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The number of Hong Kong children’s psychiatric consultations increased by 30%. Form 5 girls: I want to take leave from the same world


The social turmoil last year and the new crown epidemic hit Hong Kong people for a long time. Psychiatric specialist Zhang Meiling mentioned that the number of young people seeking medical care has increased rapidly in recent months, and the situation is not optimistic. Since 2012, Hong

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Written by: Huang Jinghong

2021-01-25 00:00

Last update date: 2021-01-25 00:00

The social turmoil last year and the new crown epidemic hit Hong Kong people for a long time.

Psychiatric specialist Zhang Meiling mentioned that the number of young people seeking medical care has increased rapidly in recent months, and the situation is not optimistic.

Beginning in 2012, the suicide rate among Hong Kong youths has risen for five consecutive years. It will only decline in 2019. Compared to the pneumonia virus, Dr. Lin is more worried about the spread of emotional problems in society.

Some students entering primary three are "stunned all day long because of the epidemic, and the house and enterprises will explode." There are also gifted middle school students who are extremely worried about the assessment after the resumption of classes, and the pressure is so great that they "want to ask for leave in the same world."

Psychiatric specialist Zhang Meiling mentioned that the number of young people seeking medical care has increased rapidly in recent months, and the situation is not optimistic.

(Photo by Huang Jinghong)

Since 2019, the tense mood of Hong Kong people has been slackening. From the initial social movement to the later anti-epidemic journey, everyone is like a tensioned elastic band, and there is no room for relaxation.

Psychiatric specialist Zhang Meiling said that at the beginning of the epidemic, everyone was in danger, and it was also the quietest time in the clinic. "In June (the number of consultations) was the highest, and the number of consultations was the highest in September to October." The previous comparison has increased by 30%, and there is an upward trend.

Four waves of epidemics have struck one after another. The citizens continue to run for masks, disinfection supplies, and even tissues. Panic continues to spread in the community. Most young people are forced to stay at home to take online classes due to school closures. The chances of going out are correspondingly reduced. Television and parents naturally become their window to the outside world.

Dr. Zhang used a rubber band as a metaphor for mental stress. "The rubber band is loose and resistant. If you pull it tight, you have a chance to break it."

(Photo by Huang Jinghong)

Primary three schoolchildren: So shocked that housing and enterprises will explode

The screen shows images of workers carrying corpses. The most reliable parents just grabbed shopping money and went home. The nervous expression made Dezai (a pseudonym) who had been promoted to be a junior, worried, and even began to experience symptoms such as anxiety and compulsive behavior. His parents took him to a psychiatrist in June last year.

Dr. Zhang recalled that at that time, De Tsai "become red with his hands" and "become a day of sleeplessness, shocked the house and enterprises will explode."

Dr. Zhang had a long conversation with Dezi and found that he was anxious about the epidemic. "I walked to wash his hands two or three times within an hour. I was afraid that people would be frightened when they pat them on the shoulders. I have tried Don’t dare. There is a stool here, because the stool is dirty, the sister of the worker has sat there.” Washing hands until the hands are flushed is a significant anxiety symptom, but what is the connection between the virus and the explosion?

To untie De Tsai's heart, the only way for Doctor Zhang is to find his demons.

It turns out that Dezai has a 6th grade elder sister. The two of them have plenty of time at home for class. Whenever they have time, they will laugh and have fun. "The same elder sister has a good time, and her saliva sprays off the computer keyboard. Just okay Dezai. Surprised, because he felt that in the epidemic, the droplets would be dangerous and cause illness, so he asked my sister to count." My sister's thinking is very right. She suggested spraying disinfectant alcohol on the keyboard and then wiping it dry, and the risk of infection is solved.

"But at night, Dezai was just stunned. My mother told him that the electrical appliances would explode when wet."

De Tak’s pressure has accumulated since the social incident in 2019, and it has become more serious after the outbreak.

(Photo by Huang Jinghong)

The pressure of the social epidemic has accumulated

Three feet of freezing, it’s not a day’s cold. At the beginning of the consultation, Dr. Zhang drew Dezi to draw a picture. The paintings he handed in were full of red and blue lights, water cannon cars spraying blue water, In front of them are the water horse formations with the words "POLICE" written on them. "For elementary and middle school students, I have spent a different school year... I have experienced social turmoil and have not caught my breath. There is an epidemic."

Fortunately, Dr. Zhang felt that Dezi’s condition was not serious and no prescription drugs were required. After the two talked carefully, Dr. Zhang taught Dezi some relaxation techniques, hoping to give him a chance to calm down amid the endless epidemic.

Four months later, De-Zi's hands stopped flushing, and his compulsive behavior improved. The appointment with Dr. Zhang ended here.

Help yourself before calling on others

"New crown pneumonia is highly contagious, but we should not underestimate the infection of anxiety, especially if it is spread by adults." The road to the epidemic is full of uncertainties. Dr. Zhang believes that parents should deal with the emotions of young people first. Your own mental state, advance and retreat together on the road of fighting the epidemic, "If (youth) see a safe and stable person and are panicked, they may not know how the adults are shocked, and don’t know when you are shocked, You will feel that the world is terrifying, perilous, and dangerous. If you become an individual, you will be exposed."

