divided society.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take office: star roster and fireworks

Update January 21, 6.50 pm:

To the office of

Joe Biden

and his Vice-President

Kamala Harris

, the two were able to enjoy an array of stars from the music and film scene.

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen, singer Justin Timberlake, artist Demi Lovato, pop star Katy Perry, multiple Grammy winner John Legend: all of them and many more performed at an event after the official swearing in.

But not as usual, they performed in front of thousands of spectators.

Because of the corona pandemic, the event became a live

TV special

, moderated by Tom Hanks.

Minute-long fireworks spectacle included.

In between, Biden, Harris and together the ex-presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also had their say in short speeches.

Helpers who excelled in the

Corona crisis also


The program was in stark contrast to that of ex-President

Donald Trump

four years ago.

His tedious search for stars at the time brought Trump to the mockery of the music scene.

US President Joe Biden in the Oval Office: As if he had returned home

Update from January 21, 6:30 a.m.:

Joe Biden looked satisfied.

In the evening (local time) after the swearing-in, the new

US President took a

seat behind his desk in the Oval Office.

According to his spokeswoman Jen Psaki, he feels as if he has returned home, reports the dpa.

And there he started work right away.

On the one hand, he led the return of the United States to

climate treaty of Paris

and arranged in the fight against the pandemic Corona a

mask obligation


(see Update January 20, 23:27)


Biden also proved that he

wants to move

away from the strict anti-migration course of his predecessor

Donald Trump



entry ban

for people of several predominantly Muslim countries picked up Biden.

Then he sends a draft law to the US Congress: According to his spokeswoman, it is planned, among other things, that people without a residence permit in the USA should be given the chance of a

residence permit


Even US citizenship in the long run.


US President Joe Biden signs his first executive order in the Oval Office of the White House.

© Evan Vucci / AP / dpa

Joe Biden's first official acts as US President: WHO, climate agreement, wall over Mexico

Biden withdrew the financial basis for

the construction of a

wall on the border with Mexico


This means that a project close to Donald Trump's heart is now history.

The Mexican government immediately welcomed the move.

In addition, Biden stopped the US exit from the

World Health Organization


Biden is relying on cooperation with the authority to contain the pandemic.

With the respected US immunologist Anthony Fauci as head of the delegation, the new government wants to participate in a WHO meeting again on Thursday.

The way the White House deals with the


is expected to change significantly and relax.

Spokeswoman Psaki announced that she would again carry out daily press briefings.

Under Donald Trump it was only very sporadic.

Biden wants to hold the first talks with foreign heads of state and government as US President with close allies.

He wanted to



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

on Friday


US President Joe Biden: When he wants to fire his employees - very different from Donald Trump

Update from January 20th, 12:40 am:

"Hello Team", with these words US President

Joe Biden

addresses his staff.

Biden swears in his employees in an online ceremony.

He expects two things from them: "honesty and decency".

They will "work like the devil," says Biden in his address.

In it he makes it clear that he will break with the toxic atmosphere of the previous government.

"If you ever work with me and I overhear you treating another colleague with disrespect or disrespecting someone, I'll fire you immediately."

For Chinese Prime Minister

Xi Jinping

, he should one day summarize the United States in one word, said Biden.

He chose the word



“They are my options,” he adds to his new employees.

"We have a lot to do."

Donald Trump left a letter to Joe Biden - details not yet known

Update from January 20, 11.43 p.m.: Avoided the

inauguration, took the atomic case with you - but at least a written adieu?

Ex-US President

Donald Trump

is said to have left the new incumbent a

"very generous letter"

in the White House.

The US broadcaster


claims to have found out and quotes

Joe Biden

with precisely this formulation.

What Trump had to say about his departure cannot be found out, however.

Biden said he would not reveal the contents of the letter because it was private, the report said.

Biden wants to return to the Paris climate agreement - mask compulsory for government buildings and aircraft

Update from January 20, 11:27 p.m

.: US President

Joe Biden

has initiated the return of the US to the

Paris climate agreement


He signed a corresponding document to the

United Nations

in the White House on Wednesday to


the controversial exit of his predecessor

Donald Trump


In addition, for the next 100 days in the USA, due to



mask requirement applies

in all places within the federal jurisdiction.

Biden also put his signature on a corresponding order.

After inauguration: Biden now also has codes for US nuclear arsenal

Update from January 20, 10:58 p.m

.: In the US, the President, as Commander in Chief of the armed forces, has

sole control

over the

nuclear arsenal


This is

Joe Biden



So on Wednesday he got a suitcase with the corresponding codes.

