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The Real Estate Director in Haifa on the summons to the hearing: "A trend that should concern every citizen in Israel" - Walla! news


In a letter to parents and students of a school in Haifa, Ben Dov sharply criticized the Ministry of Education's decision. "The politicization of essential issues in society should be a serious warning to anyone who values ​​democracy," he warned, arguing that the ban on B'Tselem's lecture hours before the event "At least puzzling"

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Haifa Real Estate Director on summons to hearing: "A trend that should concern every citizen in Israel"

In a letter to parents and students of a school in Haifa, Ben Dov sharply criticized the Ministry of Education's decision. "The politicization of essential issues in society should be a serious warning to anyone who values ​​democracy," he warned, arguing that the ban on B'Tselem's lecture hours before the event "At least puzzling"


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Yoav Itiel

Friday, 22 January 2021, 08:14

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In the video: B'Tselem CEO at a conference at the Haifa Real School (from Zoom)

Last night (Thursday), Dr. Yossi Ben Dov, the general principal of the Haifa Real School, sharply criticized the decision to convene a hearing at the Ministry of Education following a lecture by B'Tselem's director general.

"This is a trend that needs to concern every citizen of the State of Israel, regarding the essence of freedom of expression in the State of Israel, and an appearance in the education system in practice," he clarified in a letter sent to teachers and parents of students at the Beit Biram branch.

"The invitation itself does not constitute a position of the school for or against his words," Ben Dov explained.

"The school is an educational institution that is a micro-cosmos of Israeli society that contains a variety of opinions, and therefore does not represent any political position. We of course see in our role as educators in a democratic state the right and duty to reveal to our students a wide range of opinions and expressions in Israeli society. "This represents different ends. This approach has been part of the soul of the school since its inception and many of us have grown on its knees."

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"A wide variety of opinions - part of the soul of the school's nose." Ben Dov (Photo: Shlomi Gabay)

Following the appearance of B'Tselem's CEO Hagai Elad at a seminar held by the school, the director general of the Ministry of Education, Amit Edri, announced on Tuesday that he will hold a hearing for the director of reality and the director of the upper division, Mandy Rabinovich, in his office in Jerusalem this Sunday.

This is on the grounds that "they chose to ignore and act contrary to the explicit instructions of the Minister of Education and the director of the Haifa District, not to bring into the organization organizations that work contrary to the goals of state education or in a way that degrades IDF soldiers.

" In Judea and Samaria and the Protection of Human Rights ", to which Hagai Elad and Neve Daromi, Director of the Blue and White Human Rights Initiative of the Institute for Zionist and Publicist Strategy, were invited. Later in the seminar, students can choose one more lecture: "Asylum Seekers" with Adv. Oded Feller from the Association for Civil Rights.

"The date of the directive is puzzling"

Executive Director of his own image, gift Glick, asked the Minister of Education Galant more legislators last month to take steps to cancel the event ultimately postponed a month. But with the publication of the plan, the school administration suffered attacks from various sources.

"Astonishment of the school board, Apparently, in light of the political pressure, a directive from the Minister of Education to the principals of the districts, worded in general language, arrived on Sunday the 17th of the afternoon, less than a day before the start of the event, banning "the introduction into schools of civil society organizations that work contrary to state education. said. Following this guideline reached in the evening of the same day, 12 hours before the scheduled start of the event, direct instruction from the district Director Dr. Saar Harel school CEO, quoting the Minister of education, and seeks not to hold the seminar.

According to the CEO " To the realist, "the date of issuance of the directive and its general language are at least puzzling, along with material question marks in relation to the value and legal basis on which it rests."

In response, and after the reali's legal advisers clarified that their method had no legal basis for instructions from the Ministry of Education, the school administration asked the district principal to clarify the legal basis for the instruction.

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Director General of the Ministry of Education: "The Real Director in Haifa has damaged the public's trust in educators"

To the full article

"Substantive question marks."

Galant (Photo: PR, Jonathan Zindel, Flash 90)

Ben Dov explained today that "because despite our request for clarification of this kind, the administration did not receive it until the opening day of the seminar, the administration decided to hold the day as planned," he clarified, "We must hope that the Ministry of Education also sees it before its eyes), and in the absence of an acceptable legal basis from the Ministry of Education for its guidance - we did not see any impediment to holding the day as planned."

He stressed that political considerations should be excluded from the pursuit of human rights.

"The harsh allegations that have arisen in the background of calls for cancellation today under the use of the argument of the need for balance cast a shadow over the essence of the human rights issue, while wearing narrow glasses that frame the issue of human rights as a political issue between right and left."

"The fact that the politicization of essential issues in society is not new, and should be a serious warning to anyone who cares about democracy; in recent times we have witnessed the politicization of health, welfare, freedom of expression, education and more. This is a worrying trend for educators to work against." In a situation like this, the day will not be far off when there will be a demand to find out from a doctor who will come to a lecture at the school what his political position is, along with the obligation to call a doctor whose political position is the opposite. "

Supported Ben Dov.

Shefa (Photo: official website, Jonathan Samia, Knesset Spokeswoman)

The seminar, which was optional and not mandatory, was held at Zoom on time, and was attended by about 300 of the 477 12th grade students. "I am sure that if the issue is examined with each of the seminar participants, it will be difficult to argue for imbalance: things were said - some harsh and blunt way and will of course give the students the opportunity to explore and select their positions critically ", said the manager. he would like to emphasize that because of the reactions media and others in connection with the day and the contents were" quite a bit falsifications work by different stakeholders. "

after the event The director general of B'Tselem demanded that the Minister of Education act to dismiss the school principal who gambled. Ben-Dov's response to the events went on to say: "The detachment of the Reali management from the universe is amazing. However, it is not just a detachment but a problematic and educational path. We will work to replace the principals with value managers and truth-tellers."

On the other hand, the chairman of the Knesset's Education, Culture and Sports Committee, MK Ram Shefa, sided with Ben Dov in a letter to Minister Galant. "Your choice to call the principal of the Haifa Real School for a hearing call severely impairs the freedom of expression and freedom of thought of students in Israel," he clarified. "This conduct is typical of dark regimes, which fear that their future citizens and citizens will develop independent thinking and critique." He claimed that the minister "forgot the first purpose of the State Education Law - to educate a person to be a lover of a person, a lover of his people and his country, a loyal citizen of the State of Israel," and stressed: "Loves a person. And not a fan of political opinion."

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