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35+ primaries. Live | Tan Wenhao Weeping Citizen Party Members Suddenly Suspected Reporters About Resigning from the Party


The case involved 47 pan-democrats who participated in the "35+" primary election last year and was charged with conspiracy to subvert state power. The case went through a two-day "marathon" hearing. Today (3) enters the third day. Will deal with the remaining 8 defendants

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Written by: Li Huina, Chen Jiayi, Zhong Yan

2021-03-03 18:29

The last update date: 2021-03-03 19:46

The case involved 47 pan-democrats who participated in the "35+" primary election last year and was charged with conspiracy to subvert state power. The case went through a two-day "marathon" hearing. Today (3) enters the third day. The application for bail of the remaining 8 defendants will be processed.

After two days of long interrogation, the Chief Magistrate finally made a more humane arrangement. Some defendants revealed yesterday that they had not bathed and changed clothes for 3 days since they were imprisoned on Sunday. However, Officer Su said that he believed that the Correctional Services Department should respond accordingly. program.

The case will be retrial at 12 o'clock this afternoon. The defendants detained in the Lai Chi Kok Detention Center were escorted to the West Kowloon Court at 11 o'clock in the morning. The defendants appeared to be wearing the same clothes they had worn when they reported to the police station, with some faces. Slightly haggard.

As soon as the court opened the court, the media first processed applications for reporting on bail, and only then formally heard the bail statements of the remaining eight defendants in the afternoon.

Su Guan revealed that after hearing all the submissions, the defendant can have dinner first, and he will also consider whether to release the defendant on bail during that time.

Yang Yueqiao and "Hong Kong 01" will follow up the situation.

[19:38] The members of the Civic Party stated that they would meet with reporters outside the courtroom.

[19:27] Su Guan expects that all bail submissions can only be completed today, and the court will also need time to consider the decision, and it is expected that a ruling will be made tomorrow.

Tan Wenhao crying with excitement

[19:13] Guo Jiaqi and Tan Wenhao were also emotional when they spoke, and Tan even cried bitterly while speaking in court.

The case was temporarily adjourned to 8 p.m., allowing the defendants to eat dinner first.

[18:41] Tan Wenhao, Yang Yueqiao, Guo Jiaqi, and Li Yuxin suddenly said that they would make supplementary speeches by themselves. The senior lawyer Liang Jiajie, who represented the 4 people, would no longer represent them; Lin Zhuoting would also make speeches next, and Yang Yueqiao choked up when speaking.

Tan Wenhao cried bitterly when he delivered his speech in court.

(Photo by Chen Chuolan)

Guan Su revealed that he would consider the decision during the defendant’s meal time

[18:25] Before the last defendant, Yu Huiming’s big pleading statement, Su Guan stated that after hearing the last defendant’s bail statement, he would let him add the big pleading statement, and then he would "release During the meals of the defendants, the court will consider whether to approve bail, and the media reporting restrictions will only be dealt with after dinner time.

A big lawsuit asked whether the court would delay the closing time of the accounting department. Guan Su said that if bail was approved, the defendants would be allowed to submit bail money to the court tomorrow.

[17:26] After more than two hours of hearing in the afternoon, the lawyers of 6 defendants have completed bail applications. Currently, only the lawyers of the remaining two defendants, Wang Baiyu and Yu Huiming, have yet to make bail statements.

[14:44] After the court session in the afternoon, the case on behalf of Shi Delai applied for bail for him.

The situation outside the West Kowloon Court in the afternoon.

(See the figure below for details)

The media demanded that the bail content be reported

[13:50] Some media have applied to the court early for permission to report the content of bail, and the judge will deal with it before handling the bail.

The defense believes that it is of great benefit to society

Barrister Ma Weixing believes that the restriction that the media cannot report the content of bail can be eliminated. He pointed out that because this case involves interpretations of the provisions of the National Security Law of different major and even senior majors, the public can also understand the prosecution's application of the National Security Law. It is of great benefit to society and can also help to achieve social justice.

