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Coronavirus disease. Latest | 61 more confirmed cases Yuan Guoyong will inspect at Kingway Plaza, Parkes Street


The epidemic continues to repeat, with 61 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today, of which 55 are local cases, and about 50 are initially confirmed. In addition, a total of 8 new buildings must be included in the mandatory testing scope today, 4 of which are

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Written by: Zhu Haiqi, Zheng Cuibi, Kong Fanxu, Zhong Yan, Zhang Jiamin, McCain, Ouyang Dehao

2021-01-22 07:00

Last update date: 2021-01-22 17:06

The epidemic continues to repeat, with 61 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today, of which 55 are local cases, and about 50 are initially confirmed.

In addition, a total of eight additional buildings must be included in the scope of mandatory testing today, of which four are located in designated testing areas in Jordan and Sham Shui Po, and the other four are scattered in Tseung Kwan O, Yuen Long and Chai Wan.

The two committees under the Centre for Health Protection also recommended that BNT162b2 supplied by Fosun/BioNTech and AZD1222 supplied by AstraZeneca should be gathered in Hong Kong, and that residents and employees living in institutions should be vaccinated first.

As for the CoronaVac vaccine provided by Kexing to Hong Kong, discussions will be held after the other party submits a report.




[16:56] Professor Yuan Guoyong, one of the government's expert consultants, will visit Kingway Plaza at 98 Parkes Street. The authorities are worried about the risk of vertical transmission in the building.

At present, there are 5 units in the building with 10 people infected, and 4 units of them all involve the same direction and are C units.

[16:37] 61 cases have been confirmed today. Local cases account for 55 cases. Among them, there are 26 cases without source. Of these, 13 cases live in Yau Tsim Mong District and 5 cases come from the designated testing area in Jordan and Yau Ma Tei.

In addition, the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that within the designated testing area of ​​Yau Tsim Mong, two more buildings will be included in the mandatory testing building, including No. 35 Battery Street and No. 65-70 Battery Street.

In addition, within the designated inspection area of ​​Sham Shui Po, two additional buildings are subject to forced inspection, namely, No. 260 Da Nan Street and No. 95 Guilin Street.

In addition to the designated inspection area, today there are 4 buildings located in different districts that must be included in the scope of the mandatory inspection. They are Block 3, Grandiose Bay, Tseung Kwan O, Block 3, Verbena Gardens, Tseung Kwan O; Hei Lee Building, Yuen Long, and Yuet Chui Court.

[16:06] Sham Shui Po was previously designated as the second "Designated Mandatory Testing Area" in Hong Kong, and the crowded Apliu Street and Golden Computer Shopping Centre were also included.

The reporter went to the above two places to observe today (22nd) and found that the flow of people was obviously less than usual. Some merchants indicated that the flow of people in the area was reduced by nearly half the next day after the area was designated as the area for forced inspection. According to news, Yau Tsim Wan will soon Some merchants expressed their worries about the "lock zone", describing that once Sham Shui Po had to lock the zone, they would be unable to do business at all.

Apliu Street and Golden Computer Shopping Mall have suffered a sharp drop in traffic, and they have been assigned to Sham Shui Po mandatory inspection area.

[15:15] The Director of the Food and Sanitation Bureau Chen Zhaoshi revealed on the radio program that the crew members originally scheduled to be exempt from quarantine will need to undergo quarantine at designated hotels for 14 days after arriving in Hong Kong.

Sun Deyan, vice chairman of the internal affairs of the Cathay Pacific Air Service Staff Union, criticized that the relevant arrangements were inhumane and ill-humanized. For example, every flight completed would be quarantined for 14 days. "Always return to the housing enterprise or see the housing enterprise personnel." Cathay Pacific said. We are now seeking more implementation details from the relevant authorities, including the effective date, so that we can make early plans and minimize the impact of the new measures.

The government plans to tighten arrangements for crew members to be quarantined after they arrive in Hong Kong. Labor union: arrangements are inhumane

[15:08] According to the news, more than 50 confirmed cases were added today

[13:07] It is reported that all employees working at the airport will be subject to mandatory testing from next month.

[12:45] The epidemic situation in Hong Kong continues to repeat itself.

According to the news, the government will seal off the designated inspection area in Yau Ma Tei within days and implement the "foot ban" that has been rumored.

Some district councillors are concerned that even the number of residents in the "Three No Buildings" cannot be grasped and is difficult to monitor, and it is estimated that the residents who are willing to avoid quarantine will gradually move out of the "return work, do not return", and are concerned about some of the designated inspection areas in Yau Ma Tei Residential building environmental samples are positive and should be evacuated instead of being included in the "foot ban".

