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Corona vaccination: when is my turn? With this calculator you can find out your vaccination date


When will I finally get a vaccination appointment? The Corona vaccination appointment calculator is supposed to answer this question and after a few steps it shows when you are likely to receive an appointment.

When will I finally get a vaccination appointment?

The Corona vaccination appointment calculator is supposed to answer this question and after a few steps it shows when you are likely to receive an appointment.

  • Vaccinations

    against the

    coronavirus have been



    since the end of December


  • In some federal states, the

    vaccination appointments

    available up to now are

    already booked out.

    To date, too few

    vaccine doses are


  • A

    corona vaccination

    calculator now calculates a possible vaccination date for anyone who would like to be vaccinated.

Since the end of December,


against the


virus have

also been in place in Germany *


While some do not

want to be


under any circumstances

, the others are already looking forward to an early vaccination appointment *.

Because the hope that the pandemic will slowly come to an end * and that we will finally get our normal everyday life back is great.

However, in many vaccination centers that are already


for months booked.

As *

already reported, Federal Health


Spahn has assured * that everyone who

wants to



will also receive a


this year


But when exactly?


Corona vaccination calculator

offers an initial answer


How does the Corona vaccination appointment calculator work?

In itself, the

corona vaccination appointment calculator works

very easily.

To do this, the website must first be called up.

Then there are some fields that have to be filled out.

With the answers, the

Corona vaccination appointment calculator


which priority level of the vaccination plan in Germany * a person falls into and therefore also when he

or she will receive


appointment based

on the current availability of vaccination doses *


However, no personal information is required, the evaluation is anonymous.

According to the federal government, there are four groups in the current vaccination plan:

Group with "highest priority": 

all over 80 year olds, residents and staff of nursing homes, employees of outpatient care services, staff in intensive care units, in emergency rooms and in the ambulance service belong to this first group who can receive the corona vaccination first if they want.

“High priority” group:

 People over 70 years of age, people with trisomy 21, people with dementia, transplant patients, residents of homeless or asylum seekers accommodation and close contact persons for care-dependent and pregnant women as well as riot police. 


third group

 includes people over the age of 60, people with certain chronic diseases, employees of the police, fire brigade, people in particularly relevant positions in government institutions as well as educators, teachers and employees in retail.


fourth group

 includes everyone else who would like to be vaccinated.

First of all, the

age is

indicated and whether there are precarious working and / or living conditions.

Then information about the

profession is given


Among other things, it is asked whether the job is carried out in a

medical institution

, whether there is professional contact with

risk patients

or in general with many people, such as a teacher, or whether one works in a

state institution


The next question asked is whether you are a resident of a

care facility

or communal



whether you work


Further aspects are whether there is contact with risk patients and pregnant women and whether

there are

previous illnesses


Corona vaccination date calculator: Results according to the federal government's current vaccination plan

Finally, the current vaccination plan * can be set, according to the

vaccination rate

, the period in which the vaccination takes place and what percentage of the German population

want to be


at all


According to the

developer Bogna Szyk,

this information

does not have to be set by herself, as she told

: “This default setting is the latest forecast by the federal government.

The vaccination

date calculator is updated

every working day with the number of

vaccinations carried out so far

according to the

Robert Koch Institute


The vaccination readiness * and the

vaccination rate

will be


according to the official information from the

federal government

. "

Why is the vaccination plan variably adjustable?


graduate engineer Bogna Szyk

says: “Although we created our tool on the basis of official information, we want the user to be able to run through various scenarios.

What could happen if the government secures more vaccines * and doubles that rate?

What if we continued with the same

vaccination rate

as in early January? "

The Corona vaccination date calculator: When will I be vaccinated?

Those who only indicate a young age automatically slip into the

last priority level


The period that comes out of this is very broad - the author's personal result shows: “Based on your personal profile, there are from 19,476,125 to 38,334,545 people across Germany in the


for a

COVID vaccination


With a vaccination rate of 670,000 per week and a

vaccination readiness

of 54 percent, you can expect

to receive

your first

vaccination dose 

from 07/08/2021 to 20/02/2022.

The z

-wide vaccination dose 

and it should be from 28/08/2021 to 13/03/2022. "

"As of today, we have 840,000 people vaccinated in Germany," said @jensspahn.

Almost 40% of #vaccination doses were given to nursing home residents.

Further figures and developments can now be found at:

- BMG (@BMG_Bund) January 14, 2021

Why is this period so long?



says: “Based on the

group size estimated

by the

Robert Koch Institute

, we know how many people are in the

queue in

front of you.

Dividing this number by the

vaccination rate

gives the

estimated waiting time


Of course, each of the

four priority groups is

quite large.

We cannot know exactly what place you will get in this group as everyone in a group has the same priority.

Hence the long period.

Of course we all hope that

Federal Minister of Health Spahn is

right and that the number of available


and thus the

vaccination rate will increase

in the course of this year.

As soon as this happens, we will adjust our numbers. "

In general, the

developer of


corona vaccination


would like

to point out that the

calculation is

only an estimate.

“It is impossible

to guarantee

the exact


because the situation changes daily.

But we try to ensure that the tool is always


and the information is as accurate as possible. "

Who is behind the Corona vaccination date calculator?


Corona vaccination calculator

was developed by the

graduate engineer Bogna Szyk

, a graduate of the Technical University of Vienna, and her colleague Philip Maus from the University of Pisa.



calculator was


in cooperation with the start-up

Omni Calculator


Omni Calculator was founded in Berlin as part of the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator Program.

The start-up is supervised by 30 international scientists.


corona vaccination date calculator

is not an offer by the federal government.


is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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