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New crown pneumonia · live broadcast | Jordan's lockdown is about to be unsealed, directly attacking the authorities to remove the shutters and seals


The number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong continues to be high. Yesterday (23rd) was the first anniversary of the outbreak in Hong Kong, with a total of 10,010 cases. The Department of Health announced today that there were 76 new cases, increasing to 10,086 cases;

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Written by: Zhu Haiqi, Lao Minyi, Huang Weilun, Kong Fanxu, Chen Shuxia, Ouyang Dehao, Huang Yongyu, Yuan Shu, and McCain

2021-01-24 01:40

Last update date: 2021-01-24 23:41

The number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong continues to be high. Yesterday (23rd) was the first anniversary of the outbreak in Hong Kong, with a total of 10,010 cases.

The Department of Health announced today that there were 76 new cases, bringing the cumulative increase to 10,086. Except for 4 imported cases, there are 27 cases of unknown source of infection.

There are more than 60 preliminary diagnoses today.

The government announced in the evening that the restricted area of ​​Jordan will be unblocked at midnight. Residents who have completed the test and are negative and holding hand straps can register and leave at designated exits from 6 pm.

The "restricted area" of Jordan's closed zone entered the second day. Residents must continue to be tested and prohibited from footing. The government announced that 6,900 people had been tested on the first day, and 3,240 households were visited for registration information. Citizens go to work normally.

Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection, announced today that 12 confirmed cases have been found, which will be included in the number of confirmed cases announced tomorrow.







Jordan Closed Area|The government sampled Sham Shui Po Building Sewage District Councillors on Saturday, saying that citizens are worried about preparing to close the area

[23:03] The fourth wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong continued. The government set up a "restricted area" in Jordan yesterday (23), and residents were not allowed to go out until the test results were obtained.

Earlier, the number of confirmed cases in Sham Shui Po continued to increase, and it was classified as a "designated area." A building requires mandatory testing for all residents.

Sham Shui Po (Nan Cheong South) District Councillor Li Ting-fung said that since yesterday (23), government officials have taken environmental sampling in the district, worrying that Sham Shui Po will become the second target for prohibition.

He pointed out that the "designated area" is larger than Jordan and covers all the entrances and exits of all subway stations. At the same time, there are also many residents of subdivided houses and ethnic minorities in the area, so he questioned the effectiveness of the measures.

[21:10] The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department stated that in response to the government’s cancellation of the restrictions and inspection announcements made in Jordan’s designated "restricted areas", the cleaning of streets in the "restricted areas" will be strengthened and arrangements will be made to be located in the area Its facilities (including Yau Ma Tei Market, Reclamation Street Cooked Food Hawker Market, and Reclamation Street and Temple Street Hawker Stalls) undergo deep cleaning and disinfection to protect the health and safety of citizens and vendors.

In the past two days, garbage collection, street cleaning in the early morning and public toilets on duty 24 hours have been provided in the district.

The spokesman said that after the relevant announcement is officially revoked, the FEHD will clean these streets in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and will work with stallholders to carry out deep cleansing and disinfection work from 6 am to 9 am. During the period, the FEHD will be in the Yau Ma Tei market. Deep cleansing and disinfection of the common areas and facilities of the Cooked Food Hawker Market in Reclamation Street and Reclamation Street, and special cleaning operations will be carried out in the surrounding and nearby streets of the relevant markets and hawker markets, as well as the Reclamation Street and Temple Street hawker stalls.

"If all goes well, the FEHD will reopen the relevant facilities at 9 am tomorrow after completing the deep cleansing and disinfection work.

Jordan Closed Area|District Councillor: Residents who are banned are worried about employers. If the closed area needs to deal with the homeless

[20:53] The new crown pneumonia in Hong Kong is raging. The government recently set up a "restricted area" in Jordan. The ban on footwear was lifted this evening (24th) and it is expected to be released at midnight.

A number of Yau Tsim Mong District Councillors received complaints from "foot-free" residents, worrying that they would be held accountable by their employers if they could not go to work for several days, and shops in the district would not be open for business, affecting their livelihoods. They were dissatisfied with the government's refusal to make compensation.




