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EU vaccination pass decided - What that means for travel and vacation


In the Corona crisis, the EU vaccination certificate should provide clarity. Will vacation soon only be possible with a corona vaccination?

In the Corona crisis, the EU vaccination certificate should provide clarity.

Will vacation soon only be possible with a corona vaccination?

  • An

    EU vaccination pass

    can be used

    to save and check

    vaccinations against



  • This


    also affect free



  • Will you soon be able to

    go on vacation

    only with a Corona * vaccination


Updated on Friday, 02.26.2021, 06:15:

The digital corona

vaccination certificate

of the


is to come in three months.

The heads of state and government involved agreed on this at the EU summit.

However, the question of whether the

holiday season

can take place


summer 2021 remains



In particular, countries like Austria, Greece, Spain or Portugal, which are dependent on tourism, are apparently pushing for it because they don't want to lose another season.

That reports the "Tagesschau".

Chancellor Merkel was optimistic that the digital

EU vaccination certificate could be used

until the summer: "The expectation is that it will be ready by the summer," said



Corona vaccination pass: Agreement at EU summit

On Thursday (February 25th, 2021) the

Federal Government's

Tourism Commissioner had raised

new hopes for the holiday season. * "I hope that most Germans will be vaccinated by summer and will also be able to travel abroad," said CDU member Thomas Barreiß.

“We can't keep people at home permanently,” he



The EU countries have agreed the corona vaccination pass.

It could have a huge impact on travel.

(Symbol photo)

© Rouelle Umali / dpa

Update from Friday, January 29th,


, 11.00 a.m.:


EU vaccination certificate

should come and could





as early as



Now the EU states have agreed on the information that should be included in the

corona vaccination certificate


The background to the agreement is that the vaccination records are made as comparable as possible across the EU.




should the

EU vaccination certificates

look like?


corona Impfpass

should be possible as well as on the paper agreement by both in digital form.

It should contain personal data, the vaccine used and the authority that issued it.

But that is not how it remains.

Furthermore, there should

be some kind of electronic seal

on the

EU vaccination

pass, for example a QR code or a registration.

This should enable the

vaccination status of

a person to be called up as quickly as possible.

It could later be used to link further information.

  • Information in the corona vaccination pass:

  • Basic information on personal details

  • Covid-19 vaccine used

  • Issuing authority

  • Electronic seal

Corona vaccination certificate: This could have the following consequences on travel and vacation

With the

Corona vaccination certificate

, it would then be possible

to check

the vaccination status

quickly and easily


on vacation

and traveling.


could use


to deny

people without a vaccination the


and thus the



The Australian airline Quantas had already announced that it would take this step for certain routes.

Quarantine rules

for vaccinated people

could also be

relaxed further.

This is already the case in Poland and Iceland, among others.

How the

EU vaccination

pass will proceed and what effects this will have on a possible


in the future depends on several factors.

On the one hand, it is still open whether people with

corona vaccination

can actually no longer infect other people.

It also remains to be seen how quickly a large majority of the population in the EU countries can be vaccinated.

EU vaccination pass: What that means for travel and vacation in 2021

First report from Monday, January 25th, 2021:

Frankfurt - In the discussion about a

corona vaccination


, the aspect of traveling plays an important role.

Because once there is such a passport that


the vaccination against the

Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus

, this could have consequences for

many people's



Vacation countries

such as Greece, Malta and Spain have already


a uniform

EU vaccination

pass and indicated that this could make it possible for vaccinated people to travel freely again.

Finally vacation by the sea again.

Most people would like that for the

summer of 2021


But in Corona times, the otherwise normal travel planning for summer vacation seems to be a long way off.

The classic holiday countries in the EU, such as


and Spain, are


hard hit.

The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, now pleaded: "The people who are vaccinated must be able to travel freely."


Corona vaccination pass: Could travel soon be dependent on a Covid 19 vaccination?

(Symbol picture).

© PanoramiC / image-images

Corona vaccination pass in the EU: Why is it only possible to fly with proof of vaccination?



should be

documented and checked

in a

corona vaccination pass




is backing this initiative.