It is reported that the designated area of ​​Yau Ma Tei has been enclosed within a day and the district councillors are concerned about the difficulty of monitoring the "three no buildings"

[12:43] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has lasted for one year, and the Kexing vaccine developed in the Mainland has not yet provided sufficient data for the approval of the government vaccine advisory expert committee.

The Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, said in an interview with Hong Kong and Taiwan that the government has not given up on the procurement of Kexing vaccines and revealed that it is discussing procurement matters with the fourth vaccine supplier, but indicated that it will not be a vaccine developed by Sinopharm.

As for the medical staff who went on strike last year and asked the government to close the customs, Chen Zhaoshi pointed out that the government closed the border and decided not to make concessions to the strike. He described the government's policy as "slow talk for everyone to know."

Chen Zhaoshi denied concession to the medical care strike to negotiate the purchase of the fourth vaccine non-Chinese medicine research and development

[11:45] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has lasted for a year. The Director of the Food and Health Bureau, Chen Zhaoshi, revealed in an interview with Radio Hong Kong that crew members currently exempt from quarantine will need to be quarantined at designated hotels for 14 days after arriving in Hong Kong.

During the interview, she did not disclose when the relevant arrangements will be tightened, only saying that she was embarrassed to the crew.

Chen Zhaoshi admitted that the crew will have to be quarantined for 14 days due to the presence of multiple variant viruses

[11:40] It is understood that the government will seal off the designated inspection area in Yau Ma Tei within the day, that is to say, implement the long-rumored ban on foot.

Each building will be guarded by government personnel to check and ensure that those who leave the building have a negative certificate. Disciplinary forces will also be sent upstairs to shoot door by door to ensure that the residents in the unit have been tested in accordance with government requirements.

▼Protection rate side effects of Kexing, BioNTECH Fosun, AstraZeneca ▼




Evacuation of Chang'an Building Nursing Home:




▼1.21 Residents in designated areas of Sham Shui Po go to the testing station for virus testing▼ 




[01:30] According to the latest whereabouts of the confirmed cases announced by the Health Protection Center, 12 restaurants have been added to the list.

In Yau Tsim Mong District where there have been many confirmed cases recently, 5 restaurants are on the list, and 5 restaurants in the New Territories, and there is no new restaurant on Hong Kong Island.

Among them, the Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant in Yau Ma Tei has been visited by two confirmed cases within a week, both of which are no source cases, and they also developed symptoms on January 17.

An employee of Tanggong Gathering in Phase 3 of New Town Plaza in Shatin was diagnosed. The store announced on Facebook that it will be temporarily closed until further notice. A disinfection company will also be arranged to conduct a comprehensive cleaning.

Diagnosed restaurant | Shatian Tanggong Xiaoju staff recruits two patients from Yau Ma Haocai Seafood Restaurant




▼A list of buildings with confirmed or suspected cases was added on January 21▼




[00:40] According to the updated information of the Centre for Health Protection in the evening, 33 confirmed cases were from Yau Tsim Mong District, involving 21 buildings, of which 8 were located in designated areas; another 10 were located on Pik Street, of which 5 were from 19 Bi Street.

In the Sham Shui Po district, there were also 4 new cases, of which 3 were located in the South Building, which belonged to the designated area of ​​Sham Shui Po.

In terms of other districts, there were 5 cases in Kowloon City District, of which 3 cases were from Whampoa Garden Phase 11-Block 5 of Bauhinia; 6 cases in Yuen Long District, 2 cases were in Block 9 Lai Wu Ju, Kingswood Villas; 4 cases in Kwai Tsing District, 3 cases came from De Yin House, On Yin Village.

In addition, Tai Koo Shing and Laguna City also fell again.

Confirmed Buildings | 10 cases surged on Bi Street Kingswood Villas, Taikoo Shing and Whampoa Garden are on the list again

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The general nurse of the Iraqi hospital was initially diagnosed with a meal with the infected nurse of the North District Hospital

70 newly diagnosed local 63 cases in Yau Tsim Mong District accounted for 31 cases in Changan Building Nursing Home

5 additional buildings are subject to mandatory inspection, including Tak Yam House, On Yam Estate, 5 Laguna City and 2 Fu Wing Garden


New crown pneumonia I am home to the mandatory test of the new crown vaccine of the Food and Health Bureau of the Center for Health Protection, Department of Health

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