Jordan Closed Area | Residents in restricted areas who buy meals and buy meals in restricted areas: drink soup and buns as water and eat bread

[20:08] The government announced in the early morning of Saturday (23) that some areas of Jordan will be blocked. The Secretary of Home Affairs Xu Yingwei announced today (24) that citizens in restricted areas have received negative results if they have been tested for the virus. Those wearing bracelets can enter and exit at designated entrances and exits after registration at 6 pm.

After two days of "foot-free" life, the reporter saw on the scene that many citizens couldn't wait to leave, and some of them went out to buy food.

Some tenants frankly admitted that they had no cooking utensils to cook the instant noodles they received. They even lacked a pot of water in their homes. For two days they could only drink the soup packets distributed by the authorities and eat bread.

He thinks that the government should notify the closure of the area in advance, "I will (can) buy a pot."

The government announced that residents in restricted areas in Jordan who have a negative test certificate can register for entry and exit from 6 pm.

(Photo by Yu Junliang)

Jordan Closed Area|The Correctional Services Department sent non-Chinese personnel to shoot at the door, "I feel at ease when my fellow villagers hear the familiar language"

[19:15] The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong continues. The government has set up a "restricted area" in Jordan. Residents in the area must be tested for the virus. As there are many ethnic minorities who do not speak Chinese and English live in the area, the Correctional Services Department More than a dozen non-Chinese personnel were dispatched to assist in the operation.

The Indian correctional officer Cheema Parminderjit Singh, also known as "Sesame Boy", speaks five languages. He is responsible for going upstairs to shoot doors and arranging ethnic minority residents to go for testing. During this period, he encountered emotional villages. "When you hear a familiar language, Explain clearly, they are all at ease.” The Nepalese correctional officer ThapaTak Bahadur Xia Yongde once lived in Jordan. This time he has returned to the "old place" and feels nothing about it. He hopes to help his fellow villagers and the community.

More than 70 cases of confirmed cases or targeted vendors in the "closed zone" recorded in the fruit column: random investment and speculation

[19:07] Jordan’s "restricted area" was sealed off on the second day. News reported that the Hong Kong government was also concerned about the epidemic in the Yau Ma Tei fruit market, causing the outside world to speculate whether there will be a "closed area" or similar arrangements.

Merchants in the fruit column slammed the senior officials of the Hong Kong government for "no brain", believing that the closure of the area would not help control the epidemic. It was merely a "discriminatory investment of medicines and stones," and it made the merchants unable to do business under economic adversity. Criticizing the Hong Kong government for "opening up their mouths" for refusing to provide compensation, "it is simply killing them all." Workers with fruitful results believe that the government's anti-epidemic policy has failed and more people have become unemployed.

【18:54】Shops in the closed area of ​​Jordan opened for business one after another, and many residents went downstairs to buy food and daily necessities.

[18:28] After the government announced that residents who tested negative in the restricted area of ​​Jordan can register to enter and exit, residents will continue to leave at designated entrances and exits starting at 6 o'clock.

[18:24] Xu Yingwei said that the staff has clearly explained to the residents that they have a negative test SMS after 6 pm and wear a bracelet to register and leave.

However, the restricted area will not be unblocked until midnight today, but citizens are now allowed to go out.

Chen Zhaoshi added that there are still confirmed cases in Yau Ma Tei outside this operation. The Centre for Health Protection will closely monitor the case, including the fruit bar or other places, and call on people nearby if they need to be tested.

Jordan Closed Area | Those who test negative can leave the whole area after 6 o'clock in the evening and unblock the area at midnight

[18:20] Xu Yingwei said that she would continue to search in the district later. During this home visit, about 470 households were unanswered, and they might move out early in the morning.

He pointed out that the district is highly mobile and different public housing estates have posted notices at the door. If you open the door, you will know that someone has come out. The neighborhood can also provide information.

He pointed out that there were more than 8,000 people in the old data area, minus the number of people who have been moved or quarantined, plus about 7,000 people, the number is consistent with the number of people tested.

On January 24, Jordan closed the area on the second day.

