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Reader's telephone: The short line to the vaccination center - All questions, all answers about the corona vaccination


When is my turn to have the corona vaccination? This question moved the callers on the Ebersberger Zeitung's reader phone the most. Vaccination center boss Liam Klages was not only able to provide more clarity.

When is my turn to have the corona vaccination?

This question moved the callers on the Ebersberger Zeitung's reader phone the most.

Vaccination center boss Liam Klages was not only able to provide more clarity.


- Complicated registration, long wait for an appointment, concern about its effectiveness: There are many questions unanswered about the vaccination campaign against the corona virus - also in the Ebersberg district.

The response to the Ebersberger Zeitung's reader telephone with the head of the vaccination center, Liam Klages, was enormous - the editorial staff's telephone system counted 1861 calls on Wednesday afternoon.

For many, this rush meant they couldn't get through.

Therefore, and for all other interested readers, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

Registration in the Bavarian vaccination portal: Does the automatic invitation even work?

- I have been registered with the vaccination portal for weeks and have not heard anything since.

Can I still get it?

If you have registered via the online portal or the telephone hotline (0 80 92) 86 31 40, we will contact you.

In the first case by e-mail and SMS, in the second case by phone.

If a relative has registered you, he will be informed as soon as appointments are available.

- And that works?

I'm afraid the system will forget me.

The award now works well and fairly.

All callers who stated that they were registered could also be found in the vaccination database.

So the registration worked for everyone we could check.

If you are unsure, you can check your registration status via the online portal or ask on the hotline.

After a successful registration, no further checking is necessary.

We will contact you as soon as appointments are available, we promise.

- What happens if I miss the vaccination invitation or I cannot accept it for medical reasons, for example because of acute antibiotic treatment?

I'm worried that I'll end up at the bottom of the list.

Do not worry.

As soon as you are invited, you always have the option to make an appointment.

This invitation does not expire.

Just keep the email until you can make an appointment.

We contact those who have registered by phone several times.

So you can go outside the house with peace of mind.

- What if I don't have time for the appointment allotted to me?

You always get several dates to choose from.

And the invitation doesn't expire.

Age, previous illnesses, risk factors: when is my turn to have the corona vaccination?

- I am over 80 years old and I know many who have already been vaccinated.

When is my turn?

Short answer: by the end of March at the latest!

- Long answer: Unfortunately, the problem is still the scarce vaccine.

So far we have been able to vaccinate around 5000 people from the Ebersberg district who belong to the 1st priority level.

There are around 10,000 over-80s in the Ebersberg district.

We expect everyone in this group to receive a vaccination offer in the coming month.

- I am over 80 and have therefore received a letter from the district administration.

Do I have a vaccination appointment with it?

No, the information letter from the district office is not an appointment confirmation!

You have to register.

You can do this by phone or online, and a relative or acquaintance can do it for you - up to five people can be registered with one email address.

And we will soon be putting out postcards, for example in pharmacies or medical practices.

If you send them in, we'll call you to make an appointment.

- I'm well under 80. Does it make any difference to my age if I register now?

In any case, you should register as soon as possible, no matter how old you are!

Sometimes conditions or rules change at short notice.

For example, when a new vaccine is approved.

Like the one from Astrazeneca.

It can only be vaccinated on people younger than 65 years.

Accordingly, there are also appointments for younger people who can prove risk factors.

Ebersberger Zeitung reader's telephone with the head of the vaccination center: concerns about Astrazeneca vaccine

- The Astrazeneca vaccine is only 70 percent effective.

What does that mean?

According to medical experience, this means that the vaccine lowers your individual risk by 70 percent of developing symptoms of Covid-19 at all - compared to your unvaccinated immune system.

A cough is considered a disease.

The risk of getting more seriously ill or even dying is significantly lower.

So the vaccine works - and the side effects, which are especially felt by younger people, in our experience all subside after 24, at the latest after 48 hours.

- I am over 65 years of age but would still dare to take the Astrazeneca vaccine.

Is the?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give the Astrazeneca vaccine to people older than 65.

He is not approved for this.

- I am older than 70, so I belong to the 2nd risk group.

When will i get it?

We expect that there will be enough vaccine in the Ebersberg district by the end of April to be able to offer everyone in the 2nd risk group a vaccination.

Under 80 years old?

Who's next with the corona vaccination?

