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Jordan Closed Area | Youzan Youbang neighborhoods in Fruit Lan and Sham Shui Po buy fruit to prevent assault closed areas


After the outbreak in Jordan, the government delineated a restricted zone early in the morning yesterday, allowing entry and exit from 6 p.m. to this night, and the goal is to unblock it at midnight. The areas where the epidemic broke out recently include the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market and Sham Shui Po.


Written by: Yang Wanting, Chen Kangzhi, Yu Ruijing, Wang Yiyang

2021-01-24 22:04

Last update date: 2021-01-24 22:04

After the outbreak in Jordan, the government delineated a restricted zone early in the morning yesterday, allowing entry and exit from 6 p.m. to this night, and the goal is to unblock it at midnight.

In the recent outbreak of the epidemic, including the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market and Sham Shui Po, there has been news that the area may be "closed".

The reporter visited the two districts tonight to find out that the merchants had praised and criticized the "closed zone" policy. Some people pointed out that even if the seal could be released early, it would be difficult to restore the people's confidence in the closed zone in a short period of time, worrying about affecting business; some criticized both. Neither the symptoms nor the root cause can be cured. They believe that the government has not done a good job in preventing the outbreak of the epidemic. Some people think that "closing the area" will help, and hope that the epidemic in Hong Kong can be cleared as soon as possible.

For the neighbourhood, the "closed area" will also affect the three meals. Therefore, some neighbourhoods are fully prepared to "order goods" to buy fruit, and even if the area is closed off, there will be fruits to eat.

The reporter arrived at the Yau Ma Tei fruit bar, which is rumored to be closed for quarantine, at about 7:30 p.m., and found that most fruit shops are operating normally, and customers come to visit from time to time.

The merchant Mr. Su said that the Yau Ma Tei fruit market was designated as a "restricted area". He believed that it would have a great impact on Hong Kong because the fruit is very important to Hong Kong. "It's not a mobile phone. You can do business by blocking for three days. Fruits are available. "Life will lose a lot of people as soon as it stops, and the people's livelihood is so big." If you put it bluntly, the entire industry might lose more than 100 million yuan.

In the Jordan ban this time, although the people under test with negative results can go in and out freely at night, earlier than expected, and the impact on the residents is reduced, but "unblocking, it is not that people are suddenly confident."

In the same situation, if the fruit bar is classified as a restricted zone, it will not be able to restore the confidence of the public in the short term after the closure, and business may be affected.

The merchant, Mr. Zhang, said that he has been prepared for the fact that the Yau Ma Tei fruit market will become a "closed area". He has not ordered a new batch of fruit today, and can sell out the remaining stock as much as possible to reduce the possibility of "closed up". "Zone".

Zhang Sheng agreed with the government's measures to "close the area", believing that the policy will help fight the epidemic, even if the store's business is indeed affected.

Another merchant, A Rong, is not worried about closing the area, and the loss is expected to be slight.

He agreed with the anti-epidemic measures in the closed area, but the news should not be leaked prematurely, which was frightening. As a result, some people had left before the closed area and spread the virus at any time.

He continued that the relevant measures are for the good of everyone and that everyone should exercise self-discipline.

For the public, the "closed area" may also affect three meals a day, and they have to eat instant noodles and bread at any time. Therefore, after hearing that they have the opportunity to be sealed off, they will deliberately store food for emergency needs.

Ms. Ou from the neighbourhood said that she heard that the Yau Ma Tei fruit market might be "closed," and her daughter also ordered her to "order goods." Therefore, she deliberately went to the fruit market to buy fruit at night.

In addition, the reporter also went to Sham Shui Po Apliu Street and the Golden Computer Mall to find out that the merchants pointed out that the flow of people in the past quarter has plummeted and their business has been affected.

Ms. Cheng, an employee of the store on Apliu Street, said that the flow of people has decreased by one-third compared with normal days and the business has also decreased significantly. She laughed and said that the area should be closed for rest. She thinks that the efficiency of the closure of Jordan this time is fast and feels not chaotic.

She has not heard that Sham Shui Po will be classified as a "restricted area," but she agrees with the relevant policies and hopes that the Hong Kong epidemic will be "cleared" as soon as possible so that everyone can live with peace of mind.

On the other hand, some merchants in the Golden Computer Mall thought that the closed area was unnecessary, criticizing the government for not sealing the customs and approving the exemption from quarantine as the source of the outbreak.


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