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Ganz: "Netanyahu's opponents are angry with me, this is a political conspiracy" - Walla! 2021 Elections


A blue-and-white chairman said in an interview at the Walla! The blockage 2021 Elections All articles Ganz: "Netanyahu's opponents anger me, this is a political conspiracy" A blue-and-white chairman said in an interview at the Walla! The blockage Tags Bnei Gantz 2021 Elections Blue and white His dew Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 14:01 Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Share on general Share on general Share on Twitter Share on Email 0 comments Personal elections -

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Ganz: "Netanyahu's opponents anger me, this is a political conspiracy"

A blue-and-white chairman said in an interview at the Walla! The blockage


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His dew

Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 14:01

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In the video: Ganz in an interview with Tal Shalev (Photo: Reuven Castro, Knesset Spokeswoman, Ministry of Defense, Flash 90 and party spokesmen)

Blue and white chairman Bnei Gantz said today (Wednesday) that calls for his resignation are part of a political conspiracy. "All the people who want to replace Netanyahu's regime, instead of attacking Netanyahu, are venting their anger on me.

"This is a political conspiracy of people who prefer not to be on the field at all, because it will increase them a little," he said in an interview with Walla! NEWS.

Gantz spoke of the sharp drop in his popularity over the past year, referring to the fact that he became a center-left political enemy. . "It's not pleasant.

But I see the other things: we do in-depth surveys and they indicate over 70% personal support for who I am, what I am.

The Delta is truly in a space of political anger.

I understand him, the circumstances I entered into the government, but not the reasons why they are angry.

Netanyahu had one interest and I had no alternative.

His one interest, which is also not over, is to have an endless transitional government where he does what he wants, and I did not have 61 ".

He says he does not endanger potential votes for a change of government." There is no situation where we do not pass the blocking percentage and there is no situation. Get stronger, "Ganz said.

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"The public understands that it is important that I be in the Knesset."

Ganz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Your situation in the polls is not a political conspiracy, it is your result.

"This is the result of people who were mostly disappointed with the way the government was run. I certainly know how to say a few things, maybe one notable one that I should not have done. White "

What did you not have to do?

"One significant thing I should not have done. Once Netanyahu did not pass a budget in August - we should have cut this event there. Understand that he is telling stories to the state and the people, and that he has no intention of standing behind agreements and serving the people in the full sense of the word. These months, and that's a mistake I recognize. "

According to Ganz, "We assumed that after two years without a budget in the country, while there is an epidemic that has economic and social health effects, Netanyahu will eventually transfer a budget for the country to function. A wrong premise can be a very big problem later - I was wrong in this premise that Netanyahu will rise to the size "Netanyahu is interested in only one thing. All other things, important as they are, are secondary. He is interested in his political and legal future - and everything else that will stand aside."

Why do you say this is a political conspiracy.

If you made a mistake in the premise, could it be that you are paying the price for this mistake?

"I'm arguing about this point. I promised not to sit down with Netanyahu when we spoke in the second and third campaigns. We did not know that Corona was expected to come with all the consequences of that. I had a rotation for half a year, not a year and a half, but I said no. (In the last election) there were external circumstances that had to go in with Netanyahu.

I joined because of the epidemic, not because of Netanyahu. .

We will not sit in his government.

Netanyahu (Photo: Official website, David Bachar)

On the one hand, there is no one in the country who does not know that you are angry after the interviews you have given, and on the other hand you are trying to evoke public empathy.

Truth be told - it seems to work.

Here you are getting stronger in the polls.

"What annoys me is not the criticism leveled at me, I think it is legitimate. Even those 130 members who signed the paper (former defense officials who called on Gantz not to run in the election, T.S.);

I do not agree with what they write there, two-thirds beautifully written, one-sided, I do not get into it.

It is legitimate that in a democracy people will say what they think. "

In the last poll, you received 5 seats. Do you feel confident in that?


One has to look at a trend over time.

I believe the numbers will continue to rise.

If there is no strong blue and white - Netanyahu stays here and does what he wants. "

Even if your strengthening will lead to the erasure of historical parties like Meretz and Labor?

" I deserve to be there and I do not get into what is happening in the other parties.

I wish everyone success, I think it is very important that all parties move because in the end many small parties is one big bloc, it is possible to reach collaborations, we all have the ultimate goal of replacing the government in Israel, each with its own emphases.

"Meretz and Labor is a distant and legitimate left and perfectly fine. I am a center, a lot of people who identify with the need to change the government, with the need to have something right here, do not see themselves as clear leftists."

"I believe the numbers of blue and white will continue to rise."

Ganz in the Knesset Plenum (Photo: Reuven Castro)

And if a week before the election you stand for four seats, in the danger zone - will you reach a point where you say I do not want to take that risk, just because you might really make history as someone who helped Netanyahu fortify his rule?

"I want to ensure that an honest government is formed here after the election and it is precisely from the place of this responsibility that I understand that I need to continue."

Let's talk about the nightmare scenario that you will not pass the blocking percentage, you did not ask for the opinion of the Attorney General on the subject.


"We are legally investigating what this means. We have our legal advisers and we are investigating this matter. It is absolutely clear that if Blue and White is not in the next Knesset there is a single government of Netanyahu. Ohana or someone else will be the Minister of Justice, Mandelblit and the State Attorney will be fired ".

You keep saying you fell on the grenade.

Maybe tell your constituents that you need to fall on the grenade again to prevent the formation of an extreme and ultra-Orthodox right-wing government.

"We are not in the same situation. Blue and white will not sit under Netanyahu, Blue and White will do everything in its power to replace Netanyahu and cause a government of honest people to be formed that serves the entire Israeli public as it deserves. Netanyahu did things for the country but it was time to replace. I will not have anyone else do it. "

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To the full article

If you have to choose between Lapid and Netanyahu - who will you choose?

Certainly in the torch.

We will wait for the results of the vote and the political feasibility.

I do find it difficult for Yair Lapid to form a government in light of his unsettled relationship with the ultra-Orthodox parties.

You also do not have a strong relationship with him.

"But I do not disqualify him on his worldviews. The ultra-Orthodox parties disqualify him on his worldviews, he disqualifies them on their perceptions, so I am here a great political difficulty. We certainly do not disqualify him as a man, if this is the result of the election Yair Lapid, I will give him the backing needed to make the change that has survived in Israel. "

If Lapid is unable to form a government, will you support another candidate from the right?

"I will support another candidate who will replace Netanyahu so that the basic principles of the government will also take into account the things that Blue and White believes in. We will be the ones who determine and influence what the next government will look like. We will not lead it, but we will be the influential part."

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