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Podcast blossoms under the epidemic situation of local podcast statistics in 2020 He Yunshi He Guilan Kaimi


The novel pneumonia epidemic has lasted for a whole year. It is inevitable that citizens will feel bored if they stay at home for a long time. In addition to constantly playing games and watching dramas, listening to podcasts has also become more popular. Po

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Written by: Chen Jiahui

2021-01-25 11:00

Last update date: 2021-01-25 11:00

The novel pneumonia epidemic has lasted for a whole year. It is inevitable that citizens will feel bored if they stay at home for a long time. In addition to constantly playing games and watching dramas, listening to podcasts has also become more popular.

Podcasts are audio programs that can be downloaded or streamed. The production is simple and low-cost. In the economic downturn, many people try to record, or make a living from it, or become a new generation of KOL.

"Hong Kong 01" counts iTunes Hong Kong's 2020 hot list and found that there are more than 240 Cantonese Podcasts on the hot list, of which at least 73 were launched last year, and 20 podcasts were launched in August.

Local Podcast producers include public figures such as He Yunshi, "Sister Sister" He Guilan, but more Podcast producers are ordinary people who love to express themselves.

In the era of the attention economy, a large number of content creators try their best to attract attention, while Podcast creators do the opposite. They do not ask users to focus, but allow users to do other things at the same time. They can continue to play games and do things at the same time. Housework etc.

In addition, Podcasts are more "decentralized" than radio stations. Anyone who has a theme they want to express can pick up a microphone and record a show. Unlike YouTubers, which need to set up scenes, lights, and clips, the cost of equipment is also lower.

Under the epidemic, many people have joined the ranks of Podcast producers. According to "Hong Kong 01" statistics, as of October 2020, iTunes Hong Kong Hot List found that there are 242 Cantonese Podcasts on the list, of which at least 73 were launched last year. 8 The month can be described as the podcast outbreak period, and 20 podcasts are broadcast in a month.

Well-known figures such as He Yunshi, Sister Sister, etc. start podcasts

Many of the local podcast hosts are public figures, such as singer He Yunshi hosting "Mushroom Wumen". Political and current affairs are discussed from time to time in the show, such as talking about the yellow economic circle, freedom of speech, etc., and other singers such as Huang Yaoming and Serrini are invited. Wait as a guest on the show.

In addition, popular science fiction writer Li Shui Entropy (Li Weicai) and the caregiver group "Careers Speak Up" have also produced Podcasts, and the content is more focused on their own fan.

Radio Hong Kong also uploaded a large number of programs to the Podcast platform to reach more audiences.

In addition, He Guilan, a politician and known as the "Sister of Position," also opened the "Blue Words" Podcast in September 2020, focusing on current affairs.

In addition, the well-known YouTube channel "Slightly Spicy Manner" also grabbed the podcast in November last year, turning the sound of YouTube videos into programs and uploading them to iTunes.

The most podcasts of local culture, news, and art

Podcasts on iTunes are divided into 18 categories.

In the Cantonese Podcast, the five categories of society and culture, news, literature and art, religion and spirituality, and education are the most, and the categories of music, government, real crime, history, and sports are the least, which more or less reflects the preferences of Hong Kong people .

Which podcasts are the most popular among Hong Kong people in 2020?

According to the 2020 ranking of the highest local traffic podcasts published by Spotify, the top five are Global News Podcast, TED Talks Daily, The Michelle Obama Podcast, The Daily and Five Minutes of Psychology-Tree Hole Hong Kong Podcast, the most popular local on Spotify 'S podcast still seems to be mainly in English.

According to data from the Podcast statistics website Chartable at the end of last year (data on December 24 last year), the most popular on iTunes is British English One Minute with Uncle Xiao, Pan-Pan-Pan Science, Slightly Spicy Week, Five-Minute Psychology-Tree Hole Hong Kong Podcast and Global News Podcast.

Among the popular podcasts on iTunes, there are more Cantonese channels than Spotify.

Podcast hosts mostly start from interest, professional content companies grab the beach

Although all major Podcast platforms currently provide producers with certain statistical data, the public numbers are only popular rankings. Unlike YouTube, which provides data such as the number of listeners and the number of followers, it is difficult to analyze the listening habits of listeners.

With more and more local producers, can Podcast become a new content battlefield?

Can it bring income to creators?

Podcasts are still a niche favorite, and the host is not like a YouTuber. You can join YouTube's "Ad Network" and earn revenue based on the viewing hours.

On the contrary, Podcast advertisements are still reading advertisements and naming programs.

Rough observation, local Podcast hosts are still mostly interested, not talking about profit, but there is also a trend of professional content companies joining.


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