Jordan’s lockdown took effect at 4 a.m. on Saturday. The clerk of a porridge shop left the warehouse. The shop did not close. The fried ghosts in the light cabinet were placed for two days.

(Photo by Zhang Haowei)




[18:15] Chen Zhaoshi, director of the Food and Sanitation Bureau, said that as of 3 pm, more than 7,000 residents in the designated area of ​​Jordan were tested, most of which were conducted through 51 sampling stations, and more than 80 came to take samples.

The latest cumulative number of positive cases is 13 with a positive rate of 0.17%, 4 cases are from the same family, another 2 are from the same family, and 7 are non-families. The initial positive cases were sent to hospital for isolation, and 20 close contacts were sent for quarantine one after another.

[18:05] The government yesterday delineated a designated restricted area in Jordan and asked the people under inspection to be tested before midnight yesterday.

The Secretary for Home Affairs, Xu Yingwei, announced that for the sake of the public, after considering that most people have completed the test, after 6 pm today, residents who are tested negative and have bracelets are allowed to leave at the "designated entrance and exit" to be free as soon as possible.

It will be unblocked before 0:00 midnight, and it is hoped that residents can return to work at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

He also said that law enforcement will be strictly implemented. There are staff members in the area who have been in the restricted area for more than 2 hours in the past 14 days. Even if they are absent at the time of announcement, they still need to be inspected. He called for the inspection as soon as possible for himself. Responsible to his family, himself, and the community, otherwise he may be fined 25,000 yuan and imprisoned for 6 months.

The government announced that residents in restricted areas in Jordan who have a negative test certificate can register for entry and exit from 6 pm.

(Photo by Lu Yiming)

Jordan Closed Area | Adjacent to Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, there is a drop in traffic on weekends but there are shopping crowds

[18:00] Jordan became the first area in Hong Kong to be closed for compulsory quarantine, which in turn led to a decrease in the flow of people in nearby areas such as Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.

Although today (24th) is Sunday, there are only a small number of people walking around the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier and Avenue of Stars. The number of people on the streets of nearby shopping malls such as Harbour City is also significantly less than in previous weekends. However, there are still crowds of people lining up to enter the store outside the famous stores. In Mong Kok, the flow of people has also dropped significantly, except for the gathering of foreign domestic helpers along the footbridge.




[17:15] Director of the Bureau of Food and Health Chen Zhaoshi and Director of the Home Affairs Bureau Xu Yingwei will hold a press conference at 6 pm to announce the arrangements for restricted areas in Jordan.

[17:05] Regarding 2,000 to 3,000 residents in the restricted area of ​​Jordan who left before the closure, Zhang Zhujun bluntly said that they could not be traced, and urged them to undergo mandatory testing. If they feel uncomfortable, they should see a doctor as soon as possible.

[17:00] Someone was diagnosed with the Apple Store in Playmate Building, Tsim Tsui.

Zhang Zhujun said that he would not disclose individual cases in particular.

She pointed out that if there is a confirmed citizen who has been to the shop, they will not specifically request to close the door, but if a staff member is diagnosed, they will be asked to close the door on the 14th, and close contacts will be sent to the quarantine center. Individual company cases will not be specifically explained.




A 72-year-old male patient from Guanghua Hospital tested negative after treatment, but his condition continued to deteriorate and died, a total of 169 deaths

[16:39] The Chief Administrative Manager (Medical Effectiveness and Technology Management) of the Hospital Authority, Dr. Yu Huiling, said that the 72-year-old male patient number 8449 passed away this morning, and a total of 165 patients died in public hospitals.

Together with the patients who died at home and in private hospitals, a total of 169 people died.

Yu Huiling announced that a clerk from the New Territories East Cluster Facilities Management Department developed fever and diarrhea on the 22nd. She went to the Tuen Mun Hospital Staff Clinic the next day and was transferred to the Accident and Emergency Department for testing. She was initially positive that night. She is now at home and is waiting to be admitted to the hospital. , The situation is stable, and the building where he lives is listed as a mandatory building on the 22nd.

The patient worked in the Nosocomial Infection Control Team and Sha Tin Hospital. He last went to work on the 21st. He was mainly responsible for clerical work. He did not touch patients. He wore surgical masks at work. No patients were listed as close contacts. However, 4 employees who were eating together needed quarantine.

