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Dady Brieva's warning: 'The country people are not going to be very happy when the youngsters go out to look for food'


The former Midachi was controversial when speaking of the conflict between the Alberto Fernández government and the countryside.

02/07/2021 21:54

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Updated 02/07/2021 21:56

True to her spicy and controversial style,

Dady Brieva

spoke about everything in

Mauro, the pure truth

(A24, Sundays at 7pm), with Mauro Viale, and had an intense exchange with the driver.

From her state of health, through the number of cases of coronavirus in Argentina, to whether the Russian vaccine would be applied, Brieva responded without filters, she fired at Fantino's program and did not keep silent.

Perhaps the most controversial thing happened when the former Midachi referred to a warning of a strike by the agricultural sectors.

"He was encouraged to touch the gods!", He said about Alberto Fernández and the decision to raise withholdings and establish export quotas.

“I hope it's not one of those barks that we hit but then back off.


But not by going against the field.

The problem is not the field!

I'm more from the country than the city, I'm not going to be urban.

I was not born in New York, I was born in Santa Fe.

The problem is when, in some way, the fields or the farmers control prices.

There, private property is already put in quotation marks, "he said.

And he analyzed: “If you tell me that you sell gutters and you have a monopoly on gutters and zinguería, no problem.

Because people don't eat veneer.


when it comes to grains and meat, the state has to be there.

He has to meet and dialogue with all these powerful people in the countryside, so that at least they can secure the table for Argentines.

And then yes, they export everything they want ”.

Then, with his particular style, he surprised with a warning: “In times of strong needs like this, with a nutritional increase that goes from hour to hour, it gets screwed up for everyone: for the President, for those in the field and for all Argentines.


those in the country are not going to be very happy when all the youngsters go out to look for food.

Do you understand what I'm saying? "

Dady Brieva, in dialogue with Mauro Viale.

Capture TV.

The interview began relaxed talking about the state of health of the comedian, who said that he is very well.

Then, with regard to vaccines, Dady stressed that "we are all waiting for the vaccine" and stated:

"I am going to get vaccinated with whatever vaccine is available."

And he was even encouraged to make a prediction: "Vaccines will arrive from all over the world and all this will be the past."

In addition, Dady recalled that every year, in March, he was vaccinated against the flu, regardless of the brand or the source of the dose.

"There were no quilombos with the names," he said.

Currently, the comedian is conducting his radio program in 

El destape

 and also doing a theatrical season with the play El mago del tiempo, at the El Picadero theater, where he clarified that the protocols are strictly followed.

"I know you don't go anywhere, Mauro, but send someone young to come to see all the protocols," Brieva asked Viale.

Regarding the box office, Brieva revealed that "between 50 and 80 people a day will see it."

Asked about his finances, Dady said that he is not throwing butter on the ceiling but that he is not

"stomping around like entrepreneurs who have ten times my size."

"I dont complain.

When it comes to me less, I do not handle it and when it comes to me more, I do not return it ”, sentenced Dady.

And he said he has savings to help support fixed expenses.

The talk got rougher when Viale consulted Dady about his media and controversial profile.

"You are the focus of the controversy," Mauro told him.

To which Dady replied:

“I have been one of the referents of an ideology.

Last time, we had a problem with a fake tweet saying that they had to lift all functions, and that was a lie.

Even Fantino did a complete program talking about the subject ”, he denounced.

But the answer was not enough for Viale, who asked Dady about his racy statements.

And there, Dady changed the tone of voice and clarified that "the media spend gunpowder on chimneys."

"I don't handle anything," he clarified and invited people to inquire.

"It strikes me that in addition to being a good artist and a good friend, you are a point of reference for controversy,"

Viale replied.

"Do you think I move the needle?" Dady replied, notably annoyed with the driver's insistence.

"I am grateful that I am in good health, I have much to celebrate," added the comedian.

In addition, Dady responded to El Dipy, with whom he had a strong cross and calmed the waters:

“El Dipy is a popular artist.

I celebrate everything you do.

The fights are not personal ”.

Viale went for more and asked Dady what he thinks of the government:

“Alberto is a captain, I believe in him.

But since we never had a vice as strong as Cristina, there is a lot of run run ”.

"I do not speak with any leader, I do not meet with anyone, I watch everything from the rostrum."

The talk was climbing and Dady was encouraged to deepen even more: "I don't know if everything Cristina and Alberto say is so like that."

Although when choosing between the two, he

preferred Cristina.

"You don't have to be so deep to understand Peronism," Brieva added.

And he said that "he does not believe in the centers."

"There can be no gray gaze on the priorities that the world handles



Dady said. 

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