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A gang rape of a minor reaches the Mexican influencer world


Ainara Suárez denounces five young people for rape when she was 16 years old and accuses the 'youtuber' Yoseline Hoffman of child pornography for spreading those images on her social networks

The 'youtuber' Yoseline Hoffman, known as 'YosStop' in an image of her social networks.

Ainara Suárez's nightmare began one morning in May 2018. Since then, there has not been a day in which she has been able to get rid of those images in her head, which are also repeated among her family's cell phones and thousands of strangers.

An aggression that follows her.

Suárez was 16 years old when he attended the party at the home of some wealthy young people in the Mexican capital.

And as she recounted in the complaint that she made public this Wednesday, four of them raped her with a bottle of champagne and recorded and disseminated the video among their acquaintances.

The case escalated to greater controversy when a


, Yoseline Hoffman (




), echoed the attack and insulted the victim in front of his millions of followers.

The scene of an underage girl completely naked and attacked by this group of young people mercilessly circulated on all kinds of pornography websites.

And this week, Suarez has denounced Hoffman and another friend of the alleged assailants for rape and child pornography.

Suárez, as he acknowledges in the complaint, does not remember almost nothing of what happened that night of May 25, 2018. What happened late in the morning he saw it a day later when the humiliating video reached him through a WhatsApp message.

It was her.

“When I saw the video, feelings of anguish, fear and great helplessness invaded me.

They had done acts with my body that I did not have the capacity to consent or resist due to the state of drunkenness in which I found myself, ”says Suárez in his statement.

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From that moment, he started a campaign of harassment against him.

The young people, feeling threatened, came to justify among their friends and through social networks that she had agreed to this in exchange for a few cigarettes.

Suárez had to endure death threats, insults and humiliations that he presented this week as evidence in his complaint.

At that time she was still a teenager and did not even tell at home what she was experiencing.

He would do it months later, after going to therapy with a psychologist.

The attacks on social networks continued until a few days later, there was a pitched fight in a park in the south of the city where some girls severely beat Suárez and dozens of others recorded that attack that went viral.

And in the midst of that local battle between young people under 18 years of age who inserted hate messages on the most common social networks of that generation (Instagram and Tik Tok), Hoffman - with some 5.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and videos with nearly 10 million views — got into the game.

He described, in a video on his channel on this platform, what he considered to be a "pathetic generation" and to Suárez as a "whore" for having consented to that aggression - statements that also appear in the complaint - in addition to accusing her of wanting attract attention and a liar for reporting the violation on their networks.

In that same video that has already been removed from the platform, Hoffman claimed to have saved the file with the images of Suárez's rape on his mobile.

“Only the fact of storing or reproducing that content is already constitutive of the crime of child pornography.

And she herself shows the screen of her phone with the video of the rape before the camera, ”says Karina Martínez, one of the lawyers from the firm Schütte & Delsol Gojon Abogados, who has brought the case for free,

pro bono


The comment of this


on her channel made Suárez's nightmare skyrocket.

“The old woman allowed a bottle of Moët to be inserted into her vagina for three packs of cigarettes.

So this old woman became very popular for being that bitch, "said Hoffman and the lawsuit picks up.

The damage was done.

The video of the alleged rape that night was distributed by any channel and reached the porn pages.

The re-victimization and the attack on Suárez took a new impulse, protected by the anonymity of social networks, and if that alleged violation had not been enough, from that moment on he had to bear the stigma and harassment of thousands of strangers.

Hoffman has responded through his network accounts to the accusation against him: “They wanted to involve me in a crime that I never committed.

But I fully trust the truth and common sense.

As I have commented in many of my videos, complaints should serve as a tool for citizen empowerment.

Unfortunately I find myself involved in a matter foreign to me.

But I hope that everything clears up and is resolved soon ”.

"The victims do not speak when they want, but when they can," explains Samantha Cerisola, from the feminist organization FemxFem that has accompanied Suárez during these years.

Some of the criticism of the young woman has been directed, as is usually the case, to why she did not report the rape at the time it happened.

“It is very difficult for a victim of abuse to express herself, to tell it, sometimes they are not even aware at that moment of what happened to them.

And if it is difficult to tell your loved ones, because obviously the moral burden is there, it is very difficult to approach a judicial authority ”, adds Cerisola.

In Mexico, four out of 10 adult women suffered some type of sexual violence during the last six months of 2019, according to a report by the organization México Evalúa with the latest available data.

The study explains that this includes sexual harassment, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, attempted rape, and rape.

In other words, more than 6 million women were victims of one of these crimes in six months.

But the black figure, on the cases that are not reported, is more than 99%.

Between July and December 2019, 2,364 investigation folders were opened nationwide for the crime of rape, while the Public Security Survey (from the National Institute of Statistics) estimates that 363,768 women were victims of this crime during the same period.

So the vast majority are either not reported or not even opened a case in the Prosecutor's Office.

That is why Suárez's complaint has become an unusual sample for the reality suffered by thousands of Mexican women in the country.

“It represents that we are no longer going to be silent.

Impunity and the silence of the victims ended.

Thanks to women like her, who dare to speak, these cases are put to a very strong halt.

Things have changed ”, explains Cerisola.

The defendants at the time were also minors, so the penalty for the crime of rape must be decided by a juvenile judge.

For Hoffman, who is accused of child pornography, the charges she faces range from seven to 14 years in prison, although due to the type of crime, a settlement could be reached and trial avoided.

The case, however, has jumped from the courts to the




, with its viral videos, its anonymous attacks and unfounded opinions.

And Suárez relives these days the nightmare that has accompanied her since that night in May 2018.

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