This time, however, the

handover of the

"atomic case"

did not take place discreetly behind the scenes, as usual.

Donald Trump

finally refused to attend the Biden inauguration.

In the morning Trump left Washington as President-in-Office - with an atomic case, as the



The codes became


with the oath of office Biden at 12 noon local time


Biden received another suitcase with new codes.

A novelty.

As a rule, three atomic cases are available: one with the president, one with the vice-president, who has to take over in the event of the president's death or illness, and a third as a replacement.

By convoy and parade: New US President Biden arrives at the White House

Update from January 20, 10:35 p.m

.: The

White House

has new residents: US President

Joe Biden

and First Lady

Jill Biden

arrived in the afternoon (local time) with their escort at their future residence and official residence.

Biden's convoy was


by an



on the last stretch


The column drove at walking pace.

In front of the vehicles,


and participants


in historical uniforms.

They were followed by

police motorcycles

with sidecars.

The 78-year-old US President's limousine was



Secret Service




Arrived at the White House: US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden

© Alex Brandon / AP Pool / dpa

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder is clearly critical of Donald Trump when he leaves

Update from January 20th, 9:18 pm

: "The transatlantic bridge is being rebuilt, we have to push aside the rubble caused by Trump." This is the Twitter comment by



Markus Söder

on the inauguration of

Joe Biden


And after a cabinet meeting in Munich today, he said, according to dpa

, that


departure from office was

“somehow a big sigh of relief”


Trump's call to storm the Capitol, as it were, hurt his soul, Söder said.

The Americans are the model and motherland of democracy.

Breathe a sigh of


from other German politicians as well:

"My relief is great,"

said Federal President

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

in a video message.

Bundestag President

Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU *) also



The fact that Trump was a

danger to democracy

has not been denied since the attack on the Capitol, he told the



Federal Foreign Minister

Heiko Maas (SPD *)

said on the subject of the


: "

Of course, I am also glad that he is gone."

Update from January 20, 8:51 p.m

.: He was long one of the most powerful allies of ex-President

Donald Trump

, but after the storm on the Capitol * he is said to have broken with the ex-president: the Republican

Mitch McConnell


McConnell presented the new US President

Joe Biden

with a framed US flag in the Capitol and said: “The Star Spangled Banner is the greatest symbol of the endurance of the American idea.

It blows over this building on days of triumph and on tragic days,

over all factions and all parties


After inauguration: Biden and Harris inspect troops

Update from January 20,

8:31 p.m

.: After their official inauguration, US President

Joe Biden

and his Vizin

Kamala Harris

traditionally inspected the readiness of soldiers.

Several units marched past Biden and Harris on the east side of the Capitol on Wednesday.

Biden saluted the military.

After that, the two were supposed to lay a wreath at the grave of the unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.


President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden salute the Capitol in historic uniforms during a military parade.


Scott Applewhite / AP / dpa

Update from January 20, 8:11 p.m

.: Joe Biden has only been sworn in as US President for a good two hours, and the


already has its first


- because

Bernie Sanders

was as unconventional at the ceremony as he is known to be.

Trump successor sworn in: Johnson congratulates Biden and Harris on inauguration

Update from January 20, 7:26 pm

: "America's leadership is fundamental in issues that affect us all, from climate change to Covid, and I look forward to working with President Biden": With these words, British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson


on Twitter

Joe Biden

and Vice President

Kamala Harris

on the inauguration.

The relationship between the


prime minister and the new US president is considered to be



Johnson had made no friends with the US Democrats when, during the election campaign before the


Brexit referendum, he

insinuated in a newspaper article that


Barack Obama had

a grudge against the former colonial power Great Britain because of his Kenyan roots.

Biden later referred to Johnson as a

"physical and emotional clone" of

his predecessor

Donald Trump


After Biden's inauguration: Putin government campaigns for extension of nuclear disarmament treaty

Update from January 20, 7:18 p.m

.: The message came immediately after he was sworn in: Russia under President

Vladimir Putin

has asked the new US President

Joe Biden

to take a “more constructive” approach in the talks about the extension of the

“New Start” disarmament treaty


Moscow is ready to do so on the basis of the "principle of equality and consideration of mutual interests," said the Foreign Ministry.

Washington and Moscow are currently negotiating an extension of the New Start Agreement, the last nuclear disarmament agreement between the two countries.