The Spanish tourism minister Reyes Maroto told the newspaper “La Vanguardia”: “This could help to restore mobility at European level”.

And many airlines are also involved in this discussion.

Will a

vacation of

your choice

soon only be possible for people with a

vaccination certificate


A negative

corona test

is already





This could also be





According to “tagesschau”, it can be assumed that

airlines will take

this step.

If a negative corona test * is now considered to be a prerequisite for a trip, this could soon also apply to vaccination certificates.

There are already initial indications of such a development.

Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr

announced in “Welt am Sonntag” that in future only people with a negative corona test or





will be taken on intercontinental flights


The Australian


Quantas had already announced in November that a

vaccination certificate

for travelers on certain international flights will soon be mandatory.

Travel only with a Corona vaccination certificate?

First countries relax entry requirements

But not only

air travel

should in future be

dependent on


corona vaccination,

among other things


The same could also apply to general entry by train or car.

There are already first tendencies.

Some countries have already decided to


quarantine rules

for vaccinated people.

According to the website of the Federal Foreign Office, a vaccinated person

no longer has to be quarantined




The same is true for


and the

Republic of Moldova




require vaccination in adults and a negative PCR test if quarantine-free entry is to be guaranteed.

A vacation without long waiting times due to a quarantine is already possible in these countries with vaccination.

A survey by the “Reise vor 9” portal among 1,300 people from the

travel industry

shows a clear trend.

Three quarters of the participants stated that they consider it very or largely likely that many countries

could insist


corona vaccination

upon entry in the



In addition, almost 70 percent expect that


could be reserved for



worldwide until the end of the corona pandemic


Survey among 1,300 people from the tourism industry

proportion of

Corona vaccination will be required by many countries upon entry in the future

75 percent (very or mostly likely)

Travel could be reserved for vaccinated people

Almost 70 percent

Airlines could only let vaccinated people on board

67 percent

Corresponding rules in the hotel industry

47 percent

Source: Travel before 9

EU vaccination certificate: how is the holiday thanks to the corona vaccination certificate?

Open questions remain

But what should a

corona vaccination pass

look like.

As media reports unanimously announced, the EU is currently working on a common standard.

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said that there is

already a global standard

with the yellow

vaccination certificate from

the World Health Organization.

The question now is what this can be used for.

What role



vaccination certificate play




Corona times * should play, so the EU has not yet agreed on that.

According to von der Leyen, a lot is still too unclear.

It is not yet certain whether

people vaccinated


Covid-19 will

still transmit the virus.

It is also still not clear how long a person is immune after vaccination.

From the point of view of the EU Commission chief, a politically explosive question also plays a central role.

After all, what can people do who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate reasons or who simply have not yet had access to a



Digital corona vaccination certificate: This is why airlines are working on digital vaccination records

Regardless of the discussion about the

corona vaccination


in the


, some airlines are already working on introducing a digital offer for proof of vaccination.

The World Airline Association (IATA) has developed a so-called "IATA Travel Pass" which contains data on

vaccination records and the corona test


This should make air travel easier and quarantines avoided.

The Arab airlines Ethihad and Emirates have already introduced this health pass.

According to its own information, Lufthansa is also involved in the project.

So far, however, the introduction for certain passenger groups is still being examined.

Instead of just


on the

yellow vaccination certificate used



, a district in Bavaria has also


to have its own digital

corona vaccination certificate


Vaccination cards were introduced in Altötting that contain the names, date of birth, place of residence, photos as well as the vaccine and the two vaccination dates of the vaccinated in digital form.

The data can be called up using a QR code.

One thing is certain, namely that nothing is certain yet.

According to many experts from the

travel industry



will be an important condition for freedom of travel in the future.

The efforts of some countries and airlines also suggest this.

How this will have an effect exactly, that also depends on how the vaccination efforts of countries bear fruit, and whether


can actually infect any other people.

For the

2021 vacation

, however, this means that travel fans will have to put off

vacation planning

on the back burner.

(Sophia Lother)

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Rouelle Umali / dpa

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