The patient went to the Weiyuan Hospital to attend the meeting on the 20th. The relevant staff wear masks. More than 10 other staff participating in the meeting and more than 30 staff of the department will be arranged for testing. They are waiting for the results.

The departmental office has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and will continue to monitor the health of the staff.

Yu also stated that a security guard at Caritas Medical Centre assisted in transporting the confirmed patient early this morning. During the period, he did not bring appropriate personal protective equipment. Due to the high viral load and high-concentration oxygen of the patient, although the process took a few minutes, it was listed as close for the prudent period. Contacts need to be isolated and quarantined.

Mandatory Testing Building|Ning'an Pavilion, Taikoo Shing, listed on the list, Renshi Building, Shek Yin Village, needs a second test

[16:34] Zhang Zhujun announced the new mandatory testing building: 1. Zhi Tat Building, Anda Village, Kwun Tong, there are 2 units with a diagnosis of one person each, different floors, different numbers; 2. Taikoo Shing Ning'an Court, two units One person in each case was diagnosed with different seat numbers and floors.

Sham Shui Po designated area: No. 84 Nan Cheong Street. One unit and one person in the building are affected.

A number of residents in Room 09 of Renshi Building, Shiyin Village, had been diagnosed earlier and had to undergo a second mandatory test.

Added 76 confirmed cases, 27 cases without source, 12 cases found in Jordan’s closed area, the infection rate was 0.17%

[16:33] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, announced that there were 76 new cases today. Except for the 4 imported cases from Indonesia, the rest were all local patients, of which 27 were of unknown origin.

Seventeen cases were found at the temporary testing center, of which eight were from designated areas in Yau Ma Tei and two were from designated areas in Sham Shui Po.

A total of 23 cases were added to the entire Yau Tsim Mong District, of which 11 people lived in the designated area and 12 people lived outside the area.

More than 60 cases were initially confirmed today.

Zhang said that there were 12 cases from Jordan's restricted area, and the rate was 0.17% based on the 6,900 samples that had been collected.

In Kingway Plaza, where vertical spreading of drugs is suspected, 8 of the 27 environmental samples were positive, including exhaust fans, hand wash trays, underground water level, door frames, etc.

Nepalese and Han False Negative Community Test Expert Reveals Low Virus Amount on First Day of Disease

[15:20] Earlier, a Nepalese Han (Case No. 9741) tested negative in the community twice and was admitted to the hospital after the second test. The third test result was positive and the diagnosis was only 5 hours apart. And Professor Yuan Guoyong, a member of the Government Expert Advisory Panel of the Health Bureau, and his team from the University of Hong Kong for review and analysis.

According to the report, the patient had consulted a private doctor on the 13th of this month. He had developed symptoms at that time but had not undergone testing. He had subsequently been at the Community Testing Center of Henry Leong Yau Ma Tei Community Center on the 15th and 18th. The mobile sampling station on Canton Road was tested. The patient was sent to the hospital on the 18th. The hospital took a nasopharyngeal aspirate and throat swab for him for testing. The patient had a low viral load (Ct value of 33). On the 20th, the patient also tested for serum antibodies. A positive reaction indicates that the risk of spreading the virus is low.

The upper respiratory tract samples collected by patients at community testing centers and mobile sampling stations earlier showed a viral reaction after re-examination, but the viral load was extremely low (Ct value 39), which exceeded the level that normal nucleic acid tests can accurately and stably detect positive reactions .

The bureau quoted experts to estimate that it may be because the patient only received sampling for testing many days after the onset of the disease. Therefore, when repeated testing is performed, there is a chance that the situation may occur from time to time. Such a situation is not unusual in the field of molecular biological testing. It has nothing to do with the detection accuracy of the relevant laboratory procedures. It is emphasized that "it would be ideal if the patient in this case was tested at the first visit."

[14:58] Nie Dequan, director of the Civil Service Bureau, visited the cordoned area and visited civil servants who were in different positions in the compulsory inspection operation, calling them cheer.

He also went to the command center to learn how to monitor the entire operation to make appropriate material and manpower dispatch.

