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How do the children of real estate professionals view their parents' careers, and will they want to engage in the industry when they grow up? | Real Estate Magazine

How do the children of real estate professionals view their parents' careers, and will they want to engage in the industry when they grow up?

  • My Sheetrit.

    Future building engineer



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"I'll finally send Dad to retire"

Shelly Sheetrit (14), daughter of Shalom Sheetrit, owner of the construction company Shatit:

Ever since I was a little girl I have admired my father for his work and the way he did to get to where he is today.

During the holidays I usually come to the office, see the amount of work, help in the office and see how everything communicates with each other and how much each role is significant and important.

I am aware of the responsibility and complexity of Dad's job, and see how his work affects even after work, in phone calls, family dinners where work-related issues arise. My dad's concern can also be seen at home, when I hear about the housing distress of young couples .

I am proud to travel around Haifa and Israel and see projects of a drinking company.

When I grow up I plan to join the construction industry, I will study for a degree in civil engineering and a degree in economics and business administration, I will experience working for a company and eventually I will replace Dad and send him to retirement.

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"When I grow stones to the sky"

Erin (6), Ann (5) and Adam (5), the grandchildren of Roni Mizrahi, President of the Chamber of Contractors and Chairman of the Mizrahi Group and Sons


Erin: I like to walk with my father, Lee Mizrahi, to see buildings he builds together with my grandfather, Roni Mizrahi.

I really like to see how buildings are built.

I also love the games with my grandfather, the funny grandfather Roni.

When I grow up I want to be a teacher.

Ann: We went with my dad, Lee Mizrahi, to see buildings he is building and also the house that Dad is building for us now with a pool.

I really want to get into our new home and swim in the pool with friends.

Fun to see how buildings are built.

When I grow up I will want to work with my dad.

I also really like Grandpa Roni, he always draws pictures for me.

Man: I really like the trips with my dad, Lee Mizrahi, to see buildings he builds and especially to see the big and huge cranes that reach almost to the sky, and also the tractors that work and the concrete trucks with the long pipe that carry concrete in the pipe to the building being built up.

When I grow up I will probably want to be like my dad and build big, tall buildings up to the sky.

"I'm a realist by birth"

Mika (11), daughter of Tali Sharon, VP of Marketing at the Ram Aderet Group, and Roi Ben Yehuda, real estate appraiser and urban planner:

I have always loved beautiful homes!

We live in a village near Savyon and my mother always reminds me how the first time she took me to a class in Savyon I asked her: "What is a mother, we have reached heaven?".

 Last summer I started working on a customer management system, lead optimization and data arrangement.

The sales people would not always update the system, and I would do it for them.

I have to admit it was boring.

The most fun is to stick "sold" stickers on the board.

I do not understand why we live in a rental and not in our own apartment with a mortgage.

I also know that if mom has a really good mood when she comes home from work, then she sure sold a penthouse.

"Dad and Mom Build a Family"

Mika (11), the daughter of Avi Karel, developer of the Brown 42 hotel and residential complex in Eilat


My dad is the best in the world, and I'm very proud of him.

As busy as he is he will always find time to talk to me and give me the attention I need.

Still, I am the youngest daughter after 3 sons - Shahaf, Yuval and Idan (all three are soldiers in regular service).

The 42 ° BROWN complex, whose construction has recently begun, is Dad's life enterprise, but for him the family always comes first.

Dad goes on frequent business trips, and I miss him very much, but the weekends are always ours.

We enjoy the family, Shabbat meals and trips with friends.

Mom, Aharona, runs our offices in Eilat, and it's fun to know that together with Dad they built a family company.

"I inherited entrepreneurship"

Bar Moore (26), the eldest son of real estate developer Hanan Moore


I am the eldest son and the eldest grandson of a family of more than 30 grandchildren.

My father, Hanan Moore, was and still is a very significant figure in my life.

An amazing combination of fatherhood, friendship, education, and on the other hand also release and flow.

There is no doubt that I inherited entrepreneurship and the desire to fulfill myself and strive high.

If you ask him, he will probably say that I took it even one step too far.

Today I am the CEO of a startup called Agora, which I co-founded with my two amazing partners Lior and Noam. Funds and Investors.We strive to become the leading company in the field and become a world standard in the industry.I am convinced that if we continue to modestly adhere to the same values ​​I mentioned earlier, it is only a matter of time before we get there.

"Thanks to the tools Dad gave me"

Daniel Kozhinoff (25), the eldest son of the diamond and real estate entrepreneur Moti Kozhinoff


From the age of 13 I have been hanging out with Dad at diamond exhibitions around the world and breathing the field.

Dad taught me the secrets of the diamond profession, the theory of trade and management and gave me all the tools for success.

I admire the ability of my father, who has moved from the international diamond world to the real estate world. I see how he gives his soul to the family's prestigious flagship project - the Genesis Tower of Babylon, which is a 44-story tower.

Thanks to the tools that my father gave me at a young age, today I am the owner of the jewelry company Feranya jewelry, one of the best known in the industry.

"I don't stop, because that's how I was raised"

Amit Sib (26), daughter of Eran Sib, Chairman of the Association of Renovation Contractors


My dad taught me to believe in yourself.

This is exactly how he believed in himself, and against all odds set up the Association of Renovation Contractors with heart and soul and full volunteerism.

There are benefits to being his daughter.

Thanks to him I know to check if the walls of the apartment are in good condition, consult with him about every peep that popped up in my apartment, he even taught me how to paint on my own.

After I grew up I realized that this is how I want to be, to mark a goal and conquer, to always follow my path, my heart, as Dad does.

I am currently a final year student at the Beit Zvi Acting School.

I know the field is not easy in this industry, and in our country there are so many actors and everyone wants the same dream, to stand on stage and be applauded.

Studying is not easy mentally and physically, 15 hours a day, working on your feet for more than two years.

But I do not stop or give up, because that is how I was raised.

Even when there are declines, one should always keep in mind that the rise will come later.

"Proud to be in a family of architects"

Shira Miloslavsky, 22, daughter of the tower architect Guy Miloslavsky:

Our firm, Miloslavsky Architects, was established in 1937 and is run by my father, who is a very significant figure in my life.

I am proud to be a fourth generation in a family of architects.  

Dad always made sure to show the importance of being a good and happy person on your part, while combining ambition and self-fulfillment.

He pushed me to be who I am in the best version.

From a young age I accompanied the development of the firm, walking around and looking at models and drawings, fascinated by the architectural work and filled with pride.

For the past two years I have been working in an office and have been exposed to a rich and diverse world far beyond what I knew.

These days I am studying architecture at Tel Aviv University and starting my path in daily coping and a real encounter with the profession.

I am proud of the planning concept of the firm, which combines the legacy of systematic and quality planning, established by the first generations in our firm, with the innovation and creativity that my father and the young and diverse staff in the firm bring to the planning process.

I see the combination of human values ​​and professional ability as the basis through which we can address the fascinating challenges in architectural design of projects, and look forward to learning more about this extraordinary and special world and experiencing it with my father

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