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Corona summit with Merkel today: draft resolution now shows new "magical value" for easing


The Corona summit is intended to pave Germany a way out of lockdown. After a readjustment now also in areas with an incidence below 100.

The Corona summit is intended to pave Germany a way out of lockdown.

After a readjustment now also in areas with an incidence below 100.

  • The federal and state governments will hold the next corona summit on Wednesday.

  • The main topics will be possible relaxations and the test strategy.

    A resolution proposal shows the intended direction.

  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from March 3, 11.55 a.m.:

Will the group around Angela Merkel have too much courage to open up?

One passage has completely disappeared from the updated draft resolution: the one in which a relaxation of the contact restrictions was announced at Easter.

On the other hand, the pressure to open is growing: the retail sector is insisting on reopening at the beginning of next week in view of the existence-threatening situation of many shops.

The shops should be allowed to reopen on March 8, the German Trade Association (HDE) demanded on Wednesday.

"It is disappointing that the secure and fair opening strategy that was originally promised for February 10 and then for March 3 is still not in place," wrote HDE President Josef Sanktjohanser and Managing Director Stefan Genth to Chancellery Minister Helge, according to the association Braun (CDU).

The retail trade is "demonstrably not a source of infection";

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has classified both the risk of infection and the share of the retail trade in the general infection rate as low.

Corona summit with Merkel today: draft resolution now shows new "magical value" for easing

Update from March 3, 10:50 a.m.:

Even before the start of the Corona summit, the ideas of the round of four from Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), her deputy Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the country chiefs Markus Söder (CSU) and Michael Müller ( SPD) - and expanded with a view to possible easing.

A new magic incidence number in the new draft is the "100".

Countries or regions that remain stable below this number should also be able to loosen strongly, albeit with a delay.

This emerges from a further draft with the state of negotiations at 7.30 a.m.

The paper is available from


On the one hand, the incidence 100 should become the "emergency braking" value.

If an area exceeds this limit for three consecutive days, easing will be withdrawn.

At the same time, in regions below this mark, more cautious loosening is possible first - if the infection rate remains stable afterwards, it can be loosened with a 14-day delay just as it is in areas below the incidence of 35.

Specifically: Below the 100 incidence, "appointment shopping" and, for example, museum visits by making an appointment are initially possible.

After 14 days, outdoor dining, theater visits or outdoor contact sports should be possible - but only with a daily corona quick test.

After another 14 days under 100, retail and contact sports can be allowed without a test.

If the incidence rises above this magical mark, the "emergency brake" is applied at any point in time and the currently valid lockdown returns.

Corona summit: Merkel and the federal states are already stepping up - "emergency brake" and fifth opening step planned

Update from March 3, 9:20 a.m.:

A few hours before the Corona summit, the negotiators from the federal and state governments added: There is an updated draft resolution: The already quite extensive paper from Monday evening * has meanwhile been readjusted in some points.

The updated draft resolution of the federal-state working group, which was also

submitted to *

on Wednesday, now provides exact specifications for an emergency brake mechanism in order to return to stricter contact restrictions in the event of an increase in the number of infections.

The emergency brake should be pulled if the seven-day incidence rises to over a hundred for three consecutive days, the draft says.

Then the previously valid contact restrictions should come into force "from the second following working day".

In the updated resolution, the conditions for the reopening of the retail trade were relaxed slightly.

Initially, it was planned to only allow one customer per 20 square meters of business space.

The current draft now envisages admitting one customer per ten square meters "for the first 800 square meters of sales area".

In addition, there can then be one customer per 20 square meters.

The updated draft resolution also outlines a five-step opening plan for the way out of lockdown - the draft announced the day before still consisted of four steps.

The newly added fifth level now provides for outdoor leisure events with up to 50 people;

The prerequisite for this is that the seven-day incidence remains below 35 for 14 days after the previous level has come into effect.

Corona summit on Wednesday: Merkel's education minister wants to see schools "in the first place" in the opening debate

Update from March 3, 7.45 a.m .:

From 2 p.m., the federal and state governments will discuss how to proceed in the coronavirus pandemic, an extended lockdown and careful opening steps are already part of the discussions in advance.

Before the consultations, Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek advocated prioritizing schools.

Further possibilities for easing schools should "be in the first place in the current discussion," Karliczek told the newspapers of the Funke media group on Wednesday.

An expansion of face-to-face teaching is only possible if loosening up in other areas is carried out “with caution and caution”.

“The schools are currently still a long way from normal operation.

This must not be forgotten, ”said Karliczek.

