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Coronavirus disease. Live | News of Epidemic Rebound: Approximately 33 more confirmed cases today hit a new high


Hong Kong launched a new crown vaccination program yesterday (26th). Five categories of people can be given priority to get Kexing vaccine. The first batch of Fosun/BioNTech vaccines arrived in Hong Kong this morning. The number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia rose yesterday.

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Written by: Chen Jiayi, Li Enci, Zhong Yan, Zheng Cuibi, Golden Chess, Hu Jiaxin, Deng Yinglin, McKay, Tsang Kaixin, Ma Weijie, Zhang Jiamin, Leung Huanmin

2021-02-27 08:00

Last update date: 2021-02-27 16:29

Hong Kong launched a new crown vaccination program yesterday (26th). Five categories of people can be given priority to get Kexing vaccine. The first batch of Fosun/BioNTech vaccines arrived in Hong Kong this morning.

Yesterday, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia rebounded, with 24 new confirmed cases, and one of the 18 local infections was a case of unknown origin.

The "Famous Tide Restaurant" group at K11 Musea Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui was further expanded, with 30 patients diagnosed or initially diagnosed.

According to the news, there are about 33 new confirmed cases today.

▼List of Vaccination Locations for Kexing, BioNTech/Fosun Vaccine in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories▼

▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in 3 pictures▼

Today (27th) is the second day of the vaccination plan. People in the priority vaccination group will continue to receive vaccination at the vaccination center of the Guanyong Stadium.

(Photo by Ma Weijie)

New crown vaccine | Chronic patients choose Kexing: less side effects, citizens support domestic vaccine

[15:05] The new crown vaccination plan entered the second day today (27th). At 10 o'clock this morning, many citizens continued to receive injections at the vaccination center at Yuanhe Road Gymnasium, and the operation of the center was generally smooth.

Some citizens who were present for the injection pointed out that because they were chronically ill, they chose the Koxing vaccine with fewer side effects. Other citizens said that they believed in domestic vaccines. "Anyway, I believe in China (vaccine) and not other countries."

Citizens accompany the elderly to get vaccinations to get the eligibility for vaccination. The policy is good: they can't stand up to returning to the mainland to fight

The Vaccination Center of Kwun Chung Gymnasium is vaccinated. Many citizens accompany the elderly to vaccinate as caregivers. There are also construction workers who vaccinate on the spot alone, but construction workers should not belong to the priority group.

▼On February 27, the situation of citizens vaccinated against the new crown ▼




19% of residents in East public housing estates feel that there is a smell in the drainage system

[14:25] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has not ended. In the past, there have been many times in the past that housing estate’s pipes "spread poison."

A political party conducted a survey of more than 2,500 public housing residents in Kwun Tong and Wong Tai Sin districts and found that more than 70% of the respondents were very worried about the channel becoming a means of spreading the epidemic, and an adult’s house often had a bad smell.

However, the drainage pipe inspection plan launched due to the epidemic took about 18 months to complete. Four adults were dissatisfied with this.

Among them, one of the cases belonged to the epidemic building, where the drainage pipe connection point in the home was cracked, but the staff of the Housing Department said it was not serious, and it has not been dealt with since January to the 27th.

The DAB Housing Affairs spokesperson, Or Chong-sheng, pointed out that the case is only the tip of the iceberg. The Housing Authority is urged to make a commitment for drainage services and complete the drainage inspection plan ahead of schedule in the first half of this year.

[12:31] According to the news, there are about 33 new confirmed cases today.

New Crown Vaccine | BioNTech is only shipping 585,000 doses of vaccine to Hong Kong today, open appointment for vaccination next week

[11:37] The first batch of 1 million doses of Fubitai vaccine jointly developed by Fosun Pharma and BioNTech will be delivered to Hong Kong in two flights from Germany.

585,000 doses have arrived in Hong Kong today, and the first remaining doses will be delivered to Hong Kong in early March.

A government spokesman said that an online appointment system will be opened next week to allow citizens to make appointments for vaccination with Fubitel. The specific arrangements will be announced in due course.

▼On February 27, the first batch of BioNTech vaccines were delivered to Hong Kong▼




[11:20] At about 10:25 in the morning, the Cathay Pacific flight carrying BioNTech vaccine landed. The staff unloaded the vaccine from the plane, delivered it to the truck, and then transported it away by the truck.

The Secretary for Civil Service Nie Dequan, the Secretary for Food and Health Chen Zhaoshi, and Fosun Pharma's Hong Kong executive chief representative Luo Zijun were present to greet them. However, unlike the mainland Kexing Vaccine when it arrived in Hong Kong, the two directors did not speak, only during the shutdown Ping took a group photo and left.

[10:16] The first batch of Fosun/BioNTech's Fubitai vaccine originally scheduled to arrive on Thursday was postponed to Hong Kong at 10 am today.

Director of the Civil Service Bureau Nie Dequan and Director of the Food and Health Bureau Chen Zhaoshi went to the airport to inspect the vaccine delivery.

The Cathay Pacific passenger plane carrying the vaccine drove to the parking apron near the cargo yard at about 10:30, ready to unload the cargo.

▼2.26 First day of Kexing vaccination▼




▼2.26 celebrities get Kexing vaccine▼

Diagnosed restaurants | 18 celebrity groups added to more than Hong Kong and Kowloon restaurants, Michelin Guojin Xuan on the list

[00:30] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has repeated. Yesterday (26th) the number of confirmed cases rebounded to 24. The K11 MUSEA "Famous Tide Restaurant" group was further expanded to 30 people.

The Centre for Health Protection updated the patient's whereabouts last night, and 18 more restaurants were on the list.

Some people diagnosed who have been to the "Famous Tide Restaurant" visited a number of restaurants, including Greyhound Cafe in the International Finance Center (IFC) mall, Michelin-recommended restaurants, and IFC on the third floor of The Mira in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Mandatory Inspection Building|Gazetted 15 Buildings, Blocks 21-24, Shek Kip Mei Village, all connected to 4 buildings are subject to mandatory inspection

[00:05] There were 24 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong yesterday (26th). Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, stated at the press conference yesterday that the confirmed cases involved 12 buildings.

The government gazetted 15 buildings last night and issued a mandatory inspection notice. The three new buildings are the 21st, 23rd and 24th blocks of Shek Kip Mei Village.

There were no new confirmed patients in the three buildings in the past 14 days.

▼On February 23, people in the five priority groups took the lead to get vaccinated at the Central Library’s vaccination center▼




Overview of yesterday:

Resumption of classes|Bureau of Education: Over 400 schools have applied for the resumption of classes in the whole school, which has doubled from last week, and the tuition club still accounts for half

New crown pneumonia | It is confirmed that more than 20 students have played with more than a dozen people in the gym with unknown identities

Increased 24 cases of two-week high K11 tidal food restaurants accumulatively 30 people infected with the epidemic

Vaccination | Make an appointment for a 70-year-old elder to get an injection

Travel with peace of mind | Deputy Director of Information Technology said that App helps tracking: friends who have been to K11 have received messages

Isolation and quarantine "increased spicy" News: Close contacts of the patient 7 days before the onset of illness on Saturday must be quarantined


New crown pneumonia 01 Video I am home to compulsory testing of new crown vaccine, China Kexing BioNTech/Fosun vaccine

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