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Vacation 2021: What is important if you travel despite Corona


The wanderlust is great, but the corona pandemic makes planning your vacation difficult. What must be taken into account when booking the trip?

The wanderlust is great, but the corona pandemic makes planning your vacation difficult.

What must be taken into account when booking the trip?

  • People are longing

    to go

    on vacation

    again in 2021 despite Corona *


  • When it comes to


    many hope

    for the summer.

  • When




    , however, there are a few things to consider.

Frankfurt - After a good year of



home office

, short-time work and all the restrictions that the


brings with it, the desire to travel in 2021 is still great.

Regardless of whether it is a cruise, road trip, flight or hiking


, many people long for a



But what

should you

watch out



planning your vacation


And when is the right time

to book




Questions that, in view of the unpredictable situation, preoccupy many travel enthusiasts.

Last year, many people stayed

at home

because of

travel warnings

and safety instructions from the Federal Foreign Office.

The temptation to book a vacation is correspondingly great.

But there are still at least partial travel warnings for many countries.

In addition to numerous

long-distance destinations, this

also includes the most popular holiday destinations for Germans that could actually be reached by


without any problems








Nevertheless, the hopes of many rest on the fact that



be possible again

in the

summer of 2021

, when the incidence values ​​fall and the corona vaccination program *

will be more advanced.

Even if a large proportion of the people in


prefer holiday destinations in their own country, there are a few things to consider.

Vacation despite Corona: What should you watch out for when booking your trip?

Because no matter where the

trip is

going, a certain flexibility and security are the decisive criteria for many when booking.

Because nobody wants to take the risk of having

paid for

an expensive


and not being able to take it due to the pandemic developments.

When booking


interested parties should pay attention

to the possibility of being able to cancel free of charge.

This is possible with organizers of

package tours

in some offers until shortly before the start of the trip.

However, in order to further minimize the risk, numerous

tour operators

such as



so-called flex prices.

These usually include a surcharge, which is based on the total travel price, and in return offer the possibility of canceling the trip without giving reasons up to, for example, 14 days before departure.

Trends in travel planning 2021

Share in 10,000 respondents

Short break

28 percent

Last minute booking

41.8 percent

Early booking with special offers

18 percent

No booking for the time being

24 percent

Source: survey by onePoll /

Free cancellation: package tour or individual vacation in times of Corona?

But be careful: even with package tour providers, free

cancellation is

not always possible.

Users of the online platforms and travel catalogs should therefore familiarize themselves very carefully with the respective offer and observe the cancellation conditions and the general terms and conditions.

In addition, some tour operators sometimes have different conditions for different forms of travel.



therefore different rules may apply as for

air travel



with rental car and hotel.

In principle,

however, the following also

applies to

package tours

: As a



is always possible free of charge if there are

special circumstances

in the

destination area

or if the trip is only impaired or impossible to carry out.

A strong indication of such a situation is, for example, if the Federal Foreign Office has



travel warning

for the booked destination area.

However, this does not apply in the event that the authority only publishes travel and safety information.

Vacation in times of the corona pandemic: what should you watch out for when you travel individually?

In the case of


trips, the procedure looks more complex anyway.

It is best for the holidaymakers to negotiate their own cancellation conditions.

This is recommended by the ADAC.

With all parties involved in the planning or implementation of the



For example, with the landlord of a holiday home, the provider of a rental car or the airline.

As a rule, the following applies: “Can the providers

perform their service, there is no entitlement to a free


”says the ADAC.

However, due to


, smaller providers are

often more flexible with regard to the conditions.

In the case of individual agreements, travelers should have these confirmed in writing.

As the newspaper “Die Welt” reports, the fees for cancellation on the part of the accommodations are also set on the largest hotel booking portal “”.

However, at a higher price level, free


up to two days before

arrival is



Vacation 2021: Before traveling, deal with possible restrictions due to Corona

In general, many tourist providers attract visitors with early bird offers and discounts at the beginning of the year.

However, the ADAC recommends always


the savings of the offer against the possible



Especially when the travelers

get an uneasy feeling

about entering

the destination area

shortly before the start of the


due to the corona situation, the additional price when

booking can

be worthwhile.

Travelers should also deal

with various corona-related restrictions on entering and leaving the country

before they

go on holiday


For example, about possible

corona tests




It is also possible that due to the



, not all offers can be used.

For example, pool facilities or wellness areas can be closed.

(Yannick Wenig) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Source: merkur

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