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Cristina Kirchner already manages a millionaire fund linked to Health with a leader who worries the unions


He did so upon arrival in the Senate. It is the social work of Congress, where he put together an overlapping structure headed by the ultra K Liliana Korenfeld, who decides on $ 2.4 billion.

01/24/2021 19:01

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Updated 01/24/2021 19:01

While advancing in key places and positions like YPF and ANSES, Cristina Kirchner also

set her eye on a sensitive box

for politics,

the social work of Congress


To handle it, the vice president put there a person of her highest confidence: the unconditional Kirchnerist

 Liliana Korenfeld.

The name of former deputy K sounded during these days as the possible new head of the Superintendency of Health Services of the Nation (SSS) to replace

Eugenio Zanarini.

It is a familiar position for Korenfeld: he held that position during the presidency of

Cristina Kirchner.

The mention of her name as the potential executor of the Plan of the Patria Institute to reformulate the health system put the union members of the CGT on alert.

Liliana Korenfeld in 2012 with Antonio Caló, then head of the ruling CGT.

It's that the unionists' experience with Korenfeld was very tense.

In his management against the SSS, for example, Korenfeld tried to put a brake on the millionaire transfers to union social works.

In addition, the

multimillionaire Redistribution Solidarity Fund

, in charge of distributing reimbursements for highly complex treatments

, stepped on the union social works


In 2016, the trucker boss Hugo Moyano came to criminally denounce the then former official for "improper withholding" of funds.

Currently, the Santa Cruz is the General Manager of the Directorate of Social Aid for the Personnel of the National Congress (DAS), a social work of the Legislative power, since she owes her political boss, Cristina Kirchner.

Korenfeld manages a millionaire box.

Hand in hand with the 

captive income that the social work of the employees of Congress has, it administers 2,404,259,060 pesos,

in accordance with the budget item declared by the Finance and Accounting Department of the entity last December. 

Among the tasks under its power are: administering the agency's funds and human resources, appointing medical personnel, approving extensions, increases, and higher-cost recognition of contracts already established, and special powers to represent social work.

"Cristina as president of the Senate gives all power to Korenfeld, and there they took all control of the DAS with the endorsement of

Norberto Di Próspero

", denounces Néstor Molinari, a Senate worker and opponent of Norberto Di Próspero, head of the Association union Legislative Staff (APL) and current secretary of the DAS.

What is striking about this situation is that the DAS

already has an institutional structure in charge of doing what the former deputy is now allowed. 

For her part, Korenfeld has already begun to name those who once worked with her in the Superintendency of Health of the Nation.

"The positions they created are all inventions, there were no such positions in the social work," says Molinari, who in previous years made a complaint for irregularities in the social work funds.

In a resolution of the social work that

Clarín was

able to access

, half a dozen appointments made by the Kirchner official within the DAS are shown, although legislative sources maintain that there are more.

All positions have a “director” level that, according to legislative sources, is the equivalent of a Category 1 on the Congressional salary scale, with a gross monthly salary of $ 148,349.89.

The DAS is one of the few social works that is not covered by Law No. 23,660 of the Social Works regime.

This operation ensures a constant box of money for social work since all legislative personnel must compulsorily contribute to it, making it a captive system.

Despite having constant resources, "the benefits and providers are less and less," indicates Marcela Silva, a congressional worker.

It also ensures that many workers end up paying for other coverage, which ends up generating an extra expense: "If they allowed us, like everyone else, to transfer these funds, it would be an important saving for each worker." 

Liliana Korenfeld.

It is no coincidence that the close collaborator of the vice president has been appointed as manager of a social work that is managed almost entirely by workers from the Legislative Branch union.

What many unions are wondering is whether after the handling of the DAS funds comes the health system, with the reform that pushes that of Christianity, for now without further details.

It was Cristina herself who spoke of a plan to reformulate the health system.


We are going to have to rethink the entire health system in Argentina to make more efficient use of resources,"

said the vice president, last December.

The Cegetista unions are on alert for the reform.

The plan is attributed to

Nicolás Kreplak

, Buenos Aires Vice Minister of Health

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Source: clarin

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