Nie Dequan said that there were about 3,000 civil servants from more than a dozen disciplined forces and civil service departments participating in the inspection.

He said that such a large-scale manpower and deployment was completed in a very fast time. It relies on the strong support of the heads of various departments and the sincere cooperation of the civil servants. He also thanked the citizens for their cooperation. This reflects the community’s concerted efforts to fight the epidemic and achieve cleanliness. Zero goal.

[13:19] At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, residents living in the restricted area went downstairs to collect supplies.

[12:55] The Hong Kong government mobilized more than 3,000 manpower. This morning, a number of officials went to Jordan to inspect the restricted area. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Xiao Zeyi was also present to cheer his colleagues.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Xiao Zeyi was also present to cheer up his colleagues.

(Photo by Zhang Haowei)

[12:49] According to news, there are about 75 confirmed cases in Hong Kong today.

The situation on the second day of the Jordan Closed Area:




New crown vaccine | Norwegian elder dies after injection, WHO says it has nothing to do with Xu Shuchang, no need to panic

[11:23] Residents in the blocked area are required to wear a white hand strap for identification after completing the test.

Some citizens who wandered did not follow, they must follow the instructions of government officials and put on the straps again.

Jordan Closed Area | Xu Shuchang expects about 3,000 people to go to the unidentified fruit bar to be tracked. Multiple confirmed or closed areas

Residents in the blocked area must wear a white hand strap for identification after completing the test.

The citizens who wandered did not follow.

(Photo by Chen Shuxia)

[11:56] Another ambulance entered the junction of Gansu Street and Shanghai Street, and an ambulance staff used a stretcher bed to pick up a neighborhood to be sent to hospital.

[11:11] The Department of Health sent staff to the building at the junction of Gansu Street and Shanghai Street to pick up close contacts for inspection. An ambulance was also present, and residents of the building looked at the situation from the windows of their units.

Jordan Closed Area · Direct Attack | Residents continue to be banned from being assigned to cook ingredients. District Councillor: Elderly people are difficult to cook

(Photo by McCain)

(Photo by McCain)

Chen Maobo cited electronic bracelets and copper core masks as examples: the government is actively strengthening the application of science and technology to help fight the epidemic [11:00] Financial Secretary Chen Maobo published a blog, mentioning that he has been fully cooperating financially to ensure the fight against the epidemic. The equipment and resources are sufficient, and the government is actively strengthening the application of science and technology to assist in the fight against the epidemic, including electronic bracelets and copper core masks used in home isolation work.

He also mentioned that the budgets in the past few years have promoted and improved the development of innovation and technology through policies and resources, including cultivating talents, encouraging scientific research, and inducing market demand. He described years of hard work and said that "these work is gradually showing results."

[10:31] A resident tried to walk out of the building and signaled to the staff that he wanted to get food and other supplies, but because the material station was still unloading, two disciplinary officers stationed downstairs surrounded the man and prevented him from letting him Leave organically, and persuade the other party to go upstairs.

New crown pneumonia | The pandemic pushes the digitalization process 8 to 10 years before the rise in innovation and technology employment [10:20] Mo Weixuan, director of strategic partnerships of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation, pointed out in the radio program that the pandemic will push the digitalization process 8 to 10 In 10 years, the employment of innovation and technology has not fallen but has risen.

Director of Innovation and Technology Pant Tingting also pointed out in the same program that under the epidemic situation, the government is working hard to help citizens fight the epidemic through innovative technology, such as the introduction of electronic bracelets and CU Mask.

She pointed out that the electronic bracelet contains more than 100 research and development projects, describing that scientific research requires years of hard work, so long-term investment in research and development is necessary.

[10:12] The temporary sampling center in the designated area was cleared last night, and the staff continued to arrange the loading and unloading of materials until 10 am.

The entrance and exit of the building also continued to be guarded by disciplined forces, and no residents were seen on the street to collect supplies or take samples.

(Photo by McCain)

Jordan closed area│Zhang Jianzong will do his best to complete the entire operation as soon as possible to minimize the impact [10:00] Chief Secretary for Administration Zhang Jianzong stated in his blog that from January 1 to January 20, "Jordan designated area" A total of 162 confirmed cases were recorded, involving 56 buildings.