Dr. Zhang said that anxiety can spread like an epidemic. Parents must deal with their emotions before assisting their children.

(Profile picture)

"Young people have a lot of feelings or participation in the social turmoil. When the epidemic arrives, the epidemic is so depressing for adults. There is no time limit for a suspension state, etc., facing a lot of uncertain factors. There are so many helpless and helpless, just as ordinary citizens say: "I have done a good job of myself, so how many cases are there?"" Compared with adults, young people’s ability to understand the world and how to deal with emotions The ability still needs to be developed. Dr. Zhang believes that social movements and the outbreak of the epidemic have a particularly serious impact on the mental health of young people.

Form 5 girl: I want to go to heaven

Dr. Zhang mentioned that De Tsai’s case is not a single case. She recalled that in November last year, Amanda (a pseudonym) came to ask for help.

After resuming face-to-face classes in mid-September, Amanda has been going to school as usual, but since the end of September, she began to experience anxiety symptoms, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, headache, bellyache, etc. Do you have new coronary pneumonia?" So my mother took her to the family doctor several times and the results were negative, even the doctor told Amanda not to come back.

Her symptoms were getting worse and her absenteeism increased. From a week’s leave for one or two days, she was only able to go to school for two days a week at the time of consultation. It turned out that everything was only due to her worries about the epidemic, "Dead," Pneumonia, is it safe to return to school?"

The emotional health of Hong Kong students has always been a concern.

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There were also social workers who took the young man to Dr. Zhang's clinic for help, which made her unforgettable.

The Form 5 girl who attended a famous girls’ school had an intermediate grade. After resuming the face-to-face course, she had to face the assessment test immediately. She felt extremely stressed. Dr. Zhang asked her, "If you have three wishes, you will get all of them. What do you want to do?" The girl replied, "I want to take leave from the same world the most." Dr. Zhang asked, "What do you mean by that?" "I don't think I'm going to end, I want to take a leave of absence." "Do you want to go?" "I want to go to heaven."

Everyone put on masks during the epidemic, and it has been a long time since the smiling faces of school children.

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Pay attention to the peak of suicide after class resumes

In September last year, the Suicide Prevention Research Center of the University of Hong Kong released the latest suicide data and trends. The center estimated that the suicide rate in Hong Kong in 2019 was 13, that is, 13 suicides per 100,000 people, slightly higher than 12.3 in 2018.

The suicide rate among 15-24 year olds rose from 8.3 in 2012 to 10.4 in 2017. The number for 2019 is expected to continue the decline in 2018 and drop to 8.3.

Dr. Zhang Meiling believes that under the new normal of the epidemic, young people's mental health problems are not optimistic, and the highest risk time is after school holidays.

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Dr. Zhang Meiling believes that under the new normal of the epidemic, adolescents’ mental health problems are not optimistic, and the time of highest risk is after school holidays. "It’s like a rubber band that is loose and resistant. If you pull it tight, you have a chance to break. ".

She understands that the epidemic has severely disrupted the teaching progress of primary and secondary schools, and teachers must try their best to catch up, including using various methods to urge students. However, Dr. Zhang emphasized that while catching up with the progress, we must also balance and take care of students. Mental health.

Appropriate pressure is a good motivation. Dr. Zhang suggested that the school should avoid taking an exam immediately after the beginning of school, allowing students to adjust for one or two weeks. For students who have emotional problems and are behind schedule, she recommends lenient treatment. "Same school, social workers Can you restructure your debts? If you write off your debts as soon as you can, if you can’t do much of your homework, you’ll forgive you for not having to do it; if you delay the amortization as soon as you can, you’ll be late, and you will stay back after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Return first."

Dr. Zhang Meiling (left) is working with Ling Guanhua (right), the founder of the "Gift Charity Fund", to raise funds for grassroots children, teenagers and family members suffering from emotional or mental distress, (photo by Huang Jinghong)

Dr. Zhang Meiling is also the person in charge of the "Valota Butterfly Project". Since the project was launched in 2016, 22 private practice psychiatrists have provided free immediate psychiatric medical services to more than 1,200 children and adolescents.

"Every small road boy should not stifle his growth because of his political and economic background. If a small road boy has problems with the third grade, he will go to middle school (not deal with it), and he will miss a lot of social interactions, Personal development, academics, etc. (categories)."

Dr. Cheung is now working with the "Giving Charity Fund" to raise funds for grassroots children, adolescents and their family members suffering from emotional or mental distress, in order to provide a preliminary psychiatric evaluation for 80 adolescents suspected of suffering from emotional or mental distress, and provide 40 A family provided educational workshops and hosted mutual support groups for caregivers, as well as the education and training of 240 social workers, teachers, parents and students by doctors or psychiatric nurses to strengthen their awareness of mental illness and establish a positive and inclusive concept. Eliminate the negative impact of the labeling effect.

For details, please visit the website.

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