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Alberto Fernández defended the controversial $ 1,500 million luxury stadium: 'Why can Buenos Aires enjoy that and not a Santiago citizen?'


He said it before the inauguration of this Thursday, together with the governor. He also compared it to 'enjoying a shopping'.

03/04/2021 21:00

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Updated 03/04/2021 21:00

From Santiago del Estero, Alberto Fernández defended the creation of the Unique Stadium "Mother of Cities",

an onerous and imposing work that has already generated a strong controversy in this province


There, on Thursday night, the President inaugurates this stadium where

Racing and River

will then play

the final of the

Super Cup.


Who said that within the country there is

no right to a stadium of that nature?

Where is it

written that why so we can enjoy the locals and not a santiagueño In

addition, this must be understood:? When If the

Copa América

is played


Paraguay is going to play two games and that for Santiago is going to be a tourism movement, "argued the president.

With that look of federal pretense, the president abounded in comparisons.

"Those of us who walk along avenues full of businesses do not realize what we are talking about when we talk about Argentina," he said and stressed: "We enjoy a good building in big cities, a good business that opens,

a good shopping that opens and we do not realize the deficiencies that the rest of the country has


In his defense of the work, he added: "Argentina is going to play its World Cup qualifying match at this stadium at the end of the month. And why is it not going to have the right to have one.

The unforgivable thing would be for one to see only one stadium .

But when you see all the work flies there in Santiago. not only in those channels, not only in schools that open to have 8 or 10 students in rural schools. "

In that sense, Fernández considered that

"no one should be surprised that Santiago has a stadium of this nature":

"I think we have to start thinking that in the 21st century Argentina cannot continue with the imbalances that it has shown so far."

As Clarín reported, the stadium has luxuries that put it at the level of Europeans, but Governor Gerardo Zamora, the radical K ally of Alberto and Cristina Kirchner, is criticized for

having allocated $ 1.5 billion for construction, when there are rates of significant poverty and marginality.

Strictly speaking, Fernández's presence in Santiago

also reads as direct support for Zamora

, who will go for reelection in the gubernatorial elections this year.

The Single Stadium “Mother of Cities” was put out to tender in 2018. The initial budget was 980 million pesos, which was later

expanded with 500 million more (almost 1,500 million in total)

to meet the requirements of Conmebol FIFA.

It has 30,000 seats,

24 VIP boxes, a press area, 4 changing rooms, internal parking for 400 vehicles in the basement and 2,000 more in external parking lots, an interactive museum, a bar-restaurant that will be open to the public and a “level” lighting system. World Cup ”.

At the beginning of his speech, the president said that Santiago del Estero is part of that "deep North" that Argentina has that was

"systematically forgotten."

"That North that was inexplicably abandoned little by little. [...]. The truth is that I, who come from Buenos Aires and am an accomplished porteño, always

deny that Argentina has been built in such an uneven way, so so unfair,

that it has allowed such a rich center where from the north and from the south it can be seen from a distance. ", evaluated Fernández. 

In this sense, and after insisting on the inequality between the Buenos Aires metropolis and provinces such as Santiago del Estero, the President said that what had to be done was "

take the reins and the bull by the antlers and

build a canal as we are doing,

that allows water to be always available. "

Fernández will also sign an

act of commitment to carry out various works in the province,

including the interprovincial canal route 35, Moreno, Ibarra, Taboada and Belgrano departments;

the Aqueduct for the Atamisqui, Avellaneda, Aguirre, Miter and Rivadavia departments;

and the Tuhama diversion dam and irrigation network and El Alto canal.

"How is it possible that

we have filled our mouths talking about federalism

and have abandoned, among others, those 300 thousand people from Santiago?" Asked the president rhetorically, and then concluded: "I am very happy to be in Santiago, with that story. splendid, with this beautiful present and

with the future, which I am sure, that together we are going to build ".


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Source: clarin

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