The situation has a chance to deteriorate in a short period of time, which is worrying. In order to cut off the spread of the virus in the community as soon as possible, the government quickly adopted decisive measures with wartime thinking. Yesterday (January 23) it was announced at 4 o'clock in the morning to quote the "Prevention and Control of Diseases" (Compulsory Testing of Certain Persons) Regulations (Chapter 599J), issued restrictions and testing announcements, restricting them to “restricted areas” specified in Jordan (that is, to Wu Song Street in the east, Nanjing Street in the south, Battery Street in the west, People in the north to Gansu Street) are required to undergo compulsory testing according to government arrangements and stay in the premises until all people under inspection have roughly confirmed the test results.

He pointed out that he will do his best to complete the entire operation as soon as possible, and strive to minimize the impact on the daily lives of the people.

[09:31] Li Jiachao, Director of the Security Bureau, enters the restricted area for inspection.

After Zhang Jianzong inspected the closed area on the second day of Jordan: I am confident that it will be released at 6 am tomorrow morning without compensation. [09:10] After inspecting the closed area, Zhang Jianzong said that after inspecting the latest situation, nearly 7,000 residents in the area are in order Inspections were conducted. In addition, five departments including customs, fire protection, police, immigration, and correctional departments and more than a dozen departments participated in the operation, and morale was high. So far, about 3,200 households and 6,200 people have been contacted for follow-up information; he thanks again The testing service contractor, as for the inconvenience caused to the public, he hopes that employers will be considerate and not deduct food or treat it as paid leave.

He pointed out that the action showed that the government was decisive. For the first time, the goal was to clear the community. In the first time, there were insufficient food packages for the affected residents, including pasta and soup packages. There were also 3 hotlines to help. After checking whether there is any missing fish, we will conduct a final test. After that, we will analyze the results and communicate with the relevant parties. They also stated that they are confident that they can be released at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning and return to normal, and citizens can go to work normally.

Chen Zhaoshi, who visited together, said that the operation was generally very smooth. There were 51 inspection points and nearly 7,000 people tested. However, the numbers are still being tested and the results will be announced again. She also pointed out that many calls have been processed. In case of case inquiries, some expressed their desire to go out to see doctors and nurses, etc. If there is medical treatment or the case is confirmed, all cases will be handled, and if there are close contacts, they will be sent to a testing center.

Inspection by Zhang Jianzong and others in the closed area of ​​Jordan:




[08:40] Jordan’s restricted area was enclosed on the second day. At about 8 o'clock this morning, the streets in the area were very deserted. Several people wearing full protective clothing continued to stand by, and there were police at all entrances and exits. Guarded by the staff, there are also tourist buses to pick up government personnel.

Most of the shops located on the periphery of the border are closed, but some are still open as usual, including laundry shops and vegetable wholesale shops.

The Chief Secretary for Administration Zhang Jianzong, the Secretary for Food and Health Chen Zhaoshi, and the Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei have arrived to inspect the scene. Zhang Jianzong will meet with the media at 9 o'clock later.

[02:50] According to a government announcement, yesterday (23rd) a total of approximately 6,900 people have been tested at temporary sampling stations in Jordan’s "restricted areas".

Government staff visited more than 3,240 households in the "restricted area" yesterday, involving about 6,200 citizens, and registered their information to facilitate future follow-up testing.

Home visits will continue today (24th), and people who have not been tested will be arranged for testing at sampling stations.

Strive to complete the test and confirm the results for all identified persons under inspection within 48 hours, so that citizens can start to work at around 6 am tomorrow (January 25).

Jordan Closed Area·Pictures|How can the noisy city stop and lock down residents to deal with themselves

▼How to deal with the residents of the blocked area in Jordan on January 23▼




[01:30] Yesterday (23rd) Jordan "closed area" for testing. The authorities arranged three testing contractors, the Hong Kong Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Golden Mile Laboratory, and Anqiu Medical Laboratory, to designate "restricted areas" in Jordan "Set up 20, 16 and 15 mobile sampling stations respectively.