- I have serious previous illnesses.

Will I get it earlier?

Your age is primarily decisive.

Only severe disabilities or illnesses such as acute cancer treatment requiring treatment are a reason for upgrading to 2nd priority.

The vaccination ordinance is very tough, so our hands are unfortunately tied.

Within your priority level, however, you can get an appointment earlier if you state any previous illnesses - and can also prove them.

- I'm over 65 so I can't get the Astrazeneca.

But I'm also under 70 and therefore not part of priority level 2. How long do I have to wait?

Unfortunately, you fall into a group for which, according to the current status, it will probably take until the middle of the year.

We regret that very much, but the vaccination regulation leaves us no room for maneuver.

Allocation of appointments by algorithm: how does it work?

Is that fair

- Who decides who gets an appointment and when?

The BayIMCO computer software from the Free State.

Based on your information, it calculates a "score", a comparison value.

The invitations are prioritized based on this value - if the score is the same, to our knowledge, the decision is random.

By the way, the registration date does not matter - if you registered earlier, you will not automatically get an earlier turn.

- Can I find out my score?

Or what place on the waiting list am I on?

No, we don't know either, only the computer knows the score.

- Do I have to register online if I am registered by phone?

No, just register once.

- Do people who have logged in over the phone get there faster?

Who ends up where on the vaccination registration list?

And how do I get it earlier?


Our call center employees do nothing else than what you can also do online: add you to the BayIMCO database.

All those willing to vaccinate end up on the same list, in the same database, so that appointments are made fairly.

- I would like to be fully vaccinated in the 1st week of May.

Can't you do something about that?


We have no influence on the invitations, the software of the Free State of Bavaria decides that.

- Politicians are vaccinated elsewhere.

Not with us before it's your turn, we make sure of that.

If there is any vaccine left over, we have a replacement list with first priority people.

The district administrator is not on it.

- Teachers and kindergarten staff are now to be given preferential vaccination.

Do the older ones have to wait longer now?

These groups can receive preferential treatment with the Astrazeneca vaccine.

People over 65 cannot get it anyway, so there is no “competition”.

Astrazeneca or rather Biontech / Pfizer: Can I choose the corona vaccine?

- Can I choose the vaccine?


Which vaccine we inoculate depends on what is currently available.

All vaccines are effective and generally well tolerated.

- We are a married couple.

Can we be vaccinated together?

Unfortunately, the computer software doesn't take this into account.

You have to make an appointment separately, even if you belong to the same risk or age group.

- Do I need a corona test before vaccination?

No, but it doesn't hurt.

- Where can I get vaccinated everywhere?

So far only in the vaccination center Ebersberg and via the mobile teams, if you are first priority and cannot leave the house.

We would also like to open a branch in Poing at the beginning of April.

Unfortunately, it will take some time until the general practitioners' practices are allowed to vaccinate.

Medicines, prostheses: what do I have to consider?

- I've heard that heart patients who take the blood thinner Marcumar are not vaccinated.

Is that correct?


In individual cases, however, the doctor at the vaccination center may recommend that you consult your family doctor before the vaccination.

- I have a shoulder prosthesis that extends far into the upper arm.

Can I be vaccinated?

Yes, to be on the safe side and according to the doctor's individual decision, probably in the other arm.

Otherwise, the vaccination can also be injected into the thigh or gluteal muscle - a suitable spot can already be found.

This is how the vaccination certificate works - and the rules are so strict

- Since the vaccination, there has been a note stuck to my vaccination card with the words “Comirnaty”.

What does that mean?

“Comirnaty” is the trade name for the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer.

That means you have been vaccinated with this one.

- I had Corona.

Will I still be vaccinated?

And if not, how can I prove that I am immune?

Our guidelines state that you should be vaccinated at least six months after the illness.

You are immune - even if you had no symptoms - probably much longer.

An examination of the antibodies by the family doctor will provide clarity.

This test also shows that you are immune.

- I drove my sister, who is a wheelchair user, to the vaccination center.

There it turned out that she could not be vaccinated because of a drug.

I'm almost 80 myself and I saw the vaccine on the table in front of me.

Why didn't the doctor make an exception?

I can fully understand your anger, but the doctor did everything right.

We strictly adhere to the vaccination ordinance, so that the vaccination is fair for everyone - even if it sometimes seems tough in individual cases.

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