However, Martha suggested that in order to protect the personal privacy of each defendant, the court may still prohibit reporting the defendant’s conviction record, education level, financial status and medical history.

Prosecution worries about affecting police investigation

The prosecution opposed the removal of restrictions, pointing out that "there is no need for social justice" and that the report will have an impact on the defendant's defense in the future, and the negative impact cannot be reversed.

Furthermore, reports will also affect the police's continued investigations, and suspects may disclose reports and learn about the situation.

In addition, in the past two days, some people expressed some political ideas in the court, which aroused unnecessary emotions, believing that approval may cause unfair procedures.

Ma Dazheng retorted that he believed that the Attorney General would not delegate the trial to a jury. Even if a jury is present at the final trial, the court can guide the jury to eliminate the influence of the report.

Moreover, this case involves a primary election, and the scope of the case is relatively clear. It is different from the Li Zhiying case. It is believed that the report will not affect the police investigation.

The hearing will resume at 2:30 pm, and the court will deal with reporting restrictions later.

[12:45] The hearing was originally scheduled to start at 12 noon, but today it was unable to open the court on time. Although the defendants had entered the court at about 12:30, the extended court attended by the reporter was unable to receive the sound for a long time and was unable to listen to the hearing. The court situation can not be heard until before the hearing, and the hearing finally started at 12:42.

The situation outside the West Kowloon Court.

(See the picture below for details)




The owner of a tea restaurant sent breakfast to the waiting citizens

[12:15] The application for bail of 35+ persons arrested in the primary election entered the third day, and dozens of citizens had been queued up to listen in at more than 10 o'clock outside the court.

The owner of a nearby tea restaurant brought dozens of breakfasts and a box of water to distribute them, hoping to "make a contribution."

Some citizens came here on the first day of today and pointed out that they "feel so uncomfortable" to read the news and support the arrested district board member from the long road in Tin Shui Wai.

When Huang Zhifeng and others set off to the court, most of them were still wearing the clothes on the day they were arrested.

(See the picture below for details)




A defendant complained yesterday that there was no shower and a shirtless change

One of the defendants’ barrister, Liu Weicong, spoke in court yesterday and revealed that he had not had a shower or a shirt for 3 days since he was detained. Some defendants also claimed that their family members had failed to bring them the clothes to be changed. There was also a defense. The lawyer suggested that the defendant should be released on bail for a short period of time in order to change clothes, but all were rejected by Su Guan. However, because the application to be processed today was smaller than the previous two days, the Su Guan case did not open until noon today.

In fact, the trial of this case has broken many court records, including the failure to complete the trial procedure for more than a day; the first day of hearing continued from 4 pm to 2 am, and one person appeared in the day of the hearing. Fainted and 5 people need to be sent to hospital.

47 defendants.

(See the picture below for details)




47 defendants were charged with one count of conspiracy to subvert state power, which is that they conspired together to subvert state power during the period from July 1, 2020 to January 7, 2021, and organized, planned, implemented, or participated in Implementation, the threat of the use of force or other means to seriously interfere with, obstruct or undermine the performance of the functions of the Hong Kong government.

The charge is that the defendant declared, carried out, or participated in a plan to obtain majority control in the Legislative Council. Any budget or public expenditure proposed by the SAR government, regardless of the content or the pros and cons of the content, refused to pass without distinction, forcing The Chief Executive dismissed the Legislative Council, paralyzing the operation of the government, and eventually led to the Chief Executive's resignation.

In order to achieve this plan, the defendant either participated in the election or did not participate in the election of the Legislative Council, and promised that after being elected, he would deliberately or deliberately fail to perform his duties as a member of the Legislative Council, that is, he would uphold the Basic Law and be loyal to the SAR.

Case Number: WKCC 813/2021

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