The government only released data up to 1 pm. About 3,000 citizens went to temporary sampling stations in the "restricted area" for testing.

The staff has visited more than 50 buildings in the "restricted area", involving about 1,000 households, but no full-day data has been updated since then.

Xiangda Biotechnology, which cooperated with Anqiu Medical, responded to the reporter of "Hong Kong 01" saying that about 1,600 samples were collected from residents of "restricted areas" around Temple Street in Jordan all day on Saturday. More than a dozen laboratory technicians of the company will work overnight. Hope to finish processing all samples before 8 o'clock on Sunday.

Starting at 4 a.m. on January 23, parts of Jordan’s affected areas were closed for testing, ranging from east to Wusong Street, south to Nanjing Street, west to Paotai Street, and north to Gansu Street for 48 hours.

(Hong Kong 01 drawing)

Diagnosed restaurants | Six restaurants including Fu Lin Palace, patients on the list have visited Donki and two primary schools in Tsim Sha Tsui

[00:30] The CHP updated the list of buildings last night, and 6 more restaurants were on the list, including Felicity Palace (North Point), MAMA MALOUF Restaurant, a Middle Eastern vegetarian restaurant located in Kennedy Town, etc.

In addition, in terms of the whereabouts of the patient, a 39-year-old man had visited Don Don Donki in Miramar Plaza Phase II; a 60-year-old man had visited the Maxim Group Center; and a 40-year-old man had visited the Wuyi Building of the Hong Kong Police College. Indoor shooting range; two patients also visited elementary schools, namely, Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong Taoist Federation Yuanxuan Primary School and Methodist Meilin Primary School.

▼On January 23, Jordan’s "restricted area" became even more deserted after nightfall ▼




Confirmed Buildings | 21 cases in Yau Tsim Mong, 4 cases in Kham Chui Terrace, Chai Wan, Jordan Blockade

[00:00] According to the list of affected buildings issued by the Center for Health Protection at night, there are 21 cases living in Yau Tsim Mong District, 4 of which are in designated areas. There are 14 confirmed cases in Yau Ma Tei alone, some of which are closer to Mong Kok.

In addition, there were 6 confirmed cases in Sham Shui Po District, 4 more cases in Block 4, Hong Chui Terrace, Chai Wan, and 1 case in Peng Chau, outlying island.

Focus report:

Diagnosed over 10,000 | Epidemic prevention measures are tightened at least after the 9th day of the outbreak, and the speed of control of the epidemic slows down

▼Jordan specified restricted area blockade and detection conditions on the night and day of January 23▼




Highlights of yesterday:

Jordan Closed Area|It became even more deserted after nightfall when the staff and residents were driven off when they left the building on the street

Jordan closed area.

Reporter's Notes | The police once said or closed the 14th to collect materials as only "free time"

Jordan closed area.

Aerial photography|Yau Tsim Mong people and vehicles disappeared

Jordan Closed Area|Dollar noodles are sent to support the elderly who live alone and are inconvenient to cook snacks.

Six additional buildings are subject to mandatory inspection, including Wan Chai Star Moon Court, To Kwa Wan Yi Man Building and Yau Ma Tei Shun Feng Building

Diagnosed over 10,000 | 81 additional cases, cumulative 1,010 cases Zhang Zhujun: the number is expected to rise again in the next few days

▼Jordan specifies that the "restricted area" will be blocked from 1.23▼




Jordan Closed Area | 6,900 people have been tested, 3240 households have been visited by the government: Wangming will let residents go to work at 6 o'clock

Diagnosed restaurants | Six restaurants including Fu Lin Palace, patients on the list have visited Donki and two primary schools in Tsim Sha Tsui

Jordan Closed Area·Pictures|How can the noisy city stop and lock down residents to deal with themselves

Confirmed Buildings | 21 cases in Yau Tsim Mong, 4 cases in Kham Chui Terrace, Chai Wan, Jordan Blockade

Jordan Closed Area|It became even more deserted after nightfall when the staff and residents were driven off when they left the building on the street


New crown pneumonia compulsory testing 01 Video My home quarantine order is restricted to Lingmiao Street

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