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New draft resolution for Corona summit public: "Fifth opening step" and emergency brake - that's it


The Corona summit on Wednesday will be an acid test. Even before the start, vigorous negotiations are taking place - what is in the second draft resolution:

The Corona summit on Wednesday will be an acid test.

Even before the start, vigorous negotiations are taking place - what is in the second draft resolution:

Update from March 3, 11.15 a.m.: Proposals for

resolutions do not have a long half-life at Corona summits: On Tuesday, a first paper from the pen of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) became public - no 24 The next version was launched hours later.

This new paper is also available to


In broad terms, the first draft continues to apply.

But there are some noticeable changes: After the incidence 35, the incidence value 100 becomes a magical mark.

On the one hand, according to the new plans, values ​​below the 100 allow easing - albeit with a time lag.

On the other hand, the “emergency brake” indicated in the first draft resolution is also valued at this value.

In other words, if the incidence rises above 100 for three consecutive days, the affected region falls back into a hard lockdown.

The contents of the original paper can be found in the initial report at the bottom of this page - here is an overview of the changes in the draft resolution from Wednesday morning:

  • Relaxation even with incidences below 100:

    Regions in the incidence range between 35 and 100 should now also be allowed to relax.

    First of all, the “more careful” variants of “opening steps three and four” apply there (see below).

    If the incidence remains stable for 14 days, the retail trade can also open without appointment bookings and contact-free sports indoors and contact sports outdoors can be practiced.

  • Fifth opening step:

    A further opening perspective has been added to the paper - after 28 days of stable incidence below 35, “outdoor activities with up to 50 participants” are now planned.

    Indoor contact sports should then also be allowed, both apparently without mandatory testing.

  • “Emergency brake”:

    If the incidence increases, the lockdown should return.

    The incidence 100 is now being considered as the mark for this “emergency brake”.

  • More customers in retail:

    Retail should be given a little more freedom than intended in the first paper.

    Instead of one customer for every 20 square meters of retail space, one customer should be able to enter every 10 square meters - at least for the first 800 square meters.

    After that, the 20 square meter rule applies.

  • Easter:

    In the original paper, a relaxation of the contact restrictions was intended at least for the closest family circle over the Easter holidays - this passage is missing in the updated version.

Corona summit: Merkel-Söder paper leaked - this is what the plan for Easter, gastro, sport and culture provides

Initial report:

Berlin / Munich - The resolutions of the Corona summit have been determining life in Germany for many months - but a federal-state meeting has not been as tough as the date on Wednesday (March 3) for a long time.

Opening requests and concerns about mutations are in sharp conflict.

A precarious situation for politics in Germany.

But where the journey could go was shown by a draft resolution on Tuesday morning.

Corona lockdown in Germany: draft resolution from Merkel, Söder, Scholz and Müller shows the difficulties

The paper that

has at hand was drawn up by a “round of four”.

These are apparently Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the regional leaders Markus Söder (CSU) and Michael Müller (SPD).

Müller currently holds the chairmanship of the Prime Minister's Conference.

Changes before the beginning of the summit are still possible: The template was dated as of Monday evening, 7.10 p.m.

Even the introduction of the paper shows that working on easing plans is like a tightrope act: Merkel and Co. maneuver rhetorically back and forth several times: After a thank you for the participation of the citizens, the reference to contact restrictions follows as the most important means.

In response to praise for the falling number of cases, the warning against the virus mutants, in response to the mention of vaccination advances among the elderly, the warning against “long-covid” phenomena among the younger ones.

Ultimately, Merkel, Söder, Scholz and Müller chose the exit in the direction of more cautious easing - with the safety net of an emergency brake: "For the next few weeks and months, if the infection rate is stable, there will be a four-tone of vaccinations, testing, contact tracing and openings," it says.

The most important proposals for the Corona summit at a glance:

Corona easing in Germany?

The most important points of the summit resolution paper

  • Lockdown extension:

    In principle, the current regulations should remain in force - until March 28th.

    In some areas, however, the four-way round could be relaxed more quickly.

  • General contact rules:

    Instead of just one more person per meeting, households should be able to meet another household from March 8, but only up to a maximum of five people in total.

    Children up to the age of 14 are not counted.

  • Contact rules in areas with a low incidence:

    Where the infection situation is stable and low, Merkel and Co. want to allow even more.

    Up to three households with a maximum of ten people should be allowed to meet, again not counting children.

    It is apparently still disputed whether a maximum incidence of 35 or 50 should apply to this relief.

  • Openings in retail:

    Bookstores, flower shops and garden centers should in future be nationwide “daily needs” shops - and should therefore be allowed to open up to 20 square meters in compliance with hygiene concepts and a maximum of one customer visit.

    An opening is to come for body-hugging services and driving and flight schools, but only with a current corona test of customers.

    The round of four speaks of the “second opening step” after the relaxation for hairdressers and schools.

  • Home office:

    The current regulation - employers must allow home office where possible - is to be extended until April 30th.

  • Corona vaccinations:

    From the second week of March, doctors in private practice should also be better involved in the vaccination strategy - this path should be pushed further from April.

  • Easter visits:

    Over the Easter holidays, the group wants to loosen the contact rules for the “closest family


    ”, also beyond the proposed maximum contact limits.

  • Corona test strategy:

    All citizens should receive free “test offers” by the beginning of April at the latest.

    Schoolchildren and school staff in schools, face-to-face workers in companies, everyone else in test centers and with doctors.

    It was still disputed whether there should be one or two tests per week.

 Corona summit: Merkel and Söder are now presenting a “step-by-step plan” - when gastronomy, culture and sport should open

There is actually a kind of step-by-step plan in the paper.

Merkel, Scholz, Söder and Müller name further opening steps for trade, culture and sport - if the incidence falls below certain limits.

However, the exact values ​​have not yet been defined in some cases.

It should be possible to reverse all easing if the incidence increases.

The target value of 35 mentioned in the paper is still a long way off in many parts of the country.

  • "Third opening step":

    With a "stable" incidence of less than 35 in federal states or regions, "museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens and memorials" should also be allowed to open and contactless outdoor sports with up to ten participants - examples could be tennis , Golf or athletics.

    If the incidence rises above 35, this option is no longer available.

  • From a higher - not yet defined - incidence level, there could be a more careful opening step, according to the paper: "Click and Meet" offers in the store, museum visits after registration, outdoor sports for two and for up to ten children under 14 years of age.

    This solution should also be cashed in again if the incidence rises

  • "Fourth opening



    If the incidence does not deteriorate beyond the 35 mark for 14 days after the third step, the proposed resolution provides for further relaxation.

    We are talking about openings for outdoor restaurants, theaters, concert halls and cinemas, as well as for contact sports outdoors and non-contact sports in halls - the latter without maximum number of participants.

  • Here, too, a “relaxation light” is planned: outdoor catering with appointment booking, for visitors from several households only with a daily quick test or self-test.

    Culture and sport are only possible in this scenario with a negative test result.

  • Further openings:

    At first they did not want to commit to other areas.

    Among other things, travel and hotels will not be discussed until the next summit.


new date for the summit

is already being considered: According to the draft resolution, the federal and state governments want to meet again on March 24.

In this article you can find out which regulations have been in force in Bavaria since March 1st.




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