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Marketing products electronically is easier to display and costs less than traditional selling


Damascus-SANA The marketing and electronic selling operations are spreading in abundance worldwide as a less expensive and easier alternative to direct selling


Marketing and electronic sales are spreading widely around the world as a less expensive and easier alternative to direct sales in commercial stores, while this trend is witnessing a remarkable demand for us due to the conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic and the difficult living conditions that necessitate searching for cheaper goods with the least effort and cost as social media pages publish marketing offers for various Goods, materials and services.

Muhannad Shabani, who works for a local import company, confirmed in a statement to the SANA Economic Bulletin that electronic marketing has opened the way for everyone to market their goods or expertise without distinguishing between the giant company with huge capital and the average individual or small company with limited resources, which made obtaining the commodity or The service is possible without being restricted by time or place.

Shabani explained that the mechanisms and methods of electronic marketing are characterized by low cost and ease of implementation compared to traditional marketing mechanisms and the possibility of adapting the expenses of designing, advertising and advertising the online store free of charge or for a financial fee according to the budget specified for it, while it seems difficult to apply such mechanisms to traditional commercial activity in addition to the possibility Evaluate and measure the success of this work.

For her part, student Sally Saleh, who works in the field of electronic marketing, said that the Corona pandemic increased the need for this type of marketing due to the customer's inability to traditional shopping and the difficulty of accessing some markets and shops in addition to the ability to easily access a greater number of goods and materials. And without costs.

She explained to Mar Youssef that she did her shopping on Facebook, which saved her time and effort in getting her needs quickly, safely, and in accordance with the agreed terms of specifications, quality and quality, without extra costs, except for the cost of shipping

Rama Mualla "employee" believes that this activity should be organized and developed in a way that preserves the rights of the consumer and does not cheat in price or specifications, especially in light of the current conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic, the high cost of living, and the inability of people to roam in traditional markets to choose what suits them, especially in light of the growing activity of this activity. And expand it to include all goods and materials.

For her part, Dr. Noha Saud, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Damascus, specializing in advertising and marketing, confirmed in a statement to the SANA Economic Bulletin that electronic marketing is an integral part of traditional marketing and is widespread in many countries and is based on a specific strategy that sets a specific goal that can be measured with precise criteria and then comes The stage of implementing the goal by creating pages on social networking sites in addition to the corporate website.

Saud pointed out that there are local companies working on this marketing through its website, while small companies and individuals work on social networking sites, and its advantages are the success in communicating with individuals in a timely and rapid manner at the lowest costs.

In the context, the Director of Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Internal Trade, Ali Al-Khatib, said in a similar statement that the electronic marketing regulations issued in mid-2019 oblige websites, pages and electronic groups that carry out marketing and advertising to organize a commercial registry in order to regulate the sale, purchase and trade that take place electronically in addition to protecting customers. Whose

They deal with those activities.

Al-Khatib indicated that the consumer protection agencies in the governorates are working to apply the consumer protection law to everyone who practices commercial work and in whatever method is practiced, and that the sales, purchase or electronic commerce operations are subject to the laws and regulations in force similar to the traditional trade operations, pointing out that the restrictions that were organized in this area Very few citizens can when

Any excesses or irregularities related to fraud and non-conformity of specifications file a complaint for immediate treatment in accordance with Trade Law No. 14 of 2015.

Article 5 of the regulatory regulations defines electronic marketing as any commercial activity that aims to define the sale and purchase of goods and services using electronic media and includes all commercial activities.

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SANA Economic Bulletin

Source: sena

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