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Dozens of ration seizures in the governorates of Rural Damascus, Hama and Tartous


Governorates - SANA In the context of its monitoring of markets and the work of bakeries and fuel stations, the directorates of internal trade and protection registered

Provinces - Sana

In the context of its monitoring of markets and the work of bakeries and fuel stations, the directorates of internal trade and consumer protection in the governorates of Damascus, Hama, and Tartous recorded dozens of ration adjustments.

In Damascus countryside, members of the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Directorate seized 7 tourist bakeries in the areas of Qudsaya, al-Nabek, and Daraa highway, for offenses of selling at an excess and a loss of weight.

According to data that SANA received copies of, a fuel station was seized in Deir Atiyah, in violation of the absence of a board, and the organization of 75 controls regarding the possession of expired materials, the absence of a statement card, the failure to announce prices, and the failure to present purchase invoices.

In Hama, the members of the Internal Merchants and Consumer Protection Directorate organized 48 supply controls that included a workshop for the production of spiced Shanklish material in an area such as Farah that contains large quantities of spoiled and severely molded foodstuffs and emits unpleasant odors, as the necessary rationing control was organized and the quantities in violation were destroyed in the presence of the owner of the goods and transferred To eliminate.

The seizure also affected shops and commercial events in violation of possession and display for sale of expired food and non-food items, and a food facility to manufacture rivets with cream, in violation of health and food safety conditions, selling table eggs at an extra price, selling hot drinks at an extra price in the cafeteria of the College of Education, not showing purchase invoices for materials of unknown source, and a violation of lack of data. On sweets, expired materials "spices and pesticides" were offered for sale, and the possession of materials of unknown source "butter and shampoo" in the neighborhoods and areas of Al-Sabuniya, Al-Furousiya Street, Alailat and Al-Bayad.

An arrest was also organized against nine people for violating the illegal trade in fuel, and for the right of seven accredited people to violate the sale of supply bread bundles at an extra price, to refrain from selling catering bread to citizens and to tamper with the citizen’s allocations through the electronic card in the neighborhoods of “Al-Sabuniya, Aleppo, Amiriya, Andalusia, Al-Galaa, Aleppo, Shehba Road and Faiha, and the right of President The shift of the automatic Rabiah bakery for the violation of tampering with the allocations of the accredited through the electronic card, and the right of the owner of the bakery of Ain Al Baa Al Qasour to violate the sale of bundles of low-weight supply bread to the accredited, and against the investor of the bakery through Masyaf, the violation of the sale of the ration bread bundles at an extra price, and against the right of three bakeries "Aseela, Hanjour and Al-Hazana" for the violation of the lack of supply bread ties .

In Tartous, members of the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Directorate organized 18 supply controls that affected the bakeries in Douir Raslan, Hilata, Deweer Al-Owaina and Al-Sharqi, and the head of the shift in the Dreikish bakery, with violations of bad bread production, lack of weight, and tampering with electronic card allocations, and seven people accredited in the city of Tartous and Safita for committing violations varied between collecting the cards with the intention of trading with the material. Tamween and manipulating the electronic card system and not announcing the price of the ration bread bundle.

The seizure also affected commercial shops for committing violations related to possession of expired materials and trading in them, the lack of a specification card, and the closure of five stores in the city of Tartous, with violations that varied between trading in tamarind bread and possession of materials of unknown origin and two net squeezes due to the high percentage of oil in Arjum for more than seven percent, which was sealed with red wax All seizures were referred to the competent court.

Ali Ajeeb

Source: sena

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