For the pupils affected, the “persistently difficult situation” becomes more and more problematic, “the longer the face-to-face teaching is suspended, which is recognized as the best form of teaching”.

Corona summit: Merkel fears that negotiations will be "still pretty complicated"

Background from March 3, 2020:

Berlin - After months of Corona * lockdown, further opening steps are on the horizon - but depending on the regional infection rate and with an "emergency brake".

According to the dpa, this emerges from a preliminary draft resolution for the Bund-Länder-Round this Wednesday, which is as of Monday 7:10 p.m. and, according to reports, has not yet been coordinated with all Länder.

Numerous openings are also linked to mass rapid tests *.

In principle, the lockdown * should be extended to March 28th, also because of the risk of the new virus variants *.

Most recently, many industries and sports clubs and associations had called for an end to the standstill.

Individual prime ministers slowed down.

Baden-Württemberg's head of state * Winfried Kretschmann does not currently see any quick opening steps - the infrastructure must first be in place for mass rapid and self-tests.

North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet * promoted cautious openings.

Chancellor Angela Merkel * announced a more regionally oriented opening strategy that no longer only relies on nationwide incidences or R values ​​*, she said according to dpa information in the Union parliamentary group meeting.

She, too, thinks openings are necessary.

The main point of conflict in the upcoming consultation between the Prime Minister and Merkel is likely to be which incidence values ​​are assumed for which opening steps.

Corona summit on Wednesday: draft paper makes the rounds in advance


Angela Merkel will advise the federal and state governments on how to proceed in the corona crisis on Wednesday.

© IMAGO / Political-Moments

The draft paper for the Bund-Länder-Round, about which

Business Insider


reported, was drawn up by a round from the Chancellery, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the states of Berlin and Bavaria.

Chancellor Merkel was quoted as saying: "In detail, it will certainly be quite complicated." Because: The negotiations have not yet been concluded.

Final decisions are only expected in a conversation on Wednesday afternoon.

The following steps were initially planned:


From next week onwards, meetings between your own household and another household may be possible, limited to a maximum of five people.

Currently, you are only allowed to meet someone who does not live in the household.

From a certain number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week, even more generous rules should be possible: Meetings with two other households, a maximum of ten people.

However, it is still unclear from which seven-day incidence * this should apply.

Over Easter - similar to Christmas - it could again be possible to visit relatives in a somewhat larger circle.

Corona summit: New rules for retail, museums and garden centers from next week

Garden markets, flower shops and bookshops:

in some countries they are already open, in others they are not.

This should be more uniform and possible everywhere.

This could also apply to so-called body-hugging services and driving schools - but only with a corona test.


If the incidence remains stable below 35, retail could reopen with a limit on the number of customers.

Above an incidence value that has yet to be determined -

Business Insider

reported an incidence of 100 - at least shopping after booking an appointment and with contact follow-up could be allowed.

But there is still a great need for negotiation, it said.

Museums, zoos, botanical gardens, memorials:

they could reopen from a value of 35 - if the incidence has yet to be determined, at least by booking an appointment in advance.

Here, too, the

value of 100 reported


Business Insider

could be


Corona summit on Wednesday: when can gastronomy reopen?


According to the draft, outdoor areas should only open if the incidence remains stable below 35 for 14 days.

From a value that has yet to be determined, you could at least go out to eat by booking an appointment.

Tests would be mandatory if people from several households are sitting at the same table.


Sport could also be allowed again from an incidence of 35 in small groups of a maximum of ten people.

However, only outside and contact-free, such as fitness or jogging together, but no football.

The draft only envisages contact-free sports indoors, for example in the gym, and contact sports outdoors if the incidence in the region remains stable below 35 for 14 days - here too, daily tests could be relaxed earlier.

Theaters, concert halls, cinemas:

they could normally only open when the incidence is stable below 35, with tests possibly earlier.

Federal-state summit on the corona pandemic: "Emergency brake" should apply at a certain threshold

Emergency brake:

Should the incidence rise above a certain value on several consecutive days, the currently applicable lockdown rules should automatically come into force again - without an extra decision.

However, the threshold for this is still open.


The education ministers announced that the lessons begun in primary schools should be extended to other years - "if the infection situation still allows it".

Further easing:

According to the draft decision, the draft decision will not discuss any easing for events, travel and the hotel industry until March 24th.

The 35 limit for relaxation on a broad front, announced at the last federal-state round, could now be abandoned - if much more is tested.

Regular Corona * tests represent "an important building block to enable more normality and secure contacts," it says in the draft.

(dpa / fmü)


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