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Jordan Closed Area | Residents in restricted areas who buy meals and buy meals in restricted areas: drink soup and buns as water and eat bread


The government announced in the early morning of Saturday (23) that some areas of Jordan will be blocked. The Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei announced this afternoon (24) that citizens in restricted areas who have been tested for the virus will have a negative result and wear them.

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Written by: Huang Weilun, McKay, Chen Kangzhi, Yu Ruijing, Kong Fanxu

2021-01-24 20:09

Last update date: 2021-01-24 20:10

The government announced the blockade of some areas in Jordan in the early morning of Saturday (23rd). The Secretary for Home Affairs, Xu Yingwei, announced this afternoon (24th) that citizens in restricted areas who have been tested for the virus have received negative results and wear bracelets , You can enter and exit at designated entrances and exits after registration at 6 pm.

After two days of "foot-free" life, the reporter saw on the scene that many citizens could not wait to leave, and some of them went out to buy food.

Some tenants frankly admitted that they had no cooking utensils to cook the instant noodles they received. They even lacked a pot of water in their homes. For two days they could only drink the soup packets distributed by the authorities and eat bread.

He believes that the government should notify the closed area in advance, "I will (can) buy a pot".

It's useless to get instant noodles without boiling

After 6 o'clock in the evening, citizens in restricted areas left their homes one after another. Many residents went downstairs to buy food and daily necessities. Shops in the area also opened for business. There were even children riding scooters on the street.

Mr. Liang, a sub-household tenant, said that there are no cooking utensils in the house, and even water boilers are not available. He can't wait to leave the restricted area to buy food.

He continued that although instant noodles were distributed, they could not be cooked, so they had to ask the staff for help, and the bread was distributed. However, there was no fresh water and no pot of water, so he could only drink the soup "as water."

Regarding the sudden closure of the area, Mr. Liang said that he would give the government 50 points, thinking that there is "no way" to fight the epidemic, but said that the government can notify in advance, "I will (can) buy a pot."

As for the government’s concern that early notification would cause citizens to leave, he said: "Hong Kong people are walking along? No one takes them in."

The person in charge of the restaurant said the arrangement was chaotic and disturbing the people

Mai Tai operates a restaurant in the district, and also brought the same pair of children down after 6 o'clock.

She criticized the government for chaotic arrangements and should inform the merchants in advance to prepare, "The loss should not be heavy." Regarding Chief Executive Carrie Lam's opinion that the measures did not disturb the people, Mrs. Mak asked, "Scare? Don't you think it disturbs the people? Can you ask them? "She continued, I believe most residents think that the arrangement disturbs the people.

As for how he spent the past two days, Mrs. Mai said that the children felt bored and could only read books and play games.

His son said that he most hopes to go out to buy seaweed and go to the park to play.

Mr. Tan said that he lives with his family and he is going to leave the lockdown area to buy food for his family.

He is "not very satisfied" with the government's arrangements this time. He believes that the number of people with symptoms has left a few days ago. In the end, only 12 people were found to be diagnosed in the closed area this time. However, the supplies given this time are considered to be complete and food is not a problem. .

Negative report of the subject.

(Photo by Yu Ruijing)

Ms. Chen pointed out that the food prepared by the government was "not to eat", so as soon as it was unblocked, she went out to buy food and drinks. "I want to drink coffee." She described it as "so miserable, like sitting in prison, wanting to shout, so sad." He also pointed out that staying at home in the past two days can only kill time by watching TV.

Mr. Wu, who works as a teacher, said that he was hesitant about knowing that Jordan was going to be sealed off. He understood that people would evacuate as soon as possible. However, the government restricted access arrangements to disturb the residents. He criticized the uncoordinated Ministry and government departments and the elderly with disabilities at home. Many departments asked me to ask others, and they asked me if there is any similar situation in the building."

Mr. Wu also pointed out that there are many ethnic minorities living in the building, and government materials, including luncheon meat, have been abandoned outside the building. He questioned whether the government has understood the needs of different ethnic groups.

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