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Heilbrunn opera singer Kapfhammer: "The cultural landscape will change"


The Heilbrunn opera singer Rita Kapfhammer in an interview about how she passed the crisis, how she ended up in Saxony-Anhalt and what she wants for the future.

The Heilbrunn opera singer Rita Kapfhammer in an interview about how she passed the crisis, how she ended up in Saxony-Anhalt and what she wants for the future.

Bad Heilbrunn

- “When God gave out his gifts, I received something special.

And I am very grateful that I can live out this gift ”, said the mezzo-soprano Rita Kapfhammer on the occasion of the award of the district's art prize two years ago.

The corona pandemic has also changed her everyday life considerably - but she doesn't want to let the joy of her dream job ruin her.

What was your first thought when you found out that singing had just been exposed as a virus thrower, Ms. Kapfhammer?

The first thing I thought was: excuse me?

Singing is healthy!

Second, I took a closer look at the arguments that say that singing throws a lot of breath into the air - and with this the viruses are distributed.

But a professional singer has just learned to manage his breath in such a way that he releases the air very sparingly.

Otherwise we would never be able to hold out and create a longer phrase!

In the meantime, research has shown that it is around two meters over which the aerosols are spread.

This is actually a problem for a choir in a normal line-up, but it can be arranged for one or a few soloists.

"Always work towards these performances in front of an audience"

Your appointments at the opera houses are probably completely canceled in the pandemic, right?

Of course, nothing worked until the summer.

That was especially a shame because I should have taken on a leading role in an opera premiere at the Meiningen State Theater, where I often and gladly guest.

But at least we were able to stage a premiere in Dessau, an operetta that went very well from August to October.

Of course we actors had to keep the required distance and there were only about 50 spectators.

But it was very important that something was possible again.

Singers or dancers have to stay in constant practice.

And training and practicing without a goal just doesn't work in the long run.

We always work towards this performance in front of an audience.

That is what drives us.

However, if your work is more about adhering to hygiene regulations than about artistic content, it becomes difficult.

What else is left of the gigs?

We had a nice open-air performance to mark the opening of the season in Dessau.

And I was able to do a few meditations with music and biblical texts in the church here in Heilbrunn during Advent.

And around Christmas I had performances in the churches in Heilbrunn, Lenggries and Tölz, where I sang from the organ gallery, so far away from the visitors.

But still I was finally able to sing for people again - and not just for myself in the quiet chamber.

How is the mood in the industry at the moment?

Personally, I am very lucky that I am in a permanent position.

That means I'm fine so far - and I thank the Lord for that.

With the freelance colleagues, of course, things look very different.

And I'm afraid the problems will not be over when we have the corona virus under control, but the cultural landscape will emerge from this crisis in a different way.

And she will probably no longer be able to feed some ...

"Creativity could be more effective again in a crisis"

Is there still something positive about the crisis?

When I look back on the last few years, in which we have all been doing well, including the freelance with reliable assignments, then some things may have gone too far in the usual rut.

The creativity to develop alternative ideas with less money, that could perhaps come into play again in the crisis.

You are not affected yourself, but how do you assess the state support for independent cultural workers?

It was probably not really much that was offered.

And you shouldn't forget that in addition to the normal living expenses, a singer has relatively large expenses for sheet music and voice coaching, which you simply need in order to develop further.

In addition, the aid must definitely continue once the crisis has been overcome in order to get cultural life back on its feet.

Do you see differences in the appreciation of culture between the new federal states and Bavaria?

The not exactly lavish annual budget of the theater in Dessau is financed by the city, which receives grants from the state.

And for all cultural purposes combined, less than one percent of the state budget is earmarked.

But as I see it, it doesn't look any better in Bavaria.

Although Bavaria should be more generous because it is better off than Saxony-Anhalt and could more easily afford it.

But now that there has been so much talk about appreciation for culture, maybe something will change after all?

"When I'm in Saxony-Anhalt, I'm homesick"

How did you get to Saxony-Anhalt in the first place?

During my engagement at Gärtnerplatz in Munich, I made a guest appearance in Koblenz and got on well with the opera director there.

When he moved to Dessau, he first offered me a guest performance at the “Masked Ball” and finally wanted me to work for the entire “Ring”, that is Richard Wagner's “The Ring of the Nibelung”, which consists of four individual works.

That would not have been feasible as a guest, so he offered me a permanent position limited to three years.

I thought this was a great opportunity!

For three years, why not?

And then I stayed there ...

And where is the main focus of your life?

As far as work is concerned: definitely in Dessau.

And since I've practically turned my hobby into a job, that's very important.

But I'm at home here too.

I would say home is where the family is.

I come from a farm;

the whole family lives here in the region.

And then the mountains!

I go out a lot for running, jogging and hiking.

I love this mountainous landscape here.

Although I have to admit that there are also great places in and around Dessau, for example the Wörlitzer Park.

But when I'm up there, I'm homesick.

What are your expectations and hopes for 2021?

I hope that a few more guest appearances will open up.

But whether that will still be possible in a changed cultural landscape ...?

In any case, I would very much like to be able to live my dream job for a few more years.

And what is your motto for the corona crisis?

Don't bury your head in the sand, do it!

Just keep on going.

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"How are you?" We ask people from the district how they experience the unusual Corona times.

(Sabine Näher)

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