As things stand, it expires on February 5th, so far there has been no agreement on a continuation.

Update from January 20, 6:35 p.m

.: The new US President

Joe Biden called

the country to


in his inaugural address


"This is Democracy Day, a day of history and hope," he said in front of the US Capitol.

In view of the deep divisions in the country, the Democrat promised he would be a

"President for all Americans"


Two weeks after the Capitol was stormed by radical supporters of his predecessor

Donald Trump

, Biden also announced a determined fight against racism and

“domestic terrorism”


In addition, after a minute's silence

(see today's update from 6:10 p.m.)


he warned

that the USA would now enter the "

deadliest" phase of

the pandemic ..

He also promised to


relations with the US allies during his tenure


Under his leadership, America will once again work to meet global challenges together with its partners.

"We will fix our covenants and work with the world," said Biden.

The US has suffered a severe test in the recent past.

“And we emerged stronger from it,” he



US President Joe Biden speaks at the US Capitol in Washington during his inauguration.

© Patrick Semansky / AP Pool / dpa

Joe Biden sworn in: "I will be a president for all Americans"

Update from January 20, 6:14 pm

: "I will be a president for all Americans," promises Joe Biden.

"Not every disagreement has to be a reason for

total war

." Then he continues: "I want to conclude how I started, I promise: I will always be there for you, I will defend the constitution, I will give everything, what I can. ”After about 25 minutes, the new US president ends his inaugural address at the US Capitol.

Update from January 20, 6:10 p.m

.: US President Joe Biden now demands a

minute's silence

for everyone who

lost their lives

in the

corona pandemic

, as well as for their relatives.

After Stum on Capitol: Biden with a swipe at Trump - "have to reject this culture"

Update from January 20, 6:06 p.m

.: Joe Biden emphasizes that he wants to be a president for all Americans.

"To heal the soul of America, we need more than just words." The most important thing in a democracy is unity.

Once again he comes back to the

storm on the Capitol

, for which his predecessor

Donald Trump is

blamed: "We have to reject this culture."

Update from January 20, 6:03 p.m

.: Great cheers and applause from those present when Joe Biden points out that his Vizin

Kamala Harris is

the first black woman in this office.

“Don't tell me it's impossible to change things!” He shouts.


President-Elect Joe Biden and future First Lady Jill Biden arrive for the inauguration ceremony at the US Capitol.


US President Joe Biden: "Democracy is vulnerable and worth protecting"

Update from January 20, 5:59 p.m

.: In his Capitol address, US President Joe Biden addresses the determining topics of the past year in the USA: The

corona crisis

, which claimed deaths, jobs and livelihoods, as well as with reference to the unrest the killing of

George Floyd

, the


that has to be overcome "after centuries".

Update from January 20, 5:56 p.m

.: In his

inaugural address

as US President,

Joe Biden

first referred to the

storm on the Capitol

: “America was once again put to the test and has passed this test.

We learned here today and recently that democracy is vulnerable and worth protecting - and it has triumphed, ”he affirmed.

Update from January 20th, 5:50 pm

: "I, Joe Biden, solemnly swear that I will faithfully carry out the office of President of the United States and that I will uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of my ability - so help me God “: The US has a new government!

With these words


Joe Biden

took his oath as the

46th US President at

11.49 a.m. local time


Inauguration at the US Capitol: Kamala Harris takes oath as US Vice President

Update from January 20, 5.43 p.m

.: It is a historic moment:

Kamala Harris

has taken her oath of office.

The 56-year-old Democrat is the first woman and first black woman to be the

US Vice President.

The immigrant daughter with Jamaican-Indian roots embodies the “American dream” on a political level.

Then US singer

Jennifer Lopez will

perform “This Land is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful” at the ceremony.

Update from January 20, 5:39 p.m

.: The next

item on the

program of the ceremony:

Lady Gaga

with the US national anthem.

The pop artist performs

“Star Spangled Banner”

dressed in black and her light mane braided into a wreath of hair.

Biden Inauguration: "Give our future President the wisdom to open his heart"

Update from January 20, 5:33 p.m

.: At the inauguration of Joe Biden,

Father Leo J. O'Donovan takes

the microphone on the west terrace of the US Capitol.

"We come together today to perfect a covenant that includes all," he begins, emphasizing the

diversity of


“Today we confess the mistakes of our past, and strive for justice and equality for all people, and want to reach out to the weakest among us.

In the direction of Biden he says: "Give our future president the wisdom to open his heart."

Update from January 20, 5:25 p.m

.: In a few minutes,

Joe Biden will give

his inaugural address as the

46th US President


At this point we continuously report from the livestream of the ceremony at the

US Capitol

in Washington.

Update from January 20, 4:55 p.m

.: Former US President

Barack Obama

and his wife, former First Lady

Michelle Obama

, have now also arrived at the US Capitol - as the live images show, the (few) guests cheer them when they step onto the west terrace of the building.  


Ex-US President Barack Obama arrive for the inauguration of Joe Biden in the US Capitol.

© Melina Mara / POOL / AFP

Update from January 20, 4:30 p.m.:


Joe Biden

and his wife Jill, future Vice-President Kamala Harris and her husband have arrived at the US Capitol.

The four of them were just walking up the stairs on the east side of the Capitol.


inauguration ceremony

is scheduled to

officially begin at

around 5.45 p.m. CET


At the moment, guests are gradually arriving, a military band accompanies the event with music.

Update from January 20, 3:45 p.m.: Donald Trump

will not be there at the inauguration of Joe Biden.

So far, US media have rumored that

Trump will

not leave a letter to his successor.

And that's actually a tradition in the

White House


But as NBC now


citing a




Joe Biden

is said to have

left a letter in the White House.

What exactly is in the letter is not known.

It will be a long day for Biden: On his first day in office, he wants to reverse Donald Trump's first political decisions.

Joe Biden before his inauguration - change of course is imminent

Update from January 20, 1:30 p.m.:

It is a difficult time when Joe Biden will take up the office of

US President


As the 46th President of the United States, the 78-year-old will take over

the leadership of the deeply divided




which is especially marked by the

corona pandemic


With numerous

decrees and orders



wants to 

initiate a radical departure from Trump's politics

 immediately after his



The EU has high hopes for the change of course and offered Biden a “new founding pact” for joint cooperation.


 will take his oath of office on the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday at around 12 p.m. (local time; 6 p.m. CET).

The swearing-in takes place two weeks after the storming of the Congress seat by radical Trump supporters under draconian security precautions.

In his inaugural address, the former vice president wants to call for reconciliation between the divided nation.

Before Biden, his

deputy Kamala Harris takes

her oath of office.

Biden takes over the most powerful office in the world in unprecedented times of crisis.


United States

are more than 400,000 dead, the hardest of the

Corona pandemic

struck country in the world and are in a devastating economic crisis.

The storming of the Capitol shocked the nation two weeks ago and also overshadowed Biden's inauguration.

For fear of new violence, the

Capitol was

cordoned off and 25,000


Guards took up positions in the capital Washington.

Authorities also cordoned off the green belt between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, where hundreds of thousands of people gather when presidents are inaugurated.

Biden with tears speech before being sworn in - exclusion from the National Guard suggests terrifying suspicions

Update from January 20, 10.30 a.m.:


Donald Trump was

enthusiastic about his own successes

in his

farewell speech

, the future

US President Joe Biden

fought back


in his

farewell speech


During the

performance in Delaware


Biden recalled

that this was where his parents made their living and his children grew up.

"When I die," Delaware "will be written on my heart," said the 78-year-old at a

National Guard


in New Castle




wanted to take the train to


- that's how he commuted daily as a senator for decades to be with his children in the evenings.

But because of security concerns after the

attack by Trump supporters

on the


, he took the


instead on Tuesday



base in New Castle

is named after

Biden's son Beau

, who died of complications from cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.

“I only regret one thing: that he's not here.

Because we should introduce him as president, "said Biden of his son, while tears rolled from the corner of his eye.

Biden will be sworn in as the 46th US President on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, concerns about rioting at the inauguration of Joe Biden seem to be growing.

As a spokesman for the




said on Tuesday, twelve members of the US National Guard have now been


from the protection of the


after a review by the authorities


Two of them were removed because of "inappropriate comments or short messages".

According to information from the


TV station

, they had links to right-wing militias or published extremist views on the Internet.

No information was officially given on specific reasons for the withdrawal.

The remaining ten were said to have been


during a review by the

Federal Police FBI


Inauguration of Joe Biden: is there cause for concern?

Now even the security staff is being checked

Update from January 19, 8:43 p.m.:

Only one

Is there a precaution or cause for concern?


US National Guard

has a report says

two soldiers

of the guard of the

Inauguration Joe Biden

ruled on Wednesday.

The broadcaster CNN gave no reasons for the move.

Following the

storming of the Capitol

by fanatical

Trump fans

on January 6, security personnel for the inauguration are checked for possible links to extremist groups.

CNN relied on a

Defense Department official


It remained unclear whether the measure was linked to extremist groups.

The National Guard * told the broadcaster that, for security reasons, no details or results of the checks will be published.

Inauguration of Joe Biden: Kamala Harris plans to appoint new senators immediately

Update from January 19, 7:24 p.m.:

Shortly after

Joe Biden was

sworn in

, the



also take control of the

US Senate

on Wednesday


Vice President

Kamala Harris

apparently wanted to swear in three new senators a few hours after her inauguration.

The television stations CBS, CNN and Fox News reported on Tuesday.

After that, the


, like the Republicans, would have 50 seats in the



However, as Vice President Harris can break a stalemate with her vote in favor of the Democrats.

Two of the Democrats' new Senators are Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, who beat Republican incumbents in the Georgia state run-off earlier this month.

The third is Alex Padilla, who was appointed by California Governor Gavin Newsom and

is expected to take over


current Senate seat


Inauguration of Joe Biden: Is the situation in Washington escalating?

"The Capitol was just the beginning"

First report from January 19th:

Washington -

Joe Biden will


sworn in

as the 46th President of the

United States

on Wednesday


Then four years of

Donald Trump will

officially be history, but that does not mean that everything will be different immediately.

Inauguration in the USA: "America United"?

- the country seems deeply divided



takes over a real heap of pieces at the beginning of his tenure.


United States

looks more divided than ever.

The third largest country in the world seems far removed from the motto of the swearing-in, “America United” (United America).

The last weeks and months have been

extremely turbulent

in the



After a sometimes dirty election campaign, the situation threatened to escalate after the election results were announced in early November.


did not want to accept the election result * and spoke in December of the “most corrupt election in US history.” With the resistant claim to be the actual winner, the Republican split his own party.

The "Grand Old Party" * seems to be torn apart - in Trump supporters and opponents.

Inauguration in the USA: An inauguration under special conditions



seemed to be really enjoying the last few weeks of his tenure,

Biden was



for his swearing-in.

However, the transition was not really smooth.

Again and again, the Trump side put obstacles in his way *.




really long for



*, as the inauguration is also called.

It has long been clear that the process, which is otherwise celebrated as the feast of democracy, will take place differently than usual - and not just because of the corona virus *, which is still rampant in the USA.

Because of




has to do

without celebrations and public appearances anyway.

During the election campaign, however, the 78-year-old already demonstrated that politics can also work without personal contact.

Rather, the troubled political situation in the

USA in

general and in


in particular is



The attack on the Capitol * left deep scars.

Even a second impeachment procedure for Donald Trump * is possible.

Inauguration in the USA: fear of riots - "the Capitol was just the beginning"

The capital is like a high-security wing these days.

The immediate vicinity of the


* is completely cordoned off, roads blocked.

Around 25,000 soldiers secure the area.

The fear of renewed riots is great after the storm on the congress building.



was just the beginning,” headlined the

New York Times

last week.

An opinion piece went on to say, “After the conspiracy mob wreaked such carnage in the real world, we would be foolish to assume that their appetites are satisfied.

Rather, it was first suggested. "

The local authorities have been on alert for days.

Especially after a few days before the inauguration an armed man tried to illegally gain entry to the congress.

The suspect had a pistol and 

500 rounds of ammunition

 with him, the police report said.


Scenes that will be remembered not only in the United States: Around two weeks before Biden took office, the Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters.

© Manuel Balce Ceneta / dpa

Inauguration in the USA: No tea with Trump - this is Biden's inauguration

So the situation is extremely tense - and the start into Biden's term of office is correspondingly bumpy.

Nonetheless, the




for constancy in these turbulent days.

For example, the elected president wants to stick to the tradition of


his hand

on a Bible in

front of the



Biden's oath of office is scheduled for 12 noon local time (6 p.m. CET) before his “Inaugural Address”, the first speech as President, is on the program.

It can be eagerly awaited which words


* will then choose.

What does he say about the political future of the

United States


How does he rate

Donald Trump's

last few years


Speaking of


: Incidentally, the 74-year-old will not take part in the swearing-in of his adversary, although it is customary for the new president to start the day of


with a service and a cup of tea with the old president and the first lady.

But this time a lot is different.

In this ticker we inform you about all important developments of Biden's swearing-in.

(as) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

List of rubric lists: © Evan Vucci / AP / dpa

Source: merkur

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