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FFP2 reusable masks? Manufacturer with clarification: "Everywhere but not in Bavaria"


Reports about a Bavarian entrepreneur who is supposed to produce FFP2 masks in reusable format have caused a stir. Now there is clarification.

Reports about a Bavarian entrepreneur who is supposed to produce FFP2 masks in reusable format have caused a stir.

Now there is clarification.

  • Reports about an entrepreneur from Bavaria who

    is supposed to produce

    FFP2 reusable masks

    have caused a stir.

  • In particular, the lack of a CE certificate for the alleged FFP2 masks appeared questionable to many.

  • Now the manufacturer himself has provided clarification.


- With so much hype about his



Norbert Metzen

then probably not expected.

The entrepreneur from Germering in the Fürstenfeldbruck district has had to




in the past few days


It was always about the

mouth and nose protection

that the



in his

online shop



fabric masks with

different colors

, which Metzen has manufactured in his factory in Slovakia and which




medical masks

by the

Austrian laboratory HygCen

, can also be equipped with a



This, according to Metzen in an interview with *

, raises the masks to

FFP2 level


Since the

fleece is

exchangeable, there have been several


in various media about the


"FFP2 reusable masks"


With the FFP2 requirement in Bavarian shops and public transport *, which has been in place for about a week, a clear advantage.

Environmentally friendly



- wonderful.

But there is a



FFP2 reusable masks from Bavaria: interested parties confused - missing CE number

What many buyers while browsing Metzens online service noticed immediately: The


Although the company HygCen certifies the suitability as a "medical mask," which for a FFP2 mask, according to

EU directive


four-digit CE number

is on but nowhere to be found.

In addition, the masks are not recognizable as FFP2 masks anyway, as they look like the usual

Corona * everyday masks


The outcry was great: So Metzen a fraud?

No, he now clarifies and explains the matter in an interview with

No FFP2 reusable masks: manufacturer explains - "Everywhere except in Bavaria"

“Something was brought

across wrongly

in the first article,” says Metzen, referring to the coverage of the

Süddeutsche Zeitung


There was



FFP2 reusable masks

several times

, which are

extremely cheap compared to the

disposable version

with a cost of

30 euros including 50 fleece filters



In fact, he confirms, if the masks are equipped with the fleece, they are FFP2-compatible.

According to Metzen's own statement, Metzen is currently having the

Bavarian Ministry of Health


whether they actually meet the standards that are currently required in Bavarian shops and public transport



, he actually

does not

have a

valid certificate


FFP2 suitability


Therefore, according to Metzen, “you can currently


the masks

for shopping anywhere in Germany without any problems - except in Bavaria

.” Because in the rest of Germany the rules are a little more relaxed.

The mouth and nose protection


needs to be


" - and Metzen has this certificate.

If you want it to be safer, you can of course also buy the fleece.

FFP2 obligation only in Bavaria: Business is going well overall - "Not mandatory everywhere"

But no matter what comes out of the exam, Metzen

does not

actually need

certification as an FFP2 mask


“Of course I could now have the masks



FFP2 use

,” says Metzen, “but why should I do that?” Business is also going so well - in Bavaria too.

Because the

obligation to wear an FFP2 mask due to Corona *

does not apply everywhere either.

For example, in some medical practices or for children under 14 years of age, his products are still completely sufficient.


don't need to put on an FFP2 mask

, only the 'buyers'", says Metzen.

The background to this is that FFP2 masks should generally

not be

worn for

longer than 75 minutes

- afterwards a

30-minute "respite" is



So that salespeople and other staff do not have to take such a break every 75 minutes

, the FFP2 mask requirement does not apply

, as the

Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care

confirms on request.

FFP2 reusable masks with fleece: Manufacturer from Bavaria is hoping for the Söder government to give in

He is sorry

that his masks raised the hope of

reusable FFP2 masks

in Bavaria.

"That is not the case,

" says Metzen.

But he hopes that the Bavarian state government around

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU)

will give in soon, and that wearing a

“medically tested mouth and nose protection” is


in Bavaria too


"They are medically tested and that is clearly marked," says Metzen.

In fact, there is a print on the top of the masks



for medical use.

Should the government around Söder actually give in,

private individuals

in Bavaria could soon

get on the bus

with a



wearing Metzen's masks